Kim So-hyun Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

Kim So-hyun Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

Kim So-hyun (Korean: ; Hanja: ; born June 4, 1999) is a South Korean actress who began her career as a child in 2006, first gaining public attention for her roles in Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) and Missing You (2013). (2013).

She took on her first leading role in teen drama Ma Boy (2012) and since then has starred in many TV series including high-school drama Who Are You: School 2015 (2015), horror comedy Hey Ghost, Let's Fight (2016), historical melodrama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017), romantic comedies Radio Romance (2018) and The Tale of Nokdu (2019), teen suspense romance Love Alarm (2019-2021) and Korean folklore River Where the Moon Rises as an assassin. Pure Love (2016) was her first lead role. In 2019, she was a regular host of MBC's Music Core and the survival reality show Under Nineteen.

Kim has been dubbed the "Nation's Little Sister," the "Queen of Child Actresses," the "Goddess of Historical Drama," and the "Sageuk Goddess" by the Korean media after starring and appearing in numerous acclaimed historical period dramas throughout her career, and having gained experience working as an actress from childhood to the present day. Her performance in Pure Love (2016) earned her recognition as the next generation of "Nation's First Love" in Korean media. She has established herself as a leading Hallyu artist. She was nominated for a Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actress - Television for her performance in River Where the Moon Rises, making her one of the award's youngest nominees.

Kim's television work is frequently promoted on Instagram. With 7.1 million followers, she was named the '2018 Most Grown Instagram Account'. Kim, along with actor Lee Min-ho, became the youngest South Korean actress to have more than 10 million followers on social media at the age of 21.

Childhood and education

Kim So-hyun was born in Australia on June 4, 1999, and has a younger brother. She moved to South Korea when she was four years old, in 2003. When she was nine years old, her father died.

Kim transferred from Gyeonggi-Hoe-ryong do's Elementary School to Towol Elementary School and graduated in February 2012. In 2015, she graduated from Yongin Munjung Middle School. She was then homeschooled for her secondary education and graduated from high school in 2017. She enrolled in Hanyang University's Department of Theater through rolling admission the same year. On February 28, 2018, Kim attended the 79th entrance ceremony at Hanyang University in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

Kim revealed in an email interview with Singapore's national newspaper The Straits Times in 2016 why she chose homeschooling over attending high school. She claimed that while juggling her acting career, she had little time to study during her middle school years (which forced her to take her exams unprepared) and missed out on activities with her classmates, and that this also happened during her elementary school years. Kim chose homeschooling for high school because she did not want to give up her education or her career. Kim felt that by making this decision, she would be able to devote more time to both filming and studying. Career 2006-2011: Beginnings as a child actress

Kim made her acting debut as a child in the Drama City special "Ten Minute Minor" in 2006. Then she steadily increased her appearances in films such as A Happy Woman (2007), Que Sera Sera (2007), Hometown of Legends (2008), My Name Is Pity (2008), Wife and Woman (2009), and Ja Myung Go (2010). (2009).

In 2010, she signed a management contract with SidusHQ. That same year, she was cast in Kim Takgu's Becoming a Billionaire and King of Baking. Kim was set to make her feature film debut in Man of Vendetta (2010) as Joo Hye-rin, the kidnapped daughter of a well-known pastor. Kim was cast in a 500:1 competition. She continued to play the female protagonists' child counterparts in television series such as The Thorn Birds (2011), The Duo (2011), and Sin of a Family (2012). (2011). She then starred in Spy Papa, a family comedy film about the relationship of parents and children during the 1974 Korean War.

2012-2014: Increasing popularity and adolescent roles

Kim So-hyun was born in December of 2013.

In the first half of 2012, Kim appeared in six works: Padam Padam, a romantic fantasy television series; I Am the King, a historical comedy film; and a fantasy-period drama. Moon Embracing the Sun, in which she gained recognition as the younger version of the second female lead, Kim received praise from both the audience and the director for how well she realistically portrayed the antagonist's desire. The drama rose to number one in its time slot throughout its run and achieved a peak recorded viewer rating of 42.2%, earning it the "national drama" status. Kim simultaneously became "Korea's little sister," and was followed by a fantasy-comedy Rooftop Prince in the role of an evil sister; Love Again, and Ma Boy, about a high school student whose roommate is a female idol star.

