Latest Marvel News: As Madame Web swings deeper into the Spider-Verse, Deadpool is vying for Iron Mans throne.

Latest Marvel News: As Madame Web swings deeper into the Spider-Verse, Deadpool is vying for Iron Mans throne.

Today's deluge of Marvel news has been much less explosive than yesterday's, when Blade's re-entry into his coffin wreaked havoc on the MCU's Phase Six slate. Despite this, we've learned of a startling record that Ryan Reynolds is on track to break with Deadpool 3, putting him right behind Robert Downey Jr. In addition, things are getting hot in Sony land as Madame Web expands the cast of Spider-Verse characters.
One of the many upcoming Marvel films affected by this week's significant schedule reorganisation is Deadpool 3, which will now arrive on November 8, 2024, nearly a full year later than originally planned. As a result, Ryan Reynolds is now the co-oldest MCU leading man to star in his own film. Reynolds will fall short of Robert Downey Jr.'s age of 48 years and 29 days when Iron Man 3 is released by just 18 days. In the event that there is a Deadpool 4, it's possible that the Canadian rookie will surpass Downey's record by a significant amount of time.
Given its A-list ensemble cast and various connections to the larger Spider-Verse, Madame Web is starting to look pretty alluring, even the most sour-puss Sony critics have to admit. Fans have speculated that Tahar Rahim, a cast member, is playing Ezekiel Sims, a character important to the mystical aspect of the Spider-Man mythology. This could be a major clue to the plot of the 2024 film. Keep in mind that he will also be donning his own Spider-Man suit.
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law concludes this Thursday after nine weeks of superhero sitcom antics, and Marvel just dropped the first preview clip. The Intelligentsia publicly humiliated/attempted to discredit Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) in the surprisingly potent end of last week's episode, and she is now determined to find them after her date with Daredevil is in the rearview mirror. We can only hope that she destroys those incel fools.
Let's go back to the subject of Deadpool 3 to complete the circle. The most recent fan theory concerning the threequel speculates that a famous actor might finally realise their dream of playing an iconic X-Men member in the movie. Yes, it would be interesting if Channing Tatum were given the opportunity to play Gambit, as he was under Fox prior to the Disney buyout. When you consider how much Tatum was hurt by the cancellation of his spinoff movie, it would be the least they could do. Marvel, please help Remy LeBeau out.

True Believers, that's all for today. Check back on Thursday as we reveal the details of the She-Hulk finale!

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