Lee Seung-gi Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Wife, Family, Images, And More

Lee Seung-gi Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Wife, Family, Images, And More

Lee Seung-gi (born January 13, 1987) is a South Korean singer, actor, television host, and entertainer.

As a singer, he has numerous hit songs, including "Because You're My Woman," "Will You Marry Me," "Return," and "The Ordinary Man." With leading roles in popular dramas such as Brilliant Legacy (2009), My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010), The King 2 Hearts (2012), Gu Family Book (2013), You're All Surrounded (2014), A Korean Odyssey (2017-2018), Vagabond (2019), Mouse (2021), and The Law Cafe, he has gained additional recognition and popularity in parts of Asia (2022). From November 2007 to February 2012, he was a member of the first season of the weekend variety show 1 Night 2 Days, and from October 2009 to April 2012, he hosted the talk show Strong Heart.

Lee Seung Gi's success as a singer, actor, and host earned him the moniker "Triple Threat." He debuted on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in 2010, ranking seventh, then fourth in 2011, sixth in 2012, 2015, and 2022. His television dramas' success in parts of Asia established him as a top Hallyu star. He's also one of the highest-paid Korean celebrities in 2021.

Lee has been chosen as one of 200 actors (100 males and 100 females) to appear in the Korean actors 200 campaign, which is run by the Korean Film Council in 2021. (KOFIC). The goal of this methodical project is to select actors who best represent the present and future of Korean film and introduce them to film people in other countries.

Childhood and education

Lee Seung-gi was born in Banghak-dong, Dobong District, South Korea on January 13, 1987. His parents and younger sister make up his family. Lee was a good student in elementary and middle school; he was an all-arounder who excelled in sports, academics, and the arts, and he was elected president of the student council throughout his school years. He excelled in English, Japanese, and Korean in school. Lee was also a member of a high school band, where he was the lead vocalist. To make a strong first impression, their band name was initially Brain Hemorrhage, but it was later changed to Natural. When singer Lee Sun-hee saw him perform in a small theatre during his band's last activity, she scouted him. Although Lee initially declined the offer in order to focus on his studies, he later accepted it after his mother persuaded him because Lee Sun-hee was his favourite singer. He spent two years training before making his singing debut at the age of seventeen.

Despite his busy schedule, Lee graduated from Dongguk University on February 20, 2009, with a degree in International Trade and Commerce and a special achievement award. He then continued his studies at Dongguk Graduate School, where he earned two master's degrees in Marketing, Trade Theory, Finance, and Cultural Contents. He received his Child Psychiatry Counselling Certificate while performing in the Little Forest variety show.

Career s2004–present: As a performer,

Lee Seung Gi was discovered by singer Lee Sun-hee and trained for two years before making his debut on June 5, 2004, at the age of 17. "Because You're My Girl," his debut song from his debut album The Dream of a Moth, became a popular ballad, causing a "liking older women" syndrome in South Korea. With this song, he won Best Newcomer at several music awards ceremonies in 2004, including the M.net KM Music Festival and the Seoul Music Awards. He also won the M.net KM Music Festival's Best Male Solo Artist award in 2007 for his song White Lie from his third album Story of Separation.

In 2009, he released a digital single called Will You Marry Me, which became a hit in South Korea. In the 24th Golden Disc Awards, he received the Digital Single Bonsang award for this single. The following year, he released his fourth album, Shadow, which was a success, selling 40,000 pre-order copies before its official release.

In 2010, he recorded a duet version of his 2007 song Smile Boy with South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna, which became the official South Korean 2010 FIFA World Cup commercial song. At the 25th Golden Disc Awards, he also won the Digital Single Bonsang award for the second time in a row for his song Love Taught Me To Drink. In 2011, he released his fifth album, Tonight, which deviates from his usual traditional ballads and incorporates more of a rock band-style sound and melodies. When the title song, Aren't We Friends?, was released, it immediately topped online music charts. His other single, Era of Love, also reached No. 1 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 that week.

Seung Gi made his Japanese debut on March 6, 2012, with the release of his first Japanese album Time for Love (also translated as Alone in Love) and a single of the same name. Both the album and the single debuted at the top of the Oricon Daily Chart. Lee held a fanmeeting at Tokyo Dome City Hall to commemorate his success. On June 1, 2012, three months after his debut, he performed at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

The following year, he returned to South Korea and released an EP titled Forest. Return set a record by being number one on Billboard's Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for six weeks in a row.