Kim So-hyun reunited with co-stars from Rooftop Prince (Park Yoo-chun) and Moon Embracing the Sun (Yeo Jin-goo) in the melodrama Missing You in March 2014. The Korean press dubbed her the "Queen of Child Actors" (), and she was one of the most praised child actors of her generation. She portrayed Lee Soo-yeon, who is bullied by her classmates and dubbed "the murderer's daughter," and who is kidnapped and sexually assaulted while attempting to save a friend. Kim and Yeo had the drama's highest one-minute viewer rating scene, with 10.4%. She won her first acting award as "Best Child Actress" for Ma Boy and Missing You at the 1st K-Drama Star Awards.

Kim made a surprise appearance as the female protagonist's childhood counterpart in Iris II: New Generation in 2013 and starred in The Secret of Birth as a girl with a genius-level brain. Then, in the popular Korean drama I Can Hear Your Voice, she played the younger version of Lee Bo-character. young's Kim will co-host MBC's Music Core with Minho of SHINee and Noh Hong-chul on June 20. The three received a lot of attention because of their combination of singers, actors, and broadcasters, even though they initially showed some immature progress, but their charms were amplified despite having different careers. She was then cast in The Suspicious Housekeeper, a Korean remake of Kaseifu no Mita, a Japanese drama. Kim was named, along with Kim Yoo-jung and Yeo Jin-goo, as the top three child actors earning above-average salaries for child actors in the same year. Kim was said to receive 4-6 million won per episode.

Kim was cast as a child actor alongside Oh Yeon-soo in the MBC drama Triangle in 2014. Kim faced her first dual role and first genre challenge in OCN's new drama Reset. Later, she was cast in We All Cry Differently, a KBS2 special drama that won the 2013 KBS Screenplay Contest.

Transition to leadership roles and hosting in 2015-2016

Kim appeared as the sister of the male lead in A Girl Who Sees Smells, played by Park Yoo-chun, with whom she reunited for the third time after Rooftop Prince and Missing You in 2015. Kim stepped down as Music Core MC on April 18 after two years. Kim appeared in the KBS school series Who Are You: School 2015 as twins Lee Eun-bi and Go Eun-byul. For her performance, she was named "Star of the Year" at the eighth Korea Drama Awards. Kim held her first overseas promotion schedule on November 21 in Sunshine City, Hong Kong. Kim co-hosted the 2015 KBS Drama Awards with Jun Hyun-moo and Park Bo-gum at the end of the year.

In 2016, she returned to the big screen in the romance film Pure Love, co-starring with Do Kyung-soo, as the heroine with a beautiful voice but a leg injury. Kim then co-starred in the web drama Nightmare Teacher with Lee Min-hyuk, playing a class president who discovers mysterious school secrets. The drama was filmed and starred nine Hosan University students. Kim appeared in Park Hye-three-episode ryun's drama special Page Turner the same year, alongside Ji Soo and Shin Jae-ha. She portrayed a "piano genius" who lost her sight due to an accident. The number of video previews released on the web and mobile reached 600,000, which was deemed "an unusual number" for a one-act play. Kim's first fan meeting in Taiwan, Lovely Day, took place on April 9 at Ming Chuan University. She was dubbed the "Korean Wave Fairy" by Taiwanese media. Kim co-hosted the 2016 Dream Concert with Leeteuk and Hong Jong-hyun on June 4. She next appeared in the horror-comedy Hey Ghost, Let's Fight with Ok Taec-yeon, and in the film The Last Princess as the 13-year-old Princess Deokhye, for which Park A-reum of K-pop Herald praised Kim for her in-depth emotional acting in the scene before her farewell to her mother (which Park called heartbreaking), as well as the high sync rate with Son Ye-jin. In addition, Jung An-ji of Sports Chosun praised her for portraying the princess in a historically accurate manner, stating that she acted "perfectly" with the life of a girl during the Korean Empire. She appeared in the hit fantasy drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God as a recurring guest star. As a cameo, Kim had an overwhelming presence and increased audience immersion in the early stages of the drama.

2017-2018: Adult roles, career insecurity, and participation in extracurricular activities

Kim took part in the Korean dubbing for the character Mitsuha Miyamizu in the anime drama film Your Name in 2017. She returned to live-action and co-starred with Yoo Seung-ho in the historical and political drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, which premiered on May 10. After five years since Moon Embracing the Sun, this was her first adult historical drama. Despite its high ratings, the original run of the drama coincided with her slump period — Kim expressed how she worked hard to understand her character as a heroine. She felt lost and began to doubt her abilities as an actress. While everyone was praising her acting and visual, she felt embarrassed because she couldn't figure out who her character was.

