Leaving Twitter is Whoopi Goldberg

Leaving Twitter is Whoopi Goldberg

After Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently acquired the microblogging service, the 66-year-old actress declared that she was leaving it.

In her remarks on "The View," Whoopi said: "So, a little more than a week has passed since Elon Musk assumed control of Twitter, and the site is a mess.

"In addition, Kathy Griffin was suspended for impersonating him on a parody account, which sparked the trending hashtag #FreeKathy. I'm going off now. I'm taking today off because, well, I just feel like it's so messy."

Whoopi expressed her opposition to "certain attitudes" being permitted to return to the stage.
The Oscar-winning actress said that she might eventually go back to Twitter despite everything.
She uttered: "I'm going to leave, and if things calm down and I'm more at ease, I might come back. But as of right now, I've given up on Twitter."

Following a previous ban for making an online anti-Semitic statement, Kanye West's Twitter account was just reinstated.

Elon, who paid $44 billion to acquire Twitter, argued that Kanye's comeback was actually authorised prior to his purchase of the business.

Elon indicated at first: "A content moderation committee with a wide range of perspectives will be created by Twitter.

Before that council meets, no significant content decisions or account reinstatements will be made.

Republicans Against Trumpism responded by addressing the new Twitter chief with the following question: "Why, then, did you already restore Kanye West's account? Twitter should not be used as a platform for the promotion of bigotry and antisemitism."

The multibillionaire entrepreneur continued: "Before the transaction, Twitter reinstated Ye's account. They didn't talk to me or let me know. (sic)"

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