Kim Soo-hyun Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images, And More

Kim Soo-hyun Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images, And More

Kim Soo-hyun (Hangul: ; born February 16, 1988) is a South Korean actor. His awards include four Baeksang Arts Awards, two Grand Bell Awards, and one Blue Dragon Film Award, making him one of South Korea's highest-paid actors. He appeared on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 list from 2012 to 2016 and again in 2021. In 2014, he was named Gallup Korea's Television Actor of the Year, and in 2016, he was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list.

Kim took acting classes during his high school years on the advice of his mother in order to overcome his introverted personality. After a few stage appearances, he made his television debut in 2007 with the family sitcom Kimchi Cheese Smile. He went on to star in the television dramas Dream High (2011), Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), and the top-grossing films The Thieves (2012) and Secretly, Greatly (2013). (2013). His performance in Moon Embracing the Sun as King Lee Hwon earned him the Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actor - Television.

Kim rose to prominence after starring in the fantasy romantic comedy My Love from the Star (2013-14) and the variety-drama The Producers (2015), which earned him three Daesang awards (Grand Prize). He enlisted to complete his mandatory military service after the box office failure Real (2017). With the romantic comedy It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) and the thriller One Ordinary Day, he made his acting comeback (2021).

Childhood and education

Kim's father, Kim Chung-hoon, was the lead singer of the 1980s band "Seven Dolphins" and was born on February 16, 1988.

During his school years, Kim's mother encouraged him to take acting classes to help him overcome his shy and introverted personality. His desire to become an actor skyrocketed between middle and high school. His first major role was as Puck in a stage production of Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream. Later in his career, he played Kenickie and Hamlet in the musical Grease and the tragedy Hamlet.

Kim had finished elementary, middle, and high school in Gangnam, Seoul, by 2006, and debuted as a TV actor in 2007 after auditions. In 2009, he enrolled in Chung-Ang University's Film and Theater Department.

Career s2007–2010: Beginnings of a television career

Kim made his television debut in the 2007 family sitcom Kimchi Cheese Smile and landed a lead role in KBS's critically acclaimed youth drama Jungle Fish in 2008. Based on a true story, it takes a fresh look at the serious issues of school cheating, competitive academic standards, and interactive blogging. The drama won several awards, including the Peabody Award in the United States.

Kim appeared as one of the hosts on the food-based variety show Delicious Quiz (also known as The Taste of Life) in the second half of the year, as well as in the short film Cherry Blossom.

Kim appeared in Namkoong Sun's short film Worst Friends, which won the Best Film in Social Drama award at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival in 2009, as well as the well-received SBS drama special Father's House, in which he co-starred with veteran actor Choi Min-soo. In 2009, he co-hosted Mnet's Boys & Girls Music Countdown with Kara's Han Seung-yeon.

KeyEast signed an exclusive contract with Kim in January 2010 to become his management company.

Kim rose to prominence as the younger version of the male lead characters in Will It Snow for Christmas? and Giant, the latter earning him the SBS Drama Awards' Best New Actor award.

2011–2013: Rising popularity and success

Kim rose to prominence in 2011 after starring in the teen musical drama Dream High. He portrays a country bumpkin who discovers himself to be a musical genius. The drama received high domestic ratings as well as international acclaim, winning several international awards. Kim, the only young actor in a cast of idols, studied song and dance at JYP Entertainment for three months in order to pull off the required scenes in the drama. He recorded two songs for the drama's soundtrack, one solo, "Dreaming," and one with the rest of the cast, "Dream High."

Kim's popularity skyrocketed after he starred as King Leehwon in the hit period drama Moon Embracing the Sun. The drama received a peak rating of 42.2 percent, earning it the title of "national drama," and it was exported to locations throughout Asia, making it one of the most profitable exports in the drama genre. Kim contributed vocals to the soundtrack with "Only You," a traditional ballad, and "Another Way," a more modern composition.

Because of his popularity, he set a new record for product endorsements by being the face of 17 products at the same time. He was also named Best Actor (TV) at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards. Kim claimed victory over heavyweight veterans Han Suk-kyu, Shin Ha-kyun, and Cha Seung-won "I am grateful for this opportunity, but I am also embarrassed. It's similar to getting a lot of homework. To remain deserving of this award, I will continue to strive to improve as an actor ".

Kim made his big-screen debut in the star-studded heist film The Thieves, which was dubbed the "Korean Ocean's Eleven" by the press. The film became the second highest-grossing film in Korean film history with over 12.9 million ticket sales.

Kim was cast as a North Korean spy who infiltrated South Korea as a village idiot in the 2013 film Secretly, Greatly, an adaptation of Hun's popular webtoon series Covertness. The film broke several records and was one of the year's most successful box office hits, drawing a 7 million-person audience. Kim received awards for Best New Actor (Film) at the 50th Grand Bell Awards and the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards.