Kim hosted her first domestic fan event, "Lovely Day," on June 3. She made a cameo in the drama While You Were Sleeping to show her support for scriptwriter Park Hae-ryun, with whom she previously worked on KBS's Page Turner. She ended her seven-year contract with SidusHQ in August 2017. Kim finished her second Taiwan fan meeting Sweet Dream with Allets on November 11. Kim launched her one-person agency, E&T Story Entertainment, in collaboration with LOEN Entertainment in December. Park Chan-woo, Kim's former SidusHQ manager, is now in charge of the agency.

Kim was cast in the 2018 romance drama Radio Romance, which premiered on January 29. She portrayed a radio scriptwriter who isn't particularly gifted at writing. Kim was shooting underwater, according to a photo posted on SNS on January 24. On January 21, a woman wearing a hanbok is photographed in the water. The lowest temperature recorded on this day was minus 16 degrees. During the press conference for Radio Romance's premiere on January 25, the PD addressed online criticism about the outdoor water filming, despite weather warnings. He apologised, stating that "Kim So Hyun's outdoor water filming wrapped up on Sunday [January 21]". We debated it a lot because she would be in the water. We made sure there was safety equipment nearby and a camping car on set, and we finished filming as quickly as possible. An action stunt double filmed additional outdoor water scenes yesterday [January 24] due to time constraints. It was shot in a similar situation by an action actor, not Kim So-hyun, who was dressed in a winter suit. The number of shots was completed in one take, and protection was immediately implemented. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. Our lives revolve around the filming set. Naturally, safety is critical." Kim's hand was visibly red during the press conference.

She co-hosted the 27th Seoul Music Awards with Kim Hee-chul and Shin Dong-yup on the same day. On July 1, she held her first Japan fan meeting, Kim So Hyun 1st Premium Fanmeeting, with 800 people in attendance. Kim hosted her own travel reality show Because This is My First Twenty - Kim So-YOLO hyun's Solo California ten years after her debut, where she challenged herself and discovered her true identity in a foreign country. She was named one of the first tenth generation MCs to host MBC's survival reality show Under Nineteen on October 12. According to Korea Economic TV, Kim received positive feedback from viewers of the premiere for her strengths as a host, which included audience engagement, her "steady" voice, charisma, and her "colourful" styling.

2019–present: Regaining acting recognition

The Tale of Nokdu's lead actors were Kim So-hyun and Jang Dong-yoon.

Kim So-hyun, Kim Hee-chul, and Shin Dong-yup were chosen as the MCs for the Seoul Music Awards for the second year in a row in early 2019. Sso, she had her second fan meeting. Affirmation. Happiness: Kim So Hyun's Little & Indeed, Happiness in Korea, with 300 people in attendance, ahead of her birthday. She also held her first-ever fan meeting on June 29 in Tokyo, Japan. Kim starred in Netflix's original production Love Alarm, which was based on the popular webtoon of the same name. Kim explained that her character is experiencing love for the first time, and it reminded her of herself. She decided to channel those emotions because she wanted Jo-jo to be a living, breathing character. According to Kim Yoo-jin of Exsports News, Kim demonstrated a high sync rate and a "rich and stable" acting performance in the series. Kim, according to Forbes' Joan MacDonald, was a good fit for the character Jojo. Furthermore, the Netflix series was ranked as the eighth most popular work on the platform in South Korea in 2019.

The same year, she co-starred with Jang Dong-yoon in The Tale of Nokdu, a romantic comedy drama set during the Joseon dynasty, as a clumsy and hot-tempered Kisaeng trainee. The authors of both webtoons, Chon Kye-young and Hye Jin-yang, named Kim as their first choice for the leading lady. Hankyung's Shin Ji-won stated that Kim So-character hyun's was able to captivate viewers because Kim blended well with her character. "I was convinced that there would be no better actress to play Dong Joo than So-hyun, and I was very grateful to have met my best partner in her," Jang Dong-yoon said. Viewers dubbed the pair's chemistry "Manhwa tearing" for capturing everything from laughter to excitement and adding their colours to the original characters. Her performance as Dong Joo earned her the Excellence Award at the KBS Drama Awards at the end of the year. The show was the tenth most discussed primetime Korean drama aired in 2019.