After a two-year and seven-month hiatus, he returned to music on June 10, 2015, with his sixth album And...

Hook Entertainment announced on January 21, 2016, that he would be enlisting for his mandatory military service on February 1. As a gift to his fans, he also released a new song titled I Am Going to the Military on January 21 at noon. His song Meet Someone Like Me was released on March 3, 2016. Psy produced the single, which was the last song he recorded before joining the army.

He released a pre-released track titled The Ordinary Man ( ) on November 15, 2020, ahead of his anticipated seventh album The Project, which was released on December 10, 2020.

Lee's agency announced on June 21, 2022, that he will collaborate with guitarist Lee Byung-ho from Captain Planet's songwriting team to release the project's theme song on July 1. As a well-known pan-Asian actor

Lee Seung-gi appeared in MBC's sitcom Nonstop 5 in 2004. He made his acting debut in KBS's 2006 weekend drama The Infamous Chil Sisters.

In 2009, he was cast as the male lead in SBS's weekend drama Brilliant Legacy, alongside Han Hyo-joo. Throughout its run, the drama maintained the top spot in viewer ratings, with its final episode receiving a 47.1% rating. Lee's popularity as an actor grew as a result of his huge success, and he received more advertising offers as a result. At the 2009 SBS Drama Awards, he received the "Excellence in Acting" award, the "Top 10 Stars" award, and the "Best Couple" award with Han Hyo-joo for his performance in the drama.

This was followed in 2010 by SBS's fantasy drama My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox, in which he played a university student who, despite his grandfather's strong opposition, wants to drop out in order to pursue his dream of becoming an action movie star. At the 2010 SBS Drama Awards, his performance earned him his second "Excellence in Acting" award.

He then appeared in MBC's action drama The King 2 Hearts (2012) alongside Ha Ji-won, the fantasy-historical drama Gu Family Book (2013) alongside Bae Suzy, and SBS's police drama You're All Surrounded (2013). (2014).

Lee Seung Gi made his film debut in 2015 with the romantic comedy Love Forecast, in which he co-starred with Moon Chae-won.

Lee was cast in the period comedy film The Princess and the Matchmaker, directed by Han Jae-rim of The Face Reader, with Shim Eun-kyung in July 2015. In 2018, the film was released.

In 2017, he starred as the lead in the Hong sisters' fantasy drama A Korean Odyssey. This was his first project after joining the army.

As their second drama together, he and Bae Suzy starred in the spy action drama Vagabond in 2019. At the 2019 SBS Drama Awards, he received the Top Excellence Award in a Miniseries and the "Best Couple" award with Bae Suzy for this drama.

In 2021, Lee co-starred with Lee Hee-joon in the crime thriller Mouse, playing Jeong Ba-reum, for which he received the Grand Award (Daesang) for best actor in TV at the 6th Asia Artist Awards.

Lee was confirmed to appear in a KBS drama titled The Law Cafe, alongside Lee Se-young, on April 7, 2022. It is a healing romance drama about a former prosecutor now landlord and a former Miss Korea now lawyer, based on a popular web novel.


From November 2007 to February 2012, Lee was a permanent cast member of the first season of 1 Night 2 Days, a segment of KBS's weekend variety show Happy Sunday. His appearance on the show catapulted him to fame and made him a household name in Korea, earning him the nickname heodang.

Because of his popularity with the audience in 1 Night 2 Days, he received the Best Popularity award in the KBS Entertainment Awards in 2008. He also won the Top Excellence Host award at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards, as well as the Daesang award with the rest of the first season's cast at the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards.

Lee began hosting SBS's Tuesday night talk show Strong Heart with Kang Ho-dong in October 2009. At the 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards, it was named Best Program, and he received the Netizens' Popularity award. He was honoured for his role in the talk show once more, receiving the Top Excellence Host award for two years in a row at the 2010 and 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards. Lee announced his departure from Strong Heart in March 2012 in order to focus on his singing career. His most recent episode, which aired on April 3, was recorded on March 15.

In 2015, Lee reunited with the cast of 1 Night 2 Days and PD Na Young-seok in the travel reality show New Journey to the West.

He joined the cast of SBS variety show Master in the House in 2017.

In 2018, he was chosen to host Mnet's reality/survival show Produce 48. The following year, it was announced that he would appear in the second season of Netflix's variety show Busted!. He was the youngest entertainer to receive the Grand Prize (Daesang) for Master in the House at the 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards.

