Liu Tao Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

Liu Tao Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

Liu Tao (born July 12, 1978) is a Chinese actress from Nanchang, Jiangxi. Her credits include Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2003), Madame White Snake (2006), Mazu (2012), To Elderly With Love (2013), Nirvana in Fire (2015), Legend of Mi Yue (2015), Ode to Joy (2016), and The Advisors Alliance. (2017).


Liu first appeared on screen in the family sitcom Daughter-in-Law in 2000.

Liu was cast in My Fair Princess III in 2003, playing Musha. Liu rose to prominence in China as a result of the series. Her subsequent performance as A'zhu in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2003) catapulted her to stardom.

Liu made a name for herself as the titular heroine in the 2006 film Madame White Snake.

In Da Li Princess (2009), co-starring Ruby Lin, Liu took on her first antagonist role. She portrayed Mazu in the television series of the same name in 2012. During its run, the drama received high ratings and won the Outstanding Television Series award at the China TV Golden Eagle and Flying Apsaras Awards.

Liu's subsequent performance as a capable career woman and housewife in the acclaimed melodrama To Elderly With Love (2013) earned her the China TV Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress and the China Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival for Best Performing Arts. The following year, she starred in Good Wife as a mother and housewife dealing with the stresses of family life. The family drama was a ratings success, and it became one of the most talked-about topics on Weibo, along with the discussion of Liu's own marital arrangements. As a result, Liu's popularity skyrocketed.

She portrayed a strong warrior princess in the acclaimed historical-wuxia drama Nirvana in Fire in 2015. In the Beijing Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, a wax figure based on her role as "Ni Huang" was on display. The same year, she co-starred as the antagonist in the historical drama The Legend of Mi Yue, for which she received the Best Supporting Actress award at the Shanghai Television Festival.

Liu starred in the 2016 modern romance drama Ode to Joy as a capable but insecure woman. The drama received favorable reviews and ratings, and Liu was nominated for Best Actress at both the Huading Awards and the Shanghai Television Festival.

In 2017, Liu portrayed Zhang Chunhua, Sima Yi's wife, in the historical drama The Advisors Alliance. She appeared in the crime thriller Peace Breaker and the action thriller The Foreigner the same year.

Liu reteamed with Ode to Joy co-star Yang Shuo in the 2019 romance melodrama Hope All is Well with Us.

Liu appeared in the 2019 historical drama Poetry of the Song Dynasty as Empress Liu E, the wife of Emperor Zhenzong, played by Taiwanese actor Vic Chou. Li Shaohong, a well-known director, directs it. The same year, she starred in Midnight Diner, a drama film based on the Japanese manga of the same name.



YearEnglish titleChinese titleRole
2006The Story of A Bao阿宝的故事Liu Jia
2011The Founding of a Party建党伟业Consort Jin
2014You Are The One恋者多喜欢Cheng Yu
2015Let's Get Married咱们结婚吧Tian Haixin
2016So Lucky杠上开花
2017Peace Breaker破·局Lin Xiaoye
The Foreigner英倫對決Lam Keyi
2018The Monkey King 3西游记:女儿国Guanyin
2019Midnight Diner深夜食堂Ming Yue
My People, My Country我和我的祖国

Television series

YearEnglish titleChinese titleRole
九记饭馆Chu Chu
Daughter-in-Law外来媳妇本地郎Hu Xingzi
2001The Sino-Dutch War 1661英雄郑成功Hai Xia

