Lightning causes Lady Gaga to cancel her Miami concert: "I Dont Want to Put Your Life in Danger"

Lightning causes Lady Gaga to cancel her Miami concert: "I Dont Want to Put Your Life in Danger"

A tropical thunderstorm caused Lady Gaga to curtail her Miami concert short just before she could sing ”Rain on Me” and her encore ”Hold My Hand.” On the final night of the Chromatica Ball, Gaga, who has been playing to sold-out crowds on this stadium tour, appeared at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.

She interrupted her performance and apologised to the audience, saying, "I'm sorry we can't finish, but I don't want to put your life in risk or our life in danger."

Gaga then uploaded an emotional video to her website. She expresses regret to her audience while sobbing and adds, "We really attempted to finish the show tonight in Miami." She continued by saying that lightning strikes were striking her, her crew, and her admirers dangerously close to the earth.
As much as she wanted to sing her song "Rain on Me" in the rain, Gaga claimed that she suddenly cared "about life in a way I didn't for a long time." She was referring to the song's duet with Ariana Grande.

Regarding the security of the tens of thousands in attendance as well as her staff, she remarked, "What I truly want is to also be responsible and loving." I'm not sure what I would do if something occurred to a spectator, a member of my crew, my band, or one of my dancers.

The singer captioned another Instagram photo with the statement, "The lightning was being unexpected and shifting moment by moment. "Look, I've been called'mother monster' by some of you for years, but deep down I knew it was better to protect you. I appreciate your faith in me.
After learning that the event had been postponed due to bad weather, fans who were waiting for it posted pictures to social media. The audience was instructed to seek cover in the concourse.

Europe, Asia, and North America have all been stops on Gaga's Chromatica Ball Tour. She recently performed at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles for 52,000 spectators. Due to COVID, the tour was postponed from its original 2020 announcement date to 2022.

While Gaga begins filming "Joker: Folie à Deux," the follow-up to "Joker," in which she will play Harley Quinn, she makes the commitment that "Chromatica will never be over because Chromatica is about healing."

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