In 2019, he joined the cast of Little Forest, a healing variety programme for children designed as a home kids garden development project. The following year, he co-starred in the Netflix travel show Twogether with Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu.

In 2020, he hosted Friday Joy Package, Hometown Flex, and Sing Again, a singing reality show.

He returned to the cast of Netflix's variety show Busted! for a third season in 2021, as well as the SBS golf entertainment show Golf Battle: Birdie Buddies. Lee joined the reality show Loud as an MC and Special Agent on July 24, a unique position tasked with providing warmth, guidance, and support to the remaining contestants as they prepare for the finale. Lee appeared in the Netflix game variety show New World on November 20. On December 6, he returned as the MC and Host of the hit reality TV show Sing Again for a second season. He received the Baeksang Arts Award for Best Male Variety Performer the same year for his work in Busted!, Twogether, Hometown Flex, Sing Again, and Master in the House.

Lee hosted the SBS new year special programme Circle House in 2022, a 10-episode healing talk show that candidly shares the real concerns of Korea's MZ generation and seeks solutions with applicants.

In 2023, Lee hosted JTBC Peak Time, a show that will provide a second chance for success to already-debuted K-pop idols whose activities were halted — whether due to Covid-19, agency issues, or rookie idols who want to step up to the spotlight.

2021–present: As the CEO and producer,

Lee Seung Gi founded his own production company, Human Made, on June 1, 2021. The company has prepared a performance exclusively for Moment House Japan for one of its programmes, which features a hybrid of documentary and live performance content. Lee worked as an executive producer on the show, which starred Korean-American rapper Jessi. Lee released Human Table, a Human Made original mini documentary series about food and music, on the global platform YouTube in March 2022 under the channel name HUMANMADE.

In the news

Lee Seung-gi has earned several nicknames in South Korea, including Nation's Umchina (your mother's friend's brilliant son), Nation's Little Brother, Nation's Son-in-Law, and Nation's Heodang (adorable klutz), thanks to his appearance in the show 1 Night 2 Days.

Lee's success as a singer, actor, and host earned him the moniker "Triple Threat," Emperor, and Prince of Ballad.

The media has also given him the nicknames Human amulet and Weather fairy.

He was one of the most in-demand and popular commercial models and celebrity endorsers in 2011 and 2012. Throughout his career, he has endorsed a wide range of products and services, and he has consistently ranked high in the Korea Advertisers Association's monthly endorser survey.

Lee was one of the torchbearers chosen by Samsung for the 2012 London Summer Olympics Torch Relay on June 23, 2012. The National Election Commission of South Korea appointed him as the Honorary Online Ambassador of the nation's campaign for a fair and clean presidential election on October 30, 2012.

In 2021, he was dubbed the "MC with Sincerity and Empathy," a moniker he earned from the JTBC talent show Sing Again.

On the 56th Taxpayers' Day in March 2022, Lee received the Presidential Citation as an exemplary taxpayer and was appointed public relations ambassador for the National Tax Service.

During a seven-day survey conducted by DC Inside in January 2023. Lee was chosen as the leading celebrity who does good deeds sincerely rather than to maintain an image.

Private life

Military service is required.

Lee Seung Gi began his 21-month mandatory military service as an active duty soldier on February 1, 2016, when he entered Nonsan Army Recruit Training Center in Chungcheongnam-do. He was dispatched to his assigned role following the completion ceremony, where he was awarded the Honors citation, after training there for five weeks and receiving the highest score in his training company. According to reports, the citation is given to four people, one by each of four companies. On October 31, 2017, he was formally discharged from the military at Jeungpyeong County in North Chungcheong Province, where he served as a military intelligence specialist with the 13th Special Forces Brigade Black Panther, Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command.

It has been reported that Lee Seung Gi volunteered and completed trainings not required for enlisted soldiers and administrative soldiers, such as parachute training, where he succeeded in a parachute descent drill conducted 730 metres above the ground, and long distance march of 10 kilometres (about 6.21 miles), where he was in the top 10% of the 1000 marathoners, as part of the 'Black Panther' Brigade, which was re-designated.

As a goodwill ambassador, Lee hosted the 14th Ground Forces Festival in October 2016. Gyeryong City and the army co-hosted the event, which allowed visitors to learn about and observe Korean military culture.

