Kim Hyun-joong Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images, And More

Kim Hyun-joong Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images, And More

Kim Hyun-joong (Hanja: ; born June 6, 1986) is a South Korean actor, singer, and songwriter. He is a member of the boy band SS501 and has appeared in Korean dramas such as Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss.

Following his debut with SS501 in 2005, Kim released his first Korean solo album, Break Down, in 2011, followed by his first Japanese solo album, Unlimited, in 2012. Kim is regarded as one of South Korea's biggest Hallyu stars of the early 2010s due to his commercial success.

Childhood and education

Kim Hyun-joong was born in Seoul on June 6, 1986. He described himself as a studious child who dropped out of high school to pursue a musical career. He later graduated from high school and enrolled at Kyonggi University. Kim enrolled in Chungwoon University in 2011 to study stage production management after dropping out of university to focus on work.

2005-2008: Beginnings of a career

SS501 is the main article.

Kim made his SS501 debut on June 23, 2005, with the release of the group's first EP, Warning, by DSP Media. Snow Prince, their second EP, was released in late 2005, five months after their debut. The group quickly rose to prominence, winning numerous new artist awards in 2005 and 2006. In the following year, 2007, SS501 made their Japanese debut with the single "Kokoro," which peaked at number five on the Oricon charts. The group received a Newcomer Award at the Japan Gold Disc Award ceremony in January 2008, making them one of only a few South Korean artists to do so.

Kim appeared on the reality variety show We Got Married in 2008, where he was paired with singer Hwangbo. The "Lettuce Couple" was well-liked by viewers and won the Best Couple Award at the 2008 MBC Entertainment Awards. They left the show at the end of 2008 to pursue other endeavors.

2008-2010: Professional breakthrough and success

Kim received his first lead acting role in the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers in 2008. Kim won the Most Popular Actor Award at the 2009 Seoul International Drama Awards and the Most Popular Actor for Television Award at the 2009 Baeksang Arts Awards after the show was extremely popular in South Korea and other Asian countries.

Kim and his co-stars in Boys Over Flowers also sparked a trend among South Korean men who imitated their "flower boy" style. Tony Moly, a cosmetics brand for which Kim had been a spokesmodel since 2006, experienced a 30 percent increase in sales in 2009, which the company attributed to the show's popularity. Kim's contract with Tony Moly expired in 2010, and he later became a spokesmodel for another cosmetics company, The Face Shop.

Following the success of Boys Over Flowers, Kim starred in his second drama, Playful Kiss, a Korean adaptation of the Japanese shjo manga Itazura na Kiss, in 2010. The show bombed on South Korean television, but it became an international hit on foreign television and online streaming platforms, cementing Kim's status as a Hallyu star.

Kim was chosen to represent South Korea at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, where he sang the anthem "Sunshine Again" alongside singers from Chinese-speaking countries.

2011 saw her solo debut, chart success, and her first Japanese tour.

On June 7, 2011, Kim released his first solo EP, Break Down. In just 10 days, over 70,000 pre-ordered copies of the album were sold. The EP was certified platinum in Taiwan and was the ninth best-selling album of 2011 on South Korea's Gaon Album Chart. Kim's second album, Lucky, was released later that year. With over 100,000 copies sold, the EP debuted at number five on Billboard's World Chart and was the 10th best-selling album of the year in South Korea.

Kim signed a deal with Universal Music Japan in November, following the success of a concert he performed in Japan in June. Shortly after that, he embarked on a seven-city tour of Japan.

Kim won Best Male Artist at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Singapore at the end of the year. Kim released a digital single titled "Marry Me" on December 15.

2012: Japanese debut and international promotion

Kim released his first Japanese single album, "Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy," on January 25, 2012, and it was certified gold in Japan. In May, his First Impact concert DVD sold 16,000 copies in its first week, vaulting to the top of the Oricon DVD Chart. This was the first time a South Korean artist had reached the top of the charts, and the second time a foreign artist had done so. Kim later held his Kim Hyun-joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012 to promote his album, visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Thailand.

Kim was named honorary ambassador for the United Nations' Korean Campaign on Contributions to Social Welfare in March 2012.

On July 4, Kim released his second Japanese single album, "Heat." In July, the album was the third best-selling album in Japan, selling 196,850 copies and earning Kim his second consecutive gold certification. Kim won Best Asian Artist at the 2012 Asia Song Festival the following month, in August.

