Kshitij Dholakia Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Kshitij Dholakia Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More


kshitij dholakia

Acting is a very colorful profession which seeks to stir the deepest emotions of humans by connecting with them via heart through the particular act. This art requires a lot of natural skill and also some grace. Today, INFOSAURS is talking about a wonderful actor who holds a tremendous capability and caliber of making it really big in near future. The topic is about the actor Kshitij Dholakia.



Cool Kshitij was born on 19.06.1995 to the famous Kasauti Zindagi Kay fame 'Urvashi Dholakia' in the calm and spiritual city of Kanpur in U.P. It is noteworthy that his mother is none other than the 'legendary villainess Komolika' who had left no stone unturned to make into hell the life of the protagonist (played by the beautiful Shweta Tiwari). Originating from Kanpur, Kshitij was brought up in the magical city of Mumbai. Kaushal Jaeger Sagar His fun-filled and fulfilling childhood was accompanied by his dear brother Sagar Dholakia, loving grandmom Kaushal Dholakia and the selflessly loving pet dog Jaeger Dholakia. Kshitij was imparted very empowering education in Shalom international High school (Panchgani) and RIMS international school. After this, he graduated from Lords College. After growing up so quickly into such a fine young man, Kshitij was all set to step into acting. Kshitij is a man with a golden heart every atom of whom radiates love for someone special. She is the most admirable to him and is his deepest secret who is everything for him. The lucky girl is the dream and boon for Kshitij who in turn is equally precious for her.

kshitij dholakia with her mom urvashi dholakia

Kshitij Dholakia with her mom Urvashi Dholakia


Captivating Kshitij is blessed with very appealing and spell-binding looks. He towers 6'1" (which is like among the top 5 % of tallest Indians) and weighs an imposing 80 kg. He has a longish face with a firmly set and jagged jaw-line. He has dark brown eyes and a high bridged nose which is like SRK's. Kshitij flaunts wheatish and clear radiant skin. His coolest feature is perhaps his hair. He has long dark black hair which are very stylish. He keeps them pulled back while letting some of them fall over his left eyebrow. This gives such a funky look. Also, Kshitij wears one tattoo depicting something about his family and shows 1995, his birth year. Such is his love for family. And as regards his Zodiac sign, it is Gemini.

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27-year-old Kshitij is quite dedicated to the skill of acting. He is a very hard-working and determinant seeker. He has been seeking for acting opportunities and regularly appears for auditions. Life is never easy. Many times he has had movie roles coming within his grasp and slipping away. It is quite hard, but Kshitij never loses heart and is a fighter who keeps on trying. It is this perseverance and fighting spirit which finally allowed Kshitij to have assisting roles in two famous movies, Humshakals and Dream Girl. And this dedicated actor is going on doing his good job and seeks wonderful acting opportunities which will surely come to him soon enough. Meanwhile, he kept posting good content in Instagram which saw him gain enormous popularity and a humongous fan base of 83k+ followers. 

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Capable Kshitij often turns to movies for motivation, inspiration, and knowledge. Avengers series is his favorite. Mirzapur is his most-liked web series, Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor are the actors which have the deepest impact on his personality and life. He is a lover of delicious food and his favorite food includes Chinese cuisines. Kshitij has a special affinity for the colors' red' and 'black'. He has some nice hobbies. Bike riding and dancing are really enjoyed by him.  Amusingly, he has a fun nickname. He is affectionately known as Gendu. He is currently in a relation which is strictly personal.

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Kshitij is a very emotional person. His good habit is his love and affection and care for his family, friends, pets, and dogs. He helps and cares for all. His weakness is his quick attachment with people. Kshitij does not touch alcohol. His method for keeping life happy is keeping other people happy. His childhood has been naughty. Once, he was caught smoking, red-handed. He dreams to become famous and known all over the world. The famous 'Komolika', i.e., her dear mother was the only force behind his inspiration to become an actor. 

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With chocolatey charming looks, Kshitij stands out
So, for this good actor, INFOSAURS scouts
With great acting capabilities, Bollywood - he has touched
With some exposure in two great movies, he has gained much
Meanwhile, in Instagram, his content has entertained and rock
Innumerable hearts he has won, 83k+ fans he has stocked
There is a belief deep that Kshitij will evolve greatly
His dream of being famous will be fulfilled ultimately

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