Lindsay Lohan Describes the Yearly Jokes Mean Girls Fans Play on Her

Lindsay Lohan Describes the Yearly Jokes Mean Girls Fans Play on Her

Lindsay Lohan quotes the Mean Girls line that her fans play as a joke on her each year. Mean Girls, which had a screenplay written by Tina Fey, is frequently considered as one of the most well-known and quote-worthy comedies of all time. Mean Girls, which stars Rachel McAdams as Regina George, Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert), and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried), a clique known as "The Plastics," is led by Lohan, who portrays Cady Heron.
Recently, Lohan revealed the one Mean Girls remark that surprises her every time she hears it from fans during an interview with Good Morning America. In homage to one of Cady's humorous scenes in the movie, when her high school crush asks her the same question, the actress claims that she is asked "What day is it?" frequently. On October 3, the date that Cady then claims in the movie—a day that has since been nicknamed Mean Girls Day—Lohan claims she always falls for the joke when people ask her. See Lohan's quotation below:

I hear "Lindsay, what day is it?" frequently. then I always give in to it. It's October 3rd, I say. Holy cow! Why must you subject me to this every time?
How the 2000s classic Mean Girls came to be
Mean Girls explores the ups and downs of being popular in high school as Cady and Regina argue over her ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels as Cady starts to develop feelings for him. The movie's examination of the numerous highs and lows of fame resulted in some of the most instantly memorable cinematic phrases that are still widely used in popular culture today. Because of its success, a sequel, Mean Girls 2, was made, although it had trouble matching the success of its predecessor and didn't have any of the main characters from the first movie.
Though its enduring popularity may be primarily ascribed to its numerous amusing scenes, a major part of Mean Girls' success stems from the cast's outstanding performances, which enable the movie to faithfully depict the ups and downs of high school life. Its multiple moments that establish it as one of the funnier comedies from the 2000s, a formula that other comedies now try to imitate, are what many people credit for its standing as a classic. After Mean Girls: The Musical (in which Fey is also involved) gained popularity on Broadway, Mean Girls is soon to make a comeback on the big screen in musical style, albeit few information about this impending translation have been made public.

It's not shocking to see that Lohan still references Mean Girls in everyday situations, but it's entertaining to learn that she is frequently fooled by the same one-liner. Many people may question if Lohan would eventually reprise the character of Cady given that she is ready to continue her thrilling acting comeback with the premiere of her most recent effort, Falling for Christmas. It's unlikely that the Mean Girls jokes will end for Lohan anytime soon given the current attention on the upcoming Mean Girls musical, which will continue to introduce a new generation to the wit of this cherished comedy.

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