皇城神鹰Princess Feixue
The Joy of Spring欢乐青春Bai Li
2002The Railway Station候车室的故事Xiao Li
Love me, love me not信是有缘Fang Xiuxiu
2003My Fair Princess III还珠格格3Mu Sha
The Formidable Sword of Guan Xi关西无极刀Royal concubine of Loulan
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils天龙八部A Zhu
Red & Black 2000红与黑2000Xiang Xiaoxiao
Taiwan Strait台湾海峡Chen Sisi
2004The Last Concubine末代皇妃Qi Ruyu
Hero During Yongle Period永乐英雄儿女Princess Man'er
2005So It's You原来就是你Du Muxue/ Jin'er
How Much Sorrow Do You Have问君能有几多愁Queen Zhou the ElderMadame Huarui
Cherry Red樱桃正红Meng Xing
2006The Legend and the Hero封神榜之凤鸣岐山Chang'e
Forensic Heroes遍地英雄Zhou Ju
Madame White Snake白蛇传Bai Suzhen
Paris Sonata巴黎恋歌Yu Yue

夜光神杯Cheng Xiuxiu
Five Disciples of Master Huang黄飞鸿五大弟子Mengsao
2007The Sword and the Chess of Death魔剑生死棋Liu Yiyi
Big Shot大人物Chu Chu
2008Flower Woman女人花Huang Mei'er
Dali Princess大理公主Yang Yujiao
Wear a Mask and Dance戴着面具跳舞Han Sirui
2009Cold Night寒夜Zeng Shusheng
Prelude of Lotus Lantern宝莲灯前传Yao Ji
盘龙卧虎高山顶Bai Yu'e
Qian Duo Duo Marry Remember钱多多嫁人记Qian Duoduo
Hidden Identity掩护Gong Li
Journey to the West西游记Guan Yin
Bodhi Tree橄榄树Mu Sha
The Glamorous Imperial Concubine倾世皇妃Wen Jingruo
Falling Leaves in Chang'an叶落长安Bai Lianhua
2012Happiness Full House幸福满屋Yang Lu

知足常乐Sun Yun
Two Female Bandits两个女匪王Kui Ying
2013Good Wife贤妻Han Dayun

天下人家Yang Xiaohui
Puzzle 1931迷局1931Du Juan
Angel Cometh Tonight今夜天使降临Peng Jiajia
To Elderly with Love老有所依Jiang Mulan
2014The Story of a Woodcutter and his Fox Wife刘海砍樵Da Jie
Outsmarted His Huashan Legend智取华山传奇Yang Yuhuan
Happiness Drop From The Clouds幸福从天而降Jiang Tianlan
Food to Pregnancy食来孕转Shen Yuyu

花红花火Hong Hua
2015The Next Station下一站婚姻Deng Caocao
Warriors on Fire铁在烧Zhao Zhiyi
Nirvana in Fire琅琊榜Princess Nihuang
The Legend of Mi Yue芈月传Mi Shu
2016The Link天伦Mei Yujuan
Ode to Joy欢乐颂Andy
Forever Love爱情万万岁Jin Na
2017Ode to Joy 2欢乐颂2Andy
The Advisors Alliance军师联盟Zhang Chunhua
2019Hope All is Well with Us我们都要好好的Xun Zhao
Scouring Marriage亲爱的婚姻Wang Keke
2020Jing De Zhen景德镇Zhao Yuru
Face to Sea追梦Du Fang
2021Poetry of the Song Dynasty大宋宫词Empress Liu E
Love is True我是真的爱你Xiao Yan
Hand in Hand陪你一起长大Su Xing
Star of Ocean星辰大海Jian Ai
2022Reset开端Du Jingsong
Vacation of Love 2假日暖洋洋2Cheng Man
TBAPuzzle拼图Mei Ruobing
Be Your Own Light做自己的光He Huan