In 2019, Kim So-hyun

Kim received 815 shares (about 100 million won) of Kakao M to resolve issue rights and strengthen solidarity with affiliates and entertainers, according to an official statement released on October 1. Kim is one of many Kakao M-affiliated artists who received stock from the company, which is reportedly planning a re-IPO to rejoin Korea Exchange. Kim's role as Kim Jo-jo in the second season of the drama series Love Alarm was confirmed by Netflix on October 29.

Because This Is My First Twenty, Kim's travel reality show, surpassed 6 million views on YouTube, Naver TV, and Facebook as of May 2020.
On January 15, 2021, E&T Story Entertainment issued an official statement announcing Kim's departure. Kim signed an exclusive contract with the Culture Depot on January 18.

Kim appeared as the alter-ego protagonists in the historical drama River Where the Moon Rises, which premiered on February 15, 2021. She plays as a female general who was born as a princess but raised as a general and pursues her goal of restoring Goguryeo's ruined status. The drama was embroiled in controversy after bullying allegations were levelled against Ji Soo, who played the show's male protagonist. "It is not easy to re-film the scenes that have already been done with a different actor," director Yoon Sangho said of Kim. That's why I told her before re-filming "we can't do this without you, you are the main priority in this drama, I hope you can persevere until the end as the lead. accepted and filming continued Co-actors Lee Ji-hoon, Lee Hae-young, Kim Jung-young, Ki Eun-se, and writer Han Ji-hoon also expressed gratitude to Kim and Na In-woo (Ji Soo's replacement) for enduring the difficult situations. Kim revealed in an interview with Y Noblesse magazine for the July 2021 issue that she did not get paid for the re-shoots because she loved the drama and her character. She was praised for her strong performance and sword skills, as well as her portrayal of three different characters: Assassin Yeom Ga-jin, Princess Pyeonggang, and Goguryeo's queen, Queen Yeon, for which she was nominated for a Baeksang Arts Award in Best Actress - Television, making her one of the category's youngest nominees. Kim was named MC of the 2021 KBS Drama Awards alongside Sung Si-kyung and Lee Do-hyun at the end of the year. This is my first visit to MC since 2015.

Kim signed with Leeum Hashtag in 2022. She then returned to the small screen in Song Hyun-webtoon-based wook's romantic comedy-drama Is It Fate?, in which she played a woman who meets her first love after ten years.

Kim experienced "growing pains" and a "transition period" in her personal life after seven months of filming The Emperor: Owner of the Mask. Even though she was resting, she felt a void in her schedule and was uneasy.

The Pyeongchang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG) selected Kim and Yoo Seong-min as the National Representatives of Honorary Smile in January 2018 to represent Korea's smile and kindness.

Other business ventures


Kim attends the S.E.S 10th Green Heart Bazaar in 2018.

Kim participated in the HAPPY Together Briquette Donation Campaign in 2014, donating 1 million briquettes for heating during the cold season to the elderly, disabled families, and low-income families.

Kim and Ji Chang-wook donated their Your Name dubbing fees to the Korea Barrier-Free Film Commission in 2017.

Kim attended the S.E.S 10th Green Heart Bazaar on April 21, 2018, which was hosted by the first generation K-pop girl group, S.E.S. Kim and many other celebrities helped others by selling items at the bazaar. The collected funds were donated to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation and KARA.

Kim donated $10 million to the victims of the Sokcho Fire on April 5, 2019. Kim and her fans also contributed $10 million to the Ajou University Hospital Trauma Center. This is the result of fans supporting Kim's idea of achieving and sharing on her June 4th birthday. Her fans also contributed 61 blood donation certificates to the hospital, in addition to the fund, to assist patients in need. On December 13, she donated 100 kg of rice to the social welfare corporation network in the future for underprivileged and malnourished children.

Kim donated 10 million won to the Hope Bridge Association of National Disaster Relief on February 25, 2020, in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Korea. According to the organisation, the donation was made to assist vulnerable people and to purchase health and hand sanitizers to prevent disease spread. Kim donated 20 million won on August 5 to flood victims affected by the heavy rain. Kim took part in the "MANNA Charity Bazaar" in October to help fund the treatment costs of children with rare diseases. "People who have been consistently sponsoring and volunteering have been together under the name Manna," a representative official said.