2014-2017: International recognition

Kim co-starred in the SBS fantasy romance series My Love from the Star with Jun Ji-hyun from 2013 to early 2014. He also released two soundtrack singles for the drama, "In Front of Your House" and "Promise." It exploded in popularity across Asia, particularly in China, with over 14.5 billion views on the online video platform iQIYI as of February 2014, and it also sparked trends in fashion, make-up, and restaurants.

Kim's popularity exploded throughout Asia, topping various popularity polls and becoming one of the most in-demand endorsers with 35 product endorsements. At the 7th Korea Drama Awards, he received the Daesang (or "Grand Prize"), the highest award for television, and at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, he was named Most Popular Actor (TV).

Kim appeared in the KBS variety drama The Producers, written by My Love From the Star writer Park Ji-eun, in 2015. The drama received strong domestic ratings and was sold to several countries around the world. According to the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation, Kim has become one of South Korea's favourite leading faces on television. Kim was awarded the Daesang (or "Grand Prize") for his acting performance at the 8th Korea Drama Awards, the 4th APAN Star Awards, and the 2015 KBS Drama Awards.

In 2015, Kim's wax figure was displayed at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong and the Musée Grévin in Seoul. The following year, he was named to Forbes' "30 Under 30 Asia list," which includes 30 influential people under the age of 30 who have made a significant impact in their fields.

Kim then starred in his cousin Lee Sa-action-noir rang's film Real, which premiered in June 2017. The film bombed at the box office and received negative reviews from critics for its direction, storyline, and character information, with some claiming that only Kim saved the film to some extent with his acting.

In contrast, the film received a positive response after its release in Taiwan. Because of its uniqueness and originality, Expat Korean Movie Critic/Blogger Pierce Conran included Real in his list of the top 15 Korean Movies of 2017.

Kim temporarily abandoned his acting career and enlisted to complete his 21-month military service.

Military enlistment and discharge in 2017-2019

On October 23, 2017, Kim began his mandatory military service. He was supposed to work in public service instead of active duty because he had previously undergone heart surgery. He voluntarily underwent re-examinations, however, and was eventually cleared for combat. He was sent to a military camp in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, to finish his basic training.

Kim's agency announced in late November 2017 that he had completed his five weeks of basic training, placing fourth as an outstanding trainee. The division commander rewarded him with a vacation and a self-deployment to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion to continue his duty.

Kim was promoted to Sergeant in February 2019 for his outstanding military performance. Kim was released from the military on July 1, 2019.

2019–present: Return from military service

Kim made headlines in newspapers when he returned to acting with guest appearances on dramas Hotel del Luna and Crash Landing on You.

Kim was reported to be leaving KeyEast in December 2019 to form a new agency with his cousin. Kim, along with actresses Kim Sae-ron and Seo Yea-ji, signed with newly formed entertainment agency Goldmedalist in January 2020.

Kim starred as Moon Gang-tae, an orphaned psychiatric aide, in the tvN and Netflix romantic comedy It's Okay to Not Be Okay in 2020. Kim's first small-screen appearance in a lead role in five years was in this series. In terms of TV viewership ratings, the series lagged behind his previous dramas. However, it was the most popular show in the romance genre on Netflix in South Korea in 2020. It's Okay to Not Be Okay was named one of the "Best International Shows of 2020" by the New York Times, and La Tercera called it "one of the most popular Asian dramas" of the year. Kim's acting, according to S. Poorvaja of The Hindu, "brought Gang-tae alive on screen perfectly — someone whose silent world weariness gradually but steadily progressed to sparkling eyes, smiles, and enthusiasm." At the 5th Asia Artist Awards, he won the Daesang (or "Grand Prize") in the television category for the second time.

Kim appeared in Coupang Play's television series One Ordinary Day in 2021, based on the British television series Criminal Justice, as Kim Hyun-soo, a normal college student whose life is turned upside down when he unexpectedly becomes the key suspect in a murder case.

Gold Medalist announced on December 21, 2021, that it will produce and promote actor Kim Soo-digital hyun's human in collaboration with EVR Studio. That has the appearance of a real person and can use facial expressions, and it plans to be used in a variety of industries in the future, including entertainment, metaverse, movies, and advertising.

Kim's participation in the upcoming drama Queen of Tears (tentative title), slated for the second half of 2023, was confirmed by Studio Dragon on December 5, 2022. Kim will fill in for Queens Group's legal director, Baek Hyun-woo.

Other pursuits

Appearances at events

Kim attended two international sporting events in 2014. Kim performed the official theme song "Light up the Future" with several artists at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, on August 16, 2014. He also took part in the 2014 Asian Games opening ceremony in Incheon, South Korea. At the second part of the highlight stage, they delivered the message of "One Asia" alongside actor Jang Dong-gun, Korean opera singer Ahn Sook-sun, and people from 45 countries.


Kim and Bae Suzy served as Ambassadors for the 16th Korea Goyang International Flower Festival in 2011. Kim was named Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism by the Korea Tourism Organization on April 18, 2012. Kim was appointed as the Public Relations Ambassador for the Lotte Hotel Busan on December 3, 2012. Kim was appointed as a Public Relations Ambassador for his alma mater, Chung-Ang University, on May 20, 2014. Kim was appointed as Seoul's Goodwill Ambassador on October 25, 2015. In the following two years, he participated in a variety of cultural events to promote the city. Kim served as the Honorary Ambassador for Incheon International Airport in 2015. Kim is the Promotional Ambassador for Paradise City in 2016.