Unlimited, Kim's first full-length Japanese album, was released on December 12 and featured Japanese versions of "Break Down" and "Lucky Guy." It ranked first on the Oricon Daily Chart and third on the Weekly Chart.

In December, Madame Tussauds unveiled a wax figure of Kim.

2013-2014: Barefoot Friends, Japanese Concerts, and Generation Inspiring

Kim began a Japanese tour called Unlimited on January 6, 2013, at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe, where he performed with a live band. Later that month, he performed in Brazil alongside other K-pop artists at the 2013 FEEL KOREA event, his first performance in South America.
Kim performed at the U-Express Live 2013 at the Makuhari Messe in Japan on March 2, alongside artists such as Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, Far East Movement, Naoto Inti Raymi, and Kara. At the 5th Okinawa Music Festival that same month, Kim received the Creator's Factory Best Actor Award for the music video "Lucky Guy."

He debuted on the South Korean variety show Barefooted Friends on April 21. Despite the show, Kim's third Japanese single "Tonight" was released on June 5. His single topped the Oricon Daily Chart once more, rising to number two by the end of the week. The album was certified gold after selling over one million copies. On July 22, he released Round 3, his third Korean EP.

Kim performed two concerts in Japan on October 20 and 21, attended by 20,000 fans at the Makuhari International Exhibition Hall. Kim left Barefooted Friends at the end of the month to film a new drama. After playing pretty boys in his first two dramas, Kim took on a more challenging role in the January 2014 drama Inspiring Generation.

That July, he released his fourth Japanese single, "Hot Sun," which topped the Oricon weekly charts for the second time, making him the first foreign male solo artist to do so. He began a world tour in late June, stopping in Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and Peru. Timing, Kim's fourth Korean EP, was released the following month, in July.

Japanese activities and military enlistment in 2015-2016

Kim's second Japanese studio album, Imademo, was released on February 11, 2015. The album debuted at number two on the Oricon daily charts and remained there for ten days.

In May 2015, Kim enlisted in the army for South Korea's mandatory military service. He was assigned to the Korean Demilitarized Zone after completing five weeks of basic training at the Gyeonggi-do 30th Recruit Training Squadron. The Best of Kim Hyun Joong, a Japanese greatest hits album commemorating his ten years in the music industry, was released while he was in the military. It debuted at the top of the Oricon daily charts. Kim was discharged from the military in February 2017 after 21 months of service.

Tours and a Korean-Japanese album from 2017 to the present

Kim released his first album since leaving the military, the Japanese single album re:wind, in July 2017. The album debuted at the top of the Oricon album chart. Following its release, Kim embarked on a 16-city Japanese tour with Innercore. He released the EP Haze in November, his first Korean album in three years.

Kim Hyun Joong's 'HAZE' 2018 World Tour began on December 2, 2017. The tour concluded in 2018 after he performed in Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, South America, Japan, Thailand, and Macau. Take My Hand, the first album released by his own record label Henecia Music, was released on June 6. On September 26, he released his debut album, Wait For Me. Kim's Take My Hand Japan Tour ran from September 27 to November 5. Later that year, it was announced that he would make his television debut in the fantasy drama When Time Stopped. From October 24 to November 29, 2018, the drama aired. As the sixth installment of the original Soundtrack for the drama, he released the single "Just for My Love."

On February 4, 2019, he released his new album New Way, which included the lead single "Why." On August 21, he released SALT, a Korean EP, and on September 11, he released "THIS IS LOVE," a Japanese EP that debuted at number one on the Oricon Weekly Rock Singles Chart and number two on the Oricon Year-End Indie Chart. On August 21, he began his BIO-RHYTHM World Tour, which ended on January 25, 2020. Japan, South Korea, Macau, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, and the Philippines were all included in the tour.

On February 5, 2020, he released The Moon, The Sun, and Your Song, a full-length Japanese album that debuted at number three on the Oricon Daily Albums Chart and number four on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart. He also embarked on a two-month Japan tour of the same name (February and March). On February 21, he appeared for the fourth time on the cover of the Korean Wave Japanese Magazine Hanryu Pia.

