Lil Nas Xs new Coach campaign is focused on shattering barriers.

Lil Nas Xs new Coach campaign is focused on shattering barriers.

Coach has enlisted Lil Nas X to serve as the company's new brand ambassador.

The "Old Town Road" singer promoted self-expression and authenticity while promoting Coach's new purpose, "Courage to Be Real," by starring in a new short video created in partnership with the clothing brand.

Lil Nax X, 23, recounted his heroic path of growth, breaking barriers and prejudices to become the superstar and the person he is today in the Petra Collins-directed video for his most recent hit, "Star Walkin."

The film, which is set in a surreal environment, provides a glimpse into the rapper's life, from his upbringing in the Atlanta suburbs to his ascent to stardom as a musician and his transformation through his daring wardrobe choices.

The new campaign video was described in a press release from the clothing company as "Lil Nas X moves through doors that represent the struggles he has faced in life—from fear, self-doubt, to judgement from others—and ultimately takes the stage, inspiring the world to transcend their limits and express who they really are."

Collins and Lil Nas X were delighted to be working on the project together, according to Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers. The Atlanta-born singer contrasted the campaign's goals with the ones he has been achieving in the meanwhile.

"Breaking down doors has been the theme of my entire career, and this ad embodies everything I've accomplished thus far," Lil Nax X said. "It's based on honesty and self-expression, two things I truly value, and it's about embarking on new life chapters, experiences, and versions of myself. Putting this together with Stuart and Petra was a lot of fun."

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The "Industry Baby" singer also walked the Coach runway for the Spring 2023 collection during New York Fashion Week last month.

He pondered on the experience while talking to PEOPLE about the campaign and said, "That was very fantastic."

"With all these models around, I felt a little out of place, but I thought, "Oh nah, I got this." I'm supposed to be here. Although I appeared to be upset, I was actually very thrilled! "He went on.

It was also a unique experience for him to get to sit next to Anna Wintour during the fashion show for Vogue World.
He remarked, "She was incredibly sweet and congratulated me on everything. "Just that Anna is aware of my efforts makes me pleased. I had no idea that I would be seated next to her."

Be aware that "Lil Nax X also stated in this week's issue of PEOPLE that "style is a kind of self-expression" and "It's a method to show people who you are, or at least how you want them to view you. I believe that in order to advance in life, one must remove their protective layers and take risks."

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