Marriage and romantic relationships

Since late 2020, Lee has been in a relationship with actress Lee Da-in. Lee announced their engagement in letters posted on his social media accounts on February 7, 2023, and they will marry on April 7 at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas.

Conflict with Hook Entertainment

The dispute between Lee and his agency, Hook Entertainment, was revealed for the first time on November 18, 2022, when Lee sent Hook a request for transparency of payments regarding settlements. Later, on November 21, it was revealed in an independent report by Dispatch that Lee had not been properly settled for 18 years of music revenue and had even been gaslighted by his agency since his debut.

Hook Entertainment claimed on November 25, 2022 that the debt relationship with Lee Seung-gi was settled in 2021 when their contract was renewed and that the unpaid music revenue was false.

In response, Lee's legal representative issued a second statement on November 28 that refuted Hook Entertainment's claim and stated that Lee's side had never received any music settlement. They went on to say that the 2021 agreement between Lee and Hook Entertainment involves 4.7 billion won in real estate investment in Hook Entertainment, which they received from Lee in 2011 for the purchase of its building, but Hook CEO Kwon Jin-young failed to keep her promises regarding the investment.

Lee forwarded a notice to Hook Entertainment on December 1, 2022, to terminate their exclusive contract, citing Hook's breach of obligations due to unpaid revenue. According to the reports, Hook Entertainment has admitted that some of Lee's music distribution earnings were not paid to the artist. As a result, Lee's legal team has obtained evidence to sue Hook Entertainment for breach of management duties, and the artist will proceed with the unilateral termination of his contract.

Hook announced on December 16, 2022, that they had also paid Lee Seung-gi the base payment of 1.3 billion KRW, the unpaid settlement amount of 2.9 billion KRW, and the delay interest of 1.2 billion KRW, totaling approximately 5.4 billion KRW. On the same day, Lee announced on Instagram that he would donate all of the money from the settlement to charity. In his letter, Lee claims that, while he has received 5.4 billion KRW from Hook, the amount he was to receive was arbitrarily decided by the agency, and that he has yet to receive a full accounting. As a result, he will press on with the lawsuit.

On December 22, 2022, Lee officially filed a criminal lawsuit against Hook Entertainment's CEO Kwon Jin-young, as well as its former and current directors. The legal statement also revealed that Hook's CEO and directors had stolen a portion of Lee's advertising model fees; ten percent of his fees were thought to be for agency fees, but three percent was shared amongst themselves.

Other pursuits


Lee has been involved in a variety of charitable activities. Since 2009, he has given 1 million won per week to families featured on KBS's "Field Report Companion," for a total of 100 million won. In addition to the donations, Lee volunteered to personally seek out and assist the families.

He had also taken part in a charity fan signing event to benefit world hunger relief. On October 28, 2012, the event was held at the Pizza Hut branch in Seoul Hongdae.

Lee donated 5.88 tonnes of rice to Nowon-gu, Seoul, in 2013. According to Nowon-gu, Lee's donation of 5.88 tonnes of rice is enough to feed 50,000 children. Nowon-gu intends to distribute the rice to the area's underprivileged groups, which include people receiving national basic livelihood security, lower-income families, and single-parent families.

Lee worked with CJ E&M in 2014 to help with an education content donation event for low-income female students in the United States.

Lee received the 2018 Korea Sharing Volunteer Award for his donation of 100 million won to DongHaeng, volunteer work repairing House of Love, and talent donation to Severance Hospital.

Lee donated $100 million to Severance Hospital in 2019 to cover the medical expenses of rehab hospital patients. The funds were used to purchase wheelchairs, prosthetic legs, prosthetic limbs, and posture aids for 23 children and adolescents who have suffered spinal cord injuries. He also took part in the '10,000-Won Happiness' mobile donation campaign.

Lee donated $100 million to Good Neighbors, an international humanitarian and development NGO, in 2020 to help with COVID-19 prevention and underprivileged children in Korea.

Lee and the cast of Golf Battle: Birdie Buddies began donating scholarship money for every birdie scored on the show in 2021.

Lee became the first charity fairy under the entertainment category on the celebrity ranking service CHOEAEDOL Celeb for his 35th birthday on January 13, 2022. Countless fans, including his fan club - AIREN, banded together and collected 61,105,486 votes, surpassing the charity fairy cut line of 55,555,555 votes, establishing Lee as a charity fairy. A total of $500,000 was donated in Lee's name to the Miral Welfare Foundation, a fund for the disabled isolated under COVID-19.