Kim and his fans have donated a total of 20 tonnes of rice to those in need every year since 2012.

During his Asia tour in April 2014, Kim donated approximately $200 million to the China Children & Teenagers Fund through a Gucci charity event. He also became a member of the Yellow Ribbon Campaign and donated $300 million to help the teenage victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

In January 2017, Kim, along with 32 other South Korean celebrities, participated in the Give Love online fundraising event to benefit non-governmental organisations dedicated to the protection of children's rights.

Kim delivered $100 million in donations to low-income families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020.


Kim has been dubbed the "King of Product Endorsements" by media outlets, and has been the face of a wide range of products, including food, clothing, electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, and others. Soon after capturing viewers' attention with his performance in Giant, he began to emerge as a blue chip in the advertising industry. However, when he starred in Moon Embracing the Sun, he broke the record of being the face of 17 products at the same time, surpassing figure skater Yuna Kim, who set the record in 2009 with 15 endorsements. After his drama My Love From the Star, Kim became the most in-demand advertising model, appearing in over 30 advertisements, 10 of which aired in China and other Asian countries. He has also served as the face of Jeju Airlines and the protagonist of a Chinese video game.

Kim Soo-hyun appeared in an advertisement alongside Gianna Jun for the Chinese bottled water company Hengda bingquan in 2014. South Korean fans were outraged because Hengda listed the source of its water as "Jang bai shan" (Changbai Mountain) rather than the Korean name, "Mount Baekdusan." Following the backlash, both actors attempted to cancel their ad contracts, but Kim ultimately decided to continue with the ad, disappointing many of his fans.

Kim and Yuna Kim won grand prizes at the National Brand Awards in 2015 for improving Korea's brand image.

Kim will become a product endorser for the Philippine retail brand Bench in July 2021.

Kim was named a Tommy Hilfiger global ambassador on September 13, 2021.

Dunkin' Donuts announced Kim as their newest product endorser in 2022.

Private life

Kim was recognised as a model taxpayer by the local tax office in March 2015 for faithfully paying taxes on Tax Day.

Kim has a paternal half-sister, singer Kim Ju-na, who was revealed in July 2015.


Kim, an avid bowler, applied to become a professional bowler in October 2016. He finished 10th out of 114 competitors in his first try-out tournament but did not make the cut in the second, falling short of the 200 points required to qualify with only 192.3. Kim demonstrated his bowling abilities during a guest appearance on MBC's Infinite Challenge.


Main article: Kim Soo-hyun filmography


List of singles, with selected chart positions, showing year released and album name

TitleYearPeak chart positionsSalesAlbum


As lead artist
"Another Way: Secret Version" (또 다른 길)201211938Extended play
Soundtrack appearances
"Dream High" (with TaecyeonWooyoungSuzy & Joo)201141Dream High O.S.T.
"Dreaming"4KOR: 1,243,464[A]
"The One and Only You" (그대 한 사람)201222KOR: 1,619,612[B]Moon Embracing the Sun O.S.T.
"If I" (너의 집 앞; In Front of Your House)201444KOR: 379,336[C]My Love from the Star O.S.T.
"Promise" (약속)1613KOR: 125,051[C]Non-album single[a]
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.
Billboard K-pop Hot 100 was introduced in August 2011.

Commercial and promotional singles

"Crazy4s"2011Commercial song recorded for his Spris spring advertisement along with Hahm Eun-jung.[124]
"Marine Boy"2012Commercial and promotional song by Samsung to support swimmer Park Tae-hwan for 2012 Summer Olympics.[125]
"Winter Wonderland"Commercial song recorded for his Tous les Jours winter advertisement.[126]

Soo-hyun Kim Biography

NameSoo-hyun Kim
Date of Birth16-Feb-1988
Age in 202335
Birth PlaceSeoul, South Korea
CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Height1.8 (m)
WeightUnknown (KGs)
ProfessionSouth Korean Actor
HeightIn Centimeters: 180 cm.
In Meters: 1.8 m.
In Feet Inches: 5'11"
WeightIn KG: Not known
In Pound: Not known
Eye Color-
Hair Color-
Marital StatusYet to update

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Soo-hyun Kim.

  1. What is the Net Worth of Soo-hyun Kim?

The Net Worth of Soo-hyun Kim is $1.2 billion.

  1. What is the Height of Soo-hyun Kim?

The height of Soo-hyun Kim is 1.8.

  1. Where is the birthplace of Soo-hyun Kim?

The birthplace of Soo-hyun Kim is Seoul, South Korea

  1. What is the Date of Birth of Soo-hyun Kim?

The birthday of Soo-hyun Kim is on 16-Feb-1988.

  1. Is Soo-hyun Kim Married?

The marital status of Soo-hyun Kim is: Yet to update.

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