2013Honor Peer Counselling Ambassador
Prevention of School Violence
2014Korean Language and Culture Youth AmbassadorOh Jae-moo
Korea Guardian Angel
2015Prevention of School ViolenceWho Are You: School 2015's cast
20162016 Festive Korea Ambassador
2018National Representative of Honorary SmileYoo Seong-min

Artistry sInfluences

Kim attributes her sophisticated and graceful appearance to Son Ye-jin and Canadian actress Rachel McAdams. She has also stated that Moon Geun-young inspired her to digest various roles after seeing Moon's performance in Painter of the Wind.

Kim stated in 2019 that she has no role models. She remarked, "I don't even recognise myself. I believe it is time to get to know myself better than my role model. If I can find myself, I can find a role model."

Kim's work has influenced many young actresses, including Kim Ji-young, Lee Ja-in, Hwang Yeon-ji, Jisoo from Busters, Jeon Yu-lim, and Park Da-yeon.
acting technique

"I'm always trying to learn new things because I don't know how to do them. I try to act simply because I want to appear pure. Acting that should be calculated or technologically expressed may be lacking by expressing emotions as I feel. Viewers appear to be taking that segment with a grain of salt because it expresses emotions as it is."

Kim on her emotionally charged performance

In a 2013 interview, she revealed that she had never received formal acting training. She lived in Goheung while filming Pure Love. When there was no filming, Kim said she went around the city alone and listened to the stories of the residents. She explained that she looked around every corner of the village setting for ways to fit in.

Kim prepares for a role by listening to music that matches the emotions of her character before filming a scene. She changed everything for the role of a blind person in Page Turner, from her tone of voice to her eye contact when reciting her dialogues.

She stated that when she received a script, she took the time to fully understand and know the character as if she were a real person, and she did her best to express the character authentically. Kim prefers having multiple projects because she feels more at ease and content continuing to act rather than resting. Kim's tone, in particular, elevates the drama from a plump romantic comedy to a complex, subtle sense of conflict between the family's vengeance and the love she felt for the first time in her life. "The deeper the emotions in the play, the more shining Kim's inner space will be," a broadcast official said.

Kim contributes to the stimulation of her coworkers. Yook Sung-jae, co-star of Who Are You: School 2015, stated, "So-hyun, despite her young age, leads the entire drama. I feel and learn a lot when I see her with a smile on her face while working, despite her exhaustion from lack of sleep." Chun Jung-myung acknowledged her "She is always polite and appears to be strong. So Hyun has such a captivating personality that I believe she will go down in history as the greatest actress of her generation." Nam Joo-hyuk, an actor, also praised "Like an adult and dependable. She is a positive person who never shows signs of negativity, even when faced with adversity. I've got a lot to learn from her." Kim So-hyun, an experienced former child actress, has worked with many actors her age. Many of her co-stars referred to her as a "older sister" to them. Yoo Seung-ho, who is six years her senior, admitted he couldn't stop speaking to her as if she were older: "She appears to be an older sister. She is very mature." L said, "So-hyun is an adult. Despite being seven years younger than me, she sometimes feels like an older sister to me ", and Yoon Do-joon is no exception.

Several actors, actresses, and members of the film crew praised Kim for her acting abilities, strong mentality, work ethic, and kindness. Jo Soo-hyang, an actress, "Kim So-hyun is incredible. Her schedule was extremely hectic while we were filming. I used to play with her after we finished filming, but she looked tireder and tireder as the days went on, and I couldn't do it anymore." She went on, "When the camera starts rolling, she puts on a brave face and performs admirably. I thought she was amazing as I watched her do that." Despite the freezing temperatures while filming The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, Kim showed affection for the child actor who was working with her, arrived on set at an early hour, and showed no signs of exhaustion. According to a member of the staff, "Kim So-hyun is the best energizer because she is cheerful and kind both on and off-screen. Kim So-bright hyun's smile makes everyone on set happy while filming." "She's very serious and a really great actress," says Jung Ga-ram. Song Kang discussed working with Kim, claiming that she gave her a lot of advice on many heart-fluttering points. He was concerned that as a senior actor he had seen on TV, he would inconvenience her. Nonetheless, she kept in touch with him during difficult scenes and congratulated him at the end of the day.

Lee Na-jung, her Love Alarm director, stated, "The acting abilities were just as important as the rate of synchronisation. Jo-jo was a difficult role that demanded exceptional acting abilities." "I saw Jo-eyes jo's in Kim So-eyes," hyun's she continued. According to The Tale of Nokdu director Kim Dong-hwi, "Kim So-hyun is a colourful actress. She is pretty, cute, and cool, with colourful charms that range from laughter to tears. While filming, I was always impressed by her detailed and sincere acting ".

