Leah Remini Alleges That Shelly Miscaviges Whereabouts Are A Mystery

Leah Remini Alleges That Shelly Miscaviges Whereabouts Are A Mystery

American actor Leah Remini is well-known for her prior affiliation with the Church of Scientology, a highly contentious cult-like religion that has attracted a number of famous people over the years. Some claim that Scientology has used extortion or other forms of pressure to persuade famous people to join the organisation or at the very least to keep quiet about it.
Remini, a Scientologist since she was nine years old, openly left the organisation in 2013. Two years later, she published "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology," a candid book about her time spent in the sect. As she explained in the book, Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was a major factor in the "King of Queens" star's decision to leave. Since she was last saw in the open in 2007, the public has grown curious about Shelly's location. Remini herself, who reported herself missing to the LAPD about a month after leaving the chapel, was one of the most worried individuals.

However, shortly after Remini's allegation, the police declared it "unfounded" and said they had located Shelly, making the report irrelevant and ending the inquiry. But now, the New Yorker has come out and shared some harrowing details about the missing person report she submitted nearly ten years ago, casting severe doubt on the LAPD's assertions.
On November 10, Leah Remini published a lengthy Twitter thread in which she discussed Shelly Miscavige's disappearance and how the supposed "probe" into it might have been tainted.

Remini's thread was partially inspired by an investigative report written by the New York Times and released on November 4. The story accuses former LAPD captain Cory Palka of aiding in the cover-up of Leslie Moonves' sexual misconduct offences while he was the president of CBS. In the thread, Remini disclosed that Palka was in charge of the division that looked into her complaint of Miscavige being missing; in fact, he was the officer to whom Remini directly gave the report. The "Kevin Can Wait" actor revealed that Palka also had strong ties to the Scientology organisation and personally accepted donations from them for nonprofits that supported the LAPD. What investigative information has he given Scientology over the years, according to Remini, who questioned the Times report?

She shared copies of emails sent and received between Palka and Scientology representatives, demonstrating the intimacy and closeness of their relationship. Remini claims that when she first spoke with Palka to submit the report, a letter from the Organization of Scientology personally thanking him for his assistance with concerns affecting the church was sitting on his desk. The 52-year-old said that despite being professionals at obstructing justice, Scientology "has always done a tremendous job at ingratiating itself with law enforcement."

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