Kim Hyun-decision Joong's not to renew his contract with KeyEast was announced on April 14, 2020. "Recently, Kim Hyun Joong's exclusive contract expired," a KeyEast representative stated. Rather than renewing, we agreed to support each other's futures." "Kim Hyun Joong's album activities will continue through his personal label, which he established last year," they added.

Kim Hyun-Joong held his first online concert, "A Bell of Blessing," on October 17, 2020, and his second full Korean album, a limited edition album titled "A Bell Of Blessing," debuted at 14 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart on October 19, 2020. The album's title track and music video feature vocals and appearances from Kim Hyun-Joong fans all over the world.

Kim returned on August 12, 2022, with the first set of songs from his third full Korean album, 'MY SUN,' which he said would be released in three sets of four songs each. He released the Japanese single album Song for a Dreamer/Super Fire on August 18, 2022, as insert songs for the Japanese film Violence Action. The single debuted at number one on the Oricon weekly rock and indie singles rankings, as well as number 18 on the Billboard Japan singles chart.

Kim's first child with his ex-girlfriend was born in 2015.

Kim announced his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend at a concert on February 27, 2022. Kim's agency later confirmed the news. According to his agency, they married without holding a wedding ceremony.

Kim's wife's pregnancy was confirmed by the agency on July 21, 2022. On October 29, 2022, his second son was born.


Charges for Assault

Kim's girlfriend, identified only by her surname Choi, filed assault charges against him in August 2014, alleging that he repeatedly beat her, causing bruises and broken ribs. Kim denied the charges, claiming that he only injured Choi once and that it was an accident while he was practicing martial arts. Choi dropped some of Kim's charges in September after apologizing to her. Kim, on the other hand, was fined 5 million KRW for injuring Choi, with prosecutors in the case stating, "While Kim claimed that he had no intention of hurting her, the damage from the attack was clear." This was later reversed in 2016 when the Republic of Korea's army and civil courts acquitted Kim of these charges based on new evidence. The prosecution stated that there was "little to no credibility behind the former girlfriend's allegations that she had to receive a six-week medical treatment for her fractured ribs" based on text messages between Choi, her mother, and friends, statements by the director of Dispatch (the tabloid to which Choi provided her evidence), and statements given by the hospitals Choi visited. Her hospital records also revealed that she was not pregnant at the time she sought treatment for her rib injuries.

The Supreme Court of Korea ordered "A" to pay Kim Hyun Joong 100 million won (approximately $89,700) in damages on November 12, 2020, upholding the verdict from the first and second trials, which stated, "There is no evidence that 'A' suffered a miscarriage due to abuse, or that he had pressured her to have an abortion." Kim Hyun Joong's public image as a celebrity has suffered greatly, and his reputation has been harmed."

Case of paternity

A magazine reported in February 2015 that Kim and Choi had reconciled and that Choi was pregnant. Kim stated in a press release that he hadn't seen Choi since she told him she was pregnant in January, and that he couldn't confirm if he was the father because she hadn't contacted him. His agency stated that if he was found to be the child's father, he would accept full responsibility.

A paternity test in December 2015 revealed that Kim was the father of a baby born to Choi in September of that year.

The criminal case

Choi sued Kim in May 2015 for 1.48 million USD for mental distress caused by her relationship with him, claiming that his abuse caused her to miscarry a previous pregnancy in 2014. Kim later filed and won a 100 million KRW defamation counter-suit against Choi, with the court finding circumstantial evidence that she was not pregnant in 2014. Her lawsuit was dismissed, and she filed an appeal.

In January 2017, prosecutors charged Kim's ex-girlfriend, Choi, with attempted fraud and defamation. Choi was fined 5 million KRW for attempted fraud in February 2018.

In November 2020, the Supreme Court's 3rd Criminal Division (Chief Justice Lee Dong-won) confirmed a court trial that sentenced Choi to a 5 million won fine on charges of attempted fraud and defamation by publication. Choi was found to have filed a civil lawsuit knowing full well that her claim that Kim caused her harm, such as forced abortion, was false. She was also charged with falsifying evidence in civil lawsuits, such as deleting some of the contents of KakaoTalk's conversation, and defaming Kim's reputation, including providing false evidence to reporters.

Driving while intoxicated

Kim was charged with drunk driving in March 2017 after police discovered him asleep in his car at a traffic light in Seoul. His driving privileges were suspended, and he was fined two million KRW.


