Lauren Burch Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Lauren Burch Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

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To be artistic and beautiful is a boon as well a bliss. And in that case, lovely Lauren Burch is one of the most blessed and blissed beauties ever known. These lines are an exploration of one of the most well-known social media influencers of this era. So, without any delay, we will dive deep into the life and charms of the comely Canadian artist, Lauren.

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The beginning: Growing up gorgeously

Alluring Lauren was born in Ontario, Canada on 7 December 2000. People and friends fondly call her Laur and Laur loves it. Laur studied sincerely and graduated her high school with a major in dance and drama. As can be seen, theatre and dancing were always set to be her destiny and her sweet school life sowed the seeds for the same. Laur shares a wonderful relation with her dear mom Pam, brother Bailey and her sizzling twin sister Julia Burch, who is an awesome social media influencer herself. Her happy childhood was spent mostly with these three important people.

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Catchy features of the dainty diva

Lovable Laur is a demure darling with dazzling looks and heart-winning mannerisms. 22-year-old Laur is an unparalleled beauty whose face is full of sharp and attractive traits. Prettily defined jawline, symmetric upturned nose, plush and thick lips concealing an ever-ready smile. Her sweet oval face is lit by twinkles on her hazel eyes of haunting and hypnotic appeal. This perfectly pretty woman stands at an admirable 5'3" and trains tirelessly and zealously to maintain her mind-blowing proportions reading 34-23-34. She is slim and weighs just 107 Lbs or 48.5 kg. Laur is like a goddess whose bewitching charms can put the Barbie to shame. Her lush, long, and sleek hair are naturally brown, but they are usually died pink and are particularly attractive. Laur relishes tattooing her body and has 6 tattoos on her. These include a heart on her shoulder, a rose on her arm, 505 on her wrist, 2/3 on her arm, XO on her elbow, and “She is art” on her ribcage. The heart on the shoulder is her favorite. 

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Scoping her commendable career

It was her amazing twin sis Julia who inspired Laur and helped her become who she is. Laur began her Instagram journey two years back and quickly gained a decent following. When she took to TikTok in February 2020, it was an explosion. Everyone simply loved her work and fans and followers poured in thousands and even crossed a million. As on date, she has a mind-boggling 1.3million+ followers on Instagram. This exposure and success brought many opportunities to Laur's doorsteps.  She spends her major time filming the content she posts on a range of social media platforms. Her work involves quality brands to promote their products and songs, which can be a lot of fun. She is a fine actor and her short posts are ample evidence of her polished acting skills. She regularly gets invited to be a part of many music videos and TV shows, which has always deeply interested Laur. She earns impressively and her source of income consists of projects and posts in Onlyfans, TikTok, YouTube, and collaborations.

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Informality: Accessing her heart

What is one unknown thing about Laur? She had never had a cavity. Big deal? Heck yes! Great personal grooming. Laur's zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Actors Mark Hamil and Sydney Sweeney inspire and impress Laur the most. One movie which makes her feel so good is Princess Mononoke. The web series Laur enjoys thoroughly is Peaky Blinders. The place she loves the most is Los Angeles. In fact, it is her dream and goal to move into L.A. Laur has an interesting multicolored personality which loves 'purple' the most. Graceful artist Laur deems dancing as her best hobby. As a child, Laur was quite shy and so she does not have any naughty incidents from childhood. Laur can walk the stairs on her hands which she feels is a talent which lacks any use. She completely avoids smoking and drinks occasionally when with friends. Her positive habits are eating healthy and clean and preparing agendas and sticking to them. However, she often sleeps a lot and this she feels is her 'negative'. How to be happy in life? Going by Laur, it is by setting goals and working passionately towards them. Now, her big goal is to move into a big city and expanding her audience to the maximum. She aims to influence the world positively using the platform she has got. 

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The final note: A singsong sign-off

Meet the modern-day barbie
An online influence charming
Is she just a pretty face?
A smile with hypnotic grace?
Heck no, that's not it;  she's a lot more
Laur's a positive influence on the world
Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and platforms many
Her art is unaware, of boundaries any
Pink and plush hair: divine hazel eyes
Healthy, hypotonic proportions and everything nice
With contents funny and useful and kind
She makes everyone happy, refreshing the mind
Heartthrob of millions of fans across the world
Bless the lovely Laur, the gorgeous girl
The angelic face with the smile of pearls
Bless the lovely Laur, the gorgeous girl

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