Khloe Kardashian attributes inspiration for her surrogacy adventure to her sister Kim.

Khloe Kardashian attributes inspiration for her surrogacy adventure to her sister Kim.

Khloe and her ex Tristan Thompson welcomed a son earlier this year after beginning the process of becoming parents before their divorce, and the reality star, who is also the mother of daughter True, whom she gave birth to herself, has revealed that Kim's own experiences with using a surrogate helped her find her own way.

Khloe revealed the following on "The Kelly Clarkson Show": "I doubt that I would have felt as comfortable having a surrogate if it weren't for Kimberly. If I hadn't known, I wouldn't have had as much information."
Khloe argued that the experiences of the two ladies in using a surrogate to become a mother were very different. She continued: "Her voyage was, in my opinion, significantly more... comfortable for her. I have such a control issue."
After learning that she had a medical problem called placenta accreta, which makes labour and delivery extremely challenging, Kim made the decision to employ surrogates to give birth to her two youngest children with ex-husband Kanye West, daughter Chicago and boy Psalm.

Regarding her health, Kim previously stated: "They claim that in the past, when there was inadequate care, several women died after giving birth. I'm really grateful that my doctor saw this right away and took care of the problem."

She endured five procedures in an effort to conceive naturally again, but physicians cautioned her that doing so would be extremely risky.

Kim, a star of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," said of the heartbreaking news: "She admitted that she couldn't carry any more children and that it was the hardest after the surgery, which was unsuccessful. It won't make me happy, unfortunately. I completely broke down. I renounce."

In order to have two more children, she subsequently turned to surrogates, explaining her choice as follows: "I've known that surrogacy was a possibility; now it's my reality. Whatever is intended to happen will."

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