Lee donated $100 million on January 27, 2022, to help children and adolescents being treated at the Severance Rehabilitation Hospital. As of January 2022, the hospital had received a total sponsorship of $200 million. It is also reported that Lee's fan club, AIREN, has joined the sponsorship effort and has donated $10 million to Severance Hospital in honour of Lee's birthday in 2020. According to reports, Lee stated, "I was very grateful to receive letters from my young friends who received assistance from the last donation after their treatment and felt that I received much more than I gave." I was also grateful that my fans shared my enthusiasm and joined me. I hope that this donation will be of some assistance in allowing children to live healthier, happier lives and achieve their dreams.

Lee will donate $2 billion in development funds to the Seoul National University Children's Hospital in December 2022.

Lee gave 550 million to the Korean Red Cross on his 36th birthday, January 13, 2023. The donation was used to fund disaster relief efforts as well as the production of blood donation buses to address the issue of blood shortages. Every year, Lee continues to donate to neighbours in need through various social organisations, including the Korean Red Cross.

Lee donated $300 million to the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) on February 3, 2023, to help lead the development of science and technology. The entire donation will be used to fund the establishment of KAIST’s New York campus. In addition, he was named honorary ambassador for the New York campus.


2009Honorary ambassador for the breakfast campaign
Goodwill ambassador for the joint download service (ConTing) of three terrestrial broadcasters
2010Public relations ambassador of the Strategy and Finance Ministry Lottery Commission
The head of the 3rd Happiness Empathy Volunteer Group
Public relations ambassador of the Human Network Council of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
2011Public relations ambassador of the Strategy and Finance Ministry Lottery Commission
Head of the 4th Happiness Empathy Volunteer Group
2012National Election Committee's online public relations ambassador for the 18th presidential election
2013Han Woo-Kim's PR ambassador
20162016 Ground Forces Festival Honorary Ambassador
2021Breitling Ambassador
2022Public relations ambassador of the National Tax Service
Public relations ambassador of Craft Trend Fair
2023Public relations ambassador of KAIST’s New York Campus


Main article: Lee Seung-gi discography

  • The Dream of a Moth (2004)
  • Crazy For U (2006)
  • Story of Separation (2007)
  • Shadow (2009)
  • Tonight (2011)
  • And... (2015)
  • The Project (2020)


Main article: Lee Seung-gi filmography

Awards and nominations

Lee Seung-gi has received the following awards and nominations.

Lee has received two Baeksang Arts Awards, three Golden Disc Awards, four Asia Artist Awards, four Mnet Asian Music Awards, five Seoul Music Awards, two KBS Drama Awards, eight SBS Drama Awards, and twelve SBS Entertainment Awards since his debut in 2004.

Lee has also received five Bonsang Awards (Main Prize), including two Golden Disc Awards, one SBS Music Awards, and two Seoul Music Awards. Lee was nominated for nine Daesang Awards (Grand Prizes), winning four of them, including one from the KBS Drama Awards, one from the Asia Artist Awards, one from the KBS Entertainment Awards, and one from the SBS Entertainment Awards. Lee was also recognised at the 2014 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, which were held by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, for his contributions to Korean culture and the spread of the Korean Wave, or hallyu. Lee was also named the male multi-entertainer of the year at the 2020 Daesang Award for Brand of the Year.

Lee Seung-gi Biography

NameLee Seung-gi
Date of Birth13-Jan-1987
Age in 202336
Birth PlaceDobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Height1.82 (m)
WeightUnknown (KGs)
ProfessionSouth Korean Singer
Famous asSinger, Actor, Host, Entertainer, Model, Ceo, And Produce
HeightIn Centimeters: 182 cm.
In Meters: 1.82 m.
In Feet Inches: 6'0"
WeightIn KG: Not known
In Pound: Not known
Eye Color-
Hair Color-
Marital StatusYet to update

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Lee Seung-gi.

  1. What is the Net Worth of Lee Seung-gi?

The Net Worth of Lee Seung-gi is 4.4 Million.

  1. What is the Height of Lee Seung-gi?

The height of Lee Seung-gi is 1.82.

  1. Where is the birthplace of Lee Seung-gi?

The birthplace of Lee Seung-gi is Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

  1. What is the Date of Birth of Lee Seung-gi?

The birthday of Lee Seung-gi is on 13-Jan-1987.

  1. Is Lee Seung-gi Married?

The marital status of Lee Seung-gi is: Yet to update.

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