Lookism Will Have Its Own Netflix Anime

Lookism Will Have Its Own Netflix Anime

One of the world's most harmonious pairings is anime and manga. Numerous manga have inspired popular series over the years, and vice versa. Due to the recent explosion in popularity of South Korean webtoons, anime has even widened its range to include manhwa translations. And a recent source has stated that the Netflix drama Lookism will have its own animation!

Thanks to Netflix and its TADUM event internationally, the news just recently became live. There, fans learned that Park Tae-popular joon's manhwa will be receiving its own television series; the first trailer is available here.
The show is being made by Studio Mir and will debut on November 4th. Given its work on The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks, Dota: Dragon's Blood, and other anime and cartoon series, the business is well-known to fans of animation and anime. There aren't many production companies outside of South Korea that are aware of how popular Lookism is with fans, but Studio Mir is one of them. And if the teaser you just watched is any indication, the show's producers are going all out for Park's narrative.
For those who are not familiar with Lookism, the manhwa centres on a boy named Daniel Park who is being bullied due of his weight and height as a freshman in high school. After changing schools, Daniel one day awakens to discover himself in a completely new body that satisfies all of society's beauty criteria. Daniel's days as a fashion student were previously straightforward, but when he starts to live in two bodies, they turn into something very different.

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