Kim donated 100 million KRW to earthquake relief efforts in Japan following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in March 2011. Later that year, he contributed another 50 million KRW to earthquake relief efforts, as well as 50 million KRW to the Korean Red Cross and 50 million KRW to a South Korean organization that distributes coal briquettes to the needy. In 2012, he donated the proceeds from his first solo concert to a Fukushima Prefecture orphanage.

Kim has also given tens of millions of won to the Kim Hyun-joong Scholarship, which was founded in 2010 with a 15 million KRW donation from his fan club.

Kim donated 100 million KRW to the One Foundation in 2013 for the victims of China's Lushan earthquake.

During his BIO-RHYTHM World Tour in Thailand in 2019, he donated 9.7 million KRW to help students from Sumakee Learning Center in Mae Sot District, Tak Province, with their tuition fees.


Main article: Kim Hyun-joong discography

See also: SS501 discography


  • Break Down (2011)
  • Lucky (2011)
  • Round 3 (2013)
  • Timing (2014)
  • Haze (2017)
  • New Way (2019)
  • Salt (2019)
  • A Bell of Blessing (2020)
  • My Sun (2022)


  • Unlimited (2012)
  • Imademo (2015)
  • Re:wind (2017)
  • Take My Hand (2018)
  • Wait for Me (2018)
  • This Is Love (2019)
  • Moon, Sun and Your Song (2020)

Concert tours

  • First Japan tour (2011)[130]
  • Asia Fan Meeting Tour (2012)[41]
  • Unlimited Japan tour (2013)[55]
  • Phantasm World tour (2014)[72]
  • Gemini Japan tour (2015)[131]
  • Inner Core Japan tour (2017)[79]
  • Haze World tour (2018)[132]
  • Japan Take My Hand Tour (2018)
  • "New Way" concert Tour (2019)
  • "Bio-Rhythm" World tour (2019)
  • "Moon, Sun and Your Song" Japan Tour (2020)
  • "A Bell Of Blessing" Distance Concert (2020)[133][134]
  • "Prism Time" Kim Hyun-Joong 2021 online monthly concert. (May to November)[135]
  • "The End of a Dream" 2022/2023 World Tour[136]



2006Pi's Story (Korean version)Bap; Max
2021Indian Pink(Main character)

Television series

2005–2006Can We Refill the Love?William
2005Nonstop (Season 5)Kim Hyun-joong (Cameo)
2009Boys Over FlowersYoon Ji-hoo
2010Playful KissBaek Seung-jo
2011Dream HighKim Hyun-joong (Cameo)
2014Inspiring GenerationShin Jung-tae
2018When Time StoppedMoon Joon-woo

Variety shows

2008We Got Married (season 1)Episodes 9–38 (with Hwangbo)
2012K-Pop Star Captivating the WorldDocumentary series
2013Barefooted FriendsEpisodes 1–29

Voice Acting

2006DoraemonSanta Claus / Father Nobita
2013Moshi MonstersKatsuma
2018Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Treasure IslandFlock / Santa Claus
2019Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no getsumen tansakiLuca

Kim Hyun-joong Biography

NameKim Hyun-joong
Date of Birth6-Jun-1986
Age in 202337
Birth PlaceSeoul, South Korea
CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Height1.82 (m)
WeightUnknown (KGs)
ProfessionSouth Korean Actor
Famous asActor, Dancer, Model, Singer, And Songwriter
HeightIn Centimeters: 182 cm.
In Meters: 1.82 m.
In Feet Inches: 6'0"
WeightIn KG: Not known
In Pound: Not known
Eye Color-
Hair Color-
Marital StatusYet to update

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Kim Hyun-joong.

  1. What is the Net Worth of Kim Hyun-joong?

The Net Worth of Kim Hyun-joong is 5 million dollars.

  1. What is the Height of Kim Hyun-joong?

The height of Kim Hyun-joong is 1.82.

  1. Where is the birthplace of Kim Hyun-joong?

The birthplace of Kim Hyun-joong is Seoul, South Korea

  1. What is the Date of Birth of Kim Hyun-joong?

The birthday of Kim Hyun-joong is on 6-Jun-1986.

  1. Is Kim Hyun-joong Married?

The marital status of Kim Hyun-joong is: Yet to update.

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