Latest Marvel News: Blades greatest chance to helm the film fails, while the MCU fails to secure its own Grogu

Latest Marvel News: Blades greatest chance to helm the film fails, while the MCU fails to secure its own Grogu

In the Marvel world, it looks to be a day of wasted chances as the much-maligned Blade revival has suffered yet another setback and we've learned that the MCU could have had its own counterpart to the Star Wars galaxy's Baby Yoda. Astonishingly, people have concluded they wouldn't automatically reject a crossover with one of the worst Marvel films ever made. In other words, fans have understood the real reason Harrison Ford needs to join the franchise.

The Blade movie is not in good shape right now after a delay in pre-production caused the entire Phase Five slate to move backwards, but for a brief period there fans were convinced they had found the right person to steer the ship back on course — namely, Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino. Sadly, the renowned composer-turned-filmmaker has now emphasised that scheduling problems prevent him from engaging on the project. Do you have Spike Lee's phone number?
The appearance of Skaar, the Hulk's hitherto unidentified Sakaaran progeny, was arguably the biggest revelation from this week's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law finale. Despite being a beloved comics character, his MCU look was far from ideal. So much so that we nearly yearn for Skaar's scrapped portrayal as a little child. He was supposed to be the MCU's version of Grogu, according to director Kat Coiro, but Marvel rejected the notion since it ran counter to their larger goals for the Son of Hulk.
Harrison Ford might join the MCU to play our new General Ross in Thunderbolts, according to growing rumours. The idea of seeing Harrison Ford transform into Red Hulk might seem like the most thrilling aspect of this possibility, but a trending tweet has revealed the unquestionably most important reason why it must happen: so that the infamously unfiltered Star Wars legend will have to answer numerous questions about Marvel lore during the movie's press tour. Just consider how many "sad face" memes would be created instantly.
You'd think there would be no chance on any Earth in the multiverse that fans would want any MCU crossover with 2015's infamous Fant4stic, but Redditors have actually thought out the one way that a cast member's comeback from the film may possibly work. If Marvel were to ever adapt the Council of Reeds, a multiverse-spanning organisation of Mr. Fantastic variations, they have decided that Miles Teller would be welcome to return in his position, perhaps bringing him together with John Krasinski and Ioan Gruffudd. We truly want to see that right now, you know.

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