Kim was dubbed "Nation's Little Sister," "Queen of Child Actresses," and "Korean Wave Fairy" in the media throughout her career. Kim was dubbed "Little Son Ye-jin" due to the similarities between Ye-early jin's works, Lover's Concerto and The Classic. Furthermore, the two actors represent the coexistence of clean, pure, and mature images with subtle expressions and perfect eye acting. She was also dubbed "3 Troika" (3 ) alongside Kim Yoo-jung and Kim Sae-ron due to her impressive performances since childhood and as a veteran actor with over 10 years of acting experience. Previously, Kim Tae-hee, Song Hye-kyo, and Jun Ji-hyun were given the nickname in the early 2000s. In The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, Kim was dubbed the "Teardrop Goddess" due to her deep sensitivity and dense tears. Following the release of the hit dramas Love Alarm and The Tale of Nokdu, the press dubbed Kim the "Come-out-of-manhwa girl" ( ( )) for her perfect sync rate with the original characters and emotional performance. She earned the titles "Goddess of Historical Drama" and "Sageuk Goddess" after appearing in several historical period dramas, owing to her quick character exploration skills, varied expressions through eye contact, and emotional acting. Kim was recognised by Korean media in 2016 as the next generation of "Nation's First Love" after successfully portraying the first love character in the Pure Love film.

Influence and endorsements

Kim is a well-known celebrity brand and product endorser. Her first endorsements were for Downey fabric softener and Apple Pink junior clothing. She was the face of the Nintendo 3DS real-time pet simulation video game, Nintendogs + Cats, alongside Kim Yoo-jung, Yuhan-"Nature" Kimberly's Teen's brand, Union Bay alongside Park Seo-joon and Lee Hyun-woo, and Nongshim's Shin Ramyun alongside Yoon Doo-joon.

Kim became one of the most sought-after endorsers in 2015 following the success of her hit drama Who Are You: School 2015. Because of her "girl's liveliness and a romantic lady's vibe," she was chosen to be the face of a women's clothing brand, Soup. Kim was chosen for her "pure innocence and cheerful image" as the 25th "Pocari Girl" for Pocari Sweat. After Kim retweeted and commented, "Graduation (Graduation Photo)," a photograph of an Uijeongbu High School male student who recreates Kim's signature drinking pose, wearing short shorts and almost lying on the floor for his graduation photo went viral on social media. In response, Dong-A Otsuka gifted the student several Pocari Sweats, Oronamin C and named him the "Pocari Man". In 2015-16, she appeared in a Domino's Pizza commercial alongside Kim Woo-bin. Two of Kim So-costumes hyun's from the Domino's Pizza advertisement were auctioned off online, with the proceeds going to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. She has also appeared in commercials for Post cereal Honey Oh's and Elite, Korea's school uniform. From 2014 to 2016, Kim was the Elite model with the most endorsements. She has collaborated with Winner, Shin Ae-ra, and BtoB.

Kim was chosen as the 2016 Pocari Sweat model for the second year in a row on April 16, 2016, to commemorate the brand's 30th anniversary. It is the first time this has happened in 15 years, since Son Ye-jin in 2001. Kim was announced as the model for the launch of Korea's first integrated brand lift package through cable channels and online the same year.

Kim was named the face of Peripera, a makeup brand for young girls, from 2015 to 2017. Peripera "Ink Airy Velvet" has sold 30,000 units in three days. Kim's image was a major factor in a successful product selling 700,000 units in two months, with "Ink Airy Velvet No. 2" and "Ink Color Cara" selling out and winning the Glow Peak Beauty Awards mascara category. After commissioning Kim as their promotional model for their 2019 Fall/Winter collection, Soup became Korea's first young casual brand to record 100 billion sales in Korea in August 2019.

Since 2015, Kim has been a representative and model for a variety of products ranging from food to clothing and cosmetics, including Norwegian fashion shoes brand Skono, chicken brand Pelicana Chicken, Samsung Securities, naturalism-oriented cosmetics Hanyul, colour contact lenses Bausch & Lomb's Lacelle, and Soup. Samsung Electronics introduced Bixby Celebrity Voice, an AI voice assistant with Kim as their speakers, in April 2020. Kim's "Celeb Alarm" became popular in South Korea and abroad, and it topped the Galaxy Store's Popular Download Ranking. She was named the global ambassador for skin care brand JM Solution in August 2022.


