Kris Jenner desires that her ashes be turned into jewellery.

Kris Jenner desires that her ashes be turned into jewellery.

On Thursday's (19.10.22) episode of "The Kardashians," the 66-year-old matriarch underwent hip surgery. The idea of undergoing a major procedure spurred a dialogue with herself and her daughters about their final wishes.

While her other daughter Khloe Kardashian was by her side, she made the following statement while speaking on the phone to her youngest child, Kylie Jenner: "Kim [Kardashian] begged the doctor to spare my bones so she could make jewellery out of them."

That's weird, Kylie said.

It's eerie, Kris commented.

Remember when you wanted to be cremated and have your ashes turned into necklaces for us, Khloe questioned?

Kris said, "That's a terrific idea!" with enthusiasm.

That's weird, though, Khloé insisted.

"No, it's not," Kris argued.

The creator of Good American stated that she wanted to be cremated when she passed away, but Kylie disagreed.
I don't even see why we have to be buried, Khloe stated. Although the Bible forbids cremation, I just want to be cremated. But why, like, can't we?

Kylie doesn't want me to be cremated, her mother retorted.

Then Kris stated that they had previously talked about building a family "mausoleum," but Khloe was worried they wouldn't be able to find a space large enough.

Remember when we were going to go choose our mausoleum, Kris questioned Kylie?

Do you know how many kids we have? Khloe interrupted. We'll need a whole f****** thing to figure out how to do this.

Yes, exactly, we'll have a whole thing, her mother retorted.

We should declare that "Only this many generations are allowed in here," Kylie said.

It's like a club," Kris said in jest. Not in the list, not at all.

Khloe then went back to her original point about cremation and said there was always a chance of someone buying their gravesite as a result of the conversation.

That's why I believe that if we are all cremated, we will all be reduced to dust, she stated. You and the Earth are one. But what happens if we're all going to be buried, say, in Disneyland? I could buy that property with all of my money, but then they simply keep adding to it.

Then people say, "Oh no, my house is haunted," after hearing that the area was formerly an ancient burial cemetery.

Kris made fun of being tormented by the Kardashians in a confessional. It's amazing!

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