Variety show

YearEnglish titleChinese titleRole
2017–presentThe Inn亲爱的·客栈Cast member



YearEnglish titleChinese title
2014The Best Time最好的時光


YearEnglish titleChinese titleAlbumNotes
2003"Only Need You"只要有你My Fair Princess III OST
2006"Fall in Love with You"爱上你Madame White Snake OST
"Cherry Blossom Island"桃花岛Forensic Heroes OST
2007"Cold Night"寒夜Cold Night OST
2008"Tears of Love"爱的眼泪Dali Princess OST
2013"How a Heart-broken Girl is Like"伤了心的女人怎么了Good Wife OST
2014"One More Time"再一次Happiness Drop From The Clouds OST
"I Won't Be Alone"我不会一个人
2015"Faded Beauty"红颜旧Nirvana in Fire OST
2016"There Will Be Happiness Waiting For You"总有幸福在等你Ode to Joy OSTwith Jiang XinWang ZiwenYang Zi & Qiao Xin
"Can't Say It Aloud"说不出口
2017"Us"我们Ode to Joy 2 OSTwith Jiang XinWang ZiwenYang Zi & Qiao Xin
"The Feeling of Home"家的滋味
"Meeting Love"遇到爱
"Battle of Cheng Nan"戰城南Theme song of mobile game 胡萊三國2
"Waiting For You To Come Back"等著你回來Peace Breaker OST
"Ordinary Person"普通人The Foreigner OSTwith Jackie Chan
2019"Quiet"靜好Hope All is Well with Us OST
"Love Your Innocent Eyes"爱你无辜的眼睛Scouring Marriage OST
"The Temple of Heaven"遇见天坛The Temple of Heaven OST

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
201317th China Music AwardsGold Song Award"Brave Love"Won
5th China TV Drama AwardsBest ActressTo Elderly with LoveWon
201410th China Golden Eagle TV Arts FestivalBest Performing Arts AwardWon
27th China TV Golden Eagle AwardBest ActressWon
201530th Flying Apsaras AwardsOutstanding ActressNominated
Nirvana in FireNominated
2nd The Actors of China Award CeremonyBest Actress (Emerald)Won
201619th Huading AwardsBest Actress (Ancient Drama)Nominated
Best Actress (Revolutionary-Era Drama)Warriors on FireNominated
22nd Shanghai Television FestivalBest Supporting ActressThe Legend of Mi YueWon
28th China TV Golden Eagle AwardBest ActressNominated
11th China Golden Eagle TV Arts FestivalMost Popular ActressWon
20173rd Asia Rainbow TV AwardsBest Actress (Ancient Drama)Nirvana in FireNominated
Best Actress (Modern Drama)Ode to JoyNominated
22nd Huading AwardsBest ActressNominated
23rd Shanghai Television FestivalBest ActressNominated
8th Macau International Television FestivalBest ActressOde to Joy 2Nominated
201831st Flying Apsaras AwardOutstanding ActressOde to JoyNominated
29th China TV Golden Eagle AwardBest ActressOde to JoyThe Advisors AllianceNominated
24th Huading AwardsBest ActressThe Advisors AllianceNominated
5th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of ChinaWon
20196th The Actors of China Award CeremonyBest Actress (Sapphire Category)Hope All Is Well With UsNominated
26th Huading AwardsBest Actress (Modern drama)Nominated
20207th The Actors of China Award CeremonyBest Actress (Sapphire)Pending

Forbes China Celebrity 100


Liu Tao – Biography, Facts & Life Story

Height5 feet 5 inches (1.68 m)
Weight57 Kg (126 lbs)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlack
Age44 years old (in 2023)
Date of BirthJuly 12, 1978
Full NameLiu Tao
ProfessionActress, Singer
BirthplaceXihu District, Nanchang, China
Zodiac SignCancer

Liu Tao Education

Qualification: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Liu Tao Career

Profession: Actress, Singer

Known For: Ode to Joy (TV series)

Net Worth: $2 Million Approx

Family & Relatives

Father: Liu Sui

Marital Status: Married

Husband: Wang Ke (m. 2007)

No. of Children: 2

Son: Wang Zijing

Daughter: Wang Ziyan

Liu Tao Favorites

Hobbies: Travelling, Dancing

Favorite Destination: Japan

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Color: Red, Black

Favorite Pets: Cat

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