Latest 21+ Images of Wish Rathod(Tattoo Girl).

Latest 21+ Images of Wish Rathod(Tattoo Girl).

Wish Rathod is an Instagram sensation with over 675k followers. Her real name is Vishwa Rathod, and she loves tattoos and piercings. Okay, we don't know about her boyfriend but we definitely know about her life partner because she says, tattooing and piercing is my life partner.

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Here are some amazing pictures of Wish Rathod and her tattoos.

wish rathod

Wish Rathod looks amazing with these glasses.

vishwa rathod

Wish Rathod is glowing in this suit.

wish rathod tattoo

Wish Rathod and her dreadlocks hairstyle.

wish rathod age

Wish Rathod looks gorgeous in this Indian dress.

wish rathod hot

Wish Rathod in black outfit

wish rathod hot photoshoot

Wish Rathod latest photoshoot

wish rathod pic

Wish Rathod Pic

harsh dhabi photoshoot wish rathod

wish rathod instagram

Wish Rathod, She looks fabulous in every pose.

wish rathod tattoo photo

wish rathod photoshoot

wish rathod pics

wish rathod hot photoshoot instagram

wish rathod wiki

wish rathod neck tattoo

tiktok tattoo girl wish rathod

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wish rathod tattoo meaning

wish rathod new photoshoot

wish rathod boyfriend name

vishwa rathod pic

Wish Rathod Tattoo meanings:

She gets her first tattoo done when her grandfather passed away, on her left arm and the tattoo means 'I Miss you Grandpa and his Death Date'.

She also has an Illuminati tattoo on her chest. To that, she said, "I am not an Illuminati believer. I like that symbol, That's why I got that tattoo made". ​​​​​​​

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