Korean actress Jang Na-ra is getting married

Korean actress Jang Na-ra is getting married

South Korean actress Jang Na-ra has announced that she is getting married soon to her non-showbiz boyfriend, who is six years younger than her.

Jang shared the good to all her fans and followers via a social media post on Friday morning, June 3.

Below is Jang's message to her fans as translated by Korean entertainment website Soompi:

"I have personal but happy news to share with you all today. I’m getting married!"

"After two years of dating a friend six years my junior who is in video work, we have promised to become one another’s life companions! I fell for his beautiful smile, kind and genuine heart, and above all else, the way he is overflowing with sincerity and pours his whole heart into his work. The fact that I will be spending my life together with such an amazing person makes me so happy that I couldn’t ask for anything more, and I wanted to honestly share my joy with all of you, who are so precious to me! We will live joyfully, happily, and well [together]!"

"It seems like just yesterday that I, who am nothing special, debuted as a celebrity, but so much time has passed since then. I sincerely thank you for embracing me, supporting me, and always looking kindly upon me for a long time. I plan to greet you with a fun new project immediately after the wedding, so I’m working hard on preparations for that as well! I will become an actress who does her utmost in every moment with a heart that is even heavier with gratitude than before. I am truly sorry for the fact that I am not able to go into more detail [about my fiancé], out of the worry that he—who is not a celebrity—might face discomfort at work because of me. I earnestly ask you for your generous understanding. Thank you always!"

Jang started her entertainment career as a singer in 2001. She then become an actress and is known for her hit series "Baby-Faced Beauty” (2011), “School 2013” (2012), “Fated to Love You (aka You Are My Destiny)” (2014), “I Remember You” (2015), “One More Happy Ending" and many more.

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