Soundtrack appearances

YearSong titleWork
2007"You Better Not Cry" (as 4Angel)
2011"Family Picture"Sin of a Family
"Daddy and Me"Spy Papa
2013"First Love"The Suspicious Housekeeper
2016"Violet Fragrance"Pure Love
"Dream"Hey Ghost, Let's Fight
2017"Can't You Hear My Heart"The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

Awards and nominations

Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination

Award ceremonyYearCategoryNominee / WorkResult
APAN Star Awards2012Best Young ActressMissing You and Ma BoyWon
Baeksang Arts Awards2021Best Actress – TelevisionRiver Where the Moon RisesNominated
Brand Customer Loyalty Awards2020Actress - Trend IconKim So-hyunWon
Herald-Donga TV Lifestyle Awards2013Style Icon Rookie AwardWon
Instagram Awards in Korea2018Emerging CelebrityWon
K-Food Content Indonesia2018Popularity Award (Actress)Won
KBS Drama Awards2014Best Actress in a One-Act/Special/Short DramaDrama Special: We All Cry DifferentlyWon
2015Best New ActressWho Are You: School 2015Won
Netizen Award, ActressWon
Best Couple AwardKim So-hyun with Nam Joo-hyuk
Who Are You: School 2015
Best Couple AwardKim So-hyun with Yook Sung-jae
Who Are You: School 2015
2016Best Actress in a One-Act/Special/Short DramaPage TurnerNominated
2018Best Couple AwardKim So-hyun with Yoon Doo-joon
Radio Romance
2019Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesThe Tale of NokduWon
Netizen Award, ActressNominated
Best Couple AwardKim So-hyun with Jang Dong-yoon
The Tale of Nokdu
2021Top Excellence Award, ActressRiver Where the Moon RisesWon
Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesNominated
Popularity Award, ActressWon
Best Couple AwardKim So-hyun with Na In-woo
River Where the Moon Rises
Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards2015Rising Star AwardKim So-hyunWon
Korea Broadcasting Awards2021Best Actress AwardRiver Where the Moon RisesWon
Popularity Award – ActorWon
Korea Drama Awards2012Best Young ActressMoon Embracing the SunNominated
2015Star of the YearWho Are You: School 2015Won
Korea Hallyu Awards2017Popular Culture AwardThe Emperor: Owner of the MaskWon
Korea Youth Film Festival2013Best Young ActressMoon Embracing the Sun and Missing YouWon
MBC Drama Awards2012Popularity AwardMoon Embracing the SunNominated
Best Young ActressMoon Embracing the Sun and Missing YouWon
2017Top Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesThe Emperor: Owner of the MaskNominated
Popularity Award, ActressWon
MBC Entertainment Awards2013Best Female Newcomer in a Variety ShowShow! Music CoreWon
2014Most Popular Award in a Variety ShowWon
2018Excellence Award, Music/Talk Category (Female)Under NineteenWon
Multimedia & Film Technology Awards2016Shining Actress AwardKim So-hyunWon
Pierson Movie Festival2016Trend Choice Best ActressNominated
SBS Drama Awards2013New Star AwardThe Suspicious HousekeeperWon
Seoul International Drama Awards2021Outstanding Korean ActressLove Alarm (Season 2)Nominated
Soompi Awards2018Best Couple AwardKim So-hyun with Yoo Seung-ho
The Emperor: Owner of the Mask


Name of publisher, year listed, name of listicle, and placement

Forbes2020100 Digital Stars (Asia)Placed

Kim So-hyun Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Wiki, Family 2023

HeightIn Centimeters: 165 cm.
In Meters: 1.65 m.
In Feet Inches: 5'5"
WeightIn KG: Not known
In Pound: Not known
Eye Color-
Hair Color-
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse(s)Son Jun-ho
Marriage DateNone

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  1. What is the Net Worth of Kim So-hyun?

The Net Worth of Kim So-hyun is $1.5 Million.

  1. What is the Height of Kim So-hyun?

The height of Kim So-hyun is 1.65.

  1. Where is the birthplace of Kim So-hyun?

The birthplace of Kim So-hyun is Seoul

  1. What is the Date of Birth of Kim So-hyun?

The birthday of Kim So-hyun is on 11-Nov-1975.

  1. Is Kim So-hyun Married?

The marital status of Kim So-hyun is: Married.

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