Keshav Maloo (_Sarcaster) Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Images And More

Keshav Maloo (_Sarcaster) Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Images And More

A Glance of Keshav Maloo

keshav maloo

It's easy to step on someone's trace and following them but creating something unique and diverse is not everyone's cup of tea. Today we are proceeding to introduce someone who is making us grin and chuckle in some way or another. Here, we are presenting a gem "Keshav Maloo", who is a popular memer and content creator on Instagram. The world is crazy for memes nowadays but we don't know the stimulating effort behind these memes. So without any stay, let's know regarding this treasure a little more.


How the simper transformed into Laughter(Study life and Upbringing)

The Keshav Maloo is also known as Sarcaster was born on 1st January in the year 1999 in a place called Ratangarh, Rajasthan. Mr. Anil Maloo and Mrs. Arti Maloo are the exultant and supportive parents of Keshav. His Zodiac sign is Capricorn. Keshav has grown up in the spiritual town of Punjab which is Amritsar. Keshav was quite good at his reflections throughout his academics life. He has completed his studies at Bhavan's SL Public School, Amritsar, Punjab, and currently pursuing in computer science from Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab. Keshav Maloo has grown up sharing his life with a brother Raghav Maloo who encourages him in every circumstance. We have one amusing incident to tell you, ones Keshav was suffering from loose motion when he was around 10 years old accidentally he pooped in his undergarment and threw that in his neighbor's house, isn't it ridiculous?  

keshav maloo childhood pic

Keshav Childhood Pic

keshav maloo with family

Keshav Maloo with his Family

His First Impression- Looks and Personality

Keshav Maloo is a very elegant boy who attains the height of 5.7 ft. and has a perfect physique weight of 55 K.g. His black eyes and black hair make his appearance very engaging and charming. He holds a fabulous temperament with a heartwarming smirking face.

keshav maloo height

keshav - PS4 The Last of Us Part II

A Ride to his Career 

Keshav Maloo started his career four years ago as a memer when he dropped to prepare for JEE, it was his Ex's idea. He momentarily has a huge number of followers on social media and Keshav gives its credit to his brothers, friends, neighbors who have supported him and still encouraging him. He kept doing his task and many meme pages like Idiotic Sperm, Adult Society, Adult Gram, Adult Family, RVCJ, TubeIndian, Error 69, and Ghanta supported his content and posted them in their accounts. After days of backbreaking effort and unwavering confidence, one of his memes went viral Internationally and it was like the start of bright days after the rainy season, then one day Ashish Chanchalani commented on his meme, and then Harsh Beniwal retweeted one of his tweet that made Keshav so happy and he considers this as his accomplishments. Keshav never hesitates to be thankful for others it's an instance of kind nature. "Live life by watching people less successful than you and take inspiration from people who are more successful than you without being jealous" is his formula for living a happy and thriving life.

keshav maloo instagram

Keshav is an inspiration for many content creators, several creators had started their journey by looking at Keshav's content and now they are successful, he believes his biggest reward is getting respected by them. Keshav Maloo earns 20-25k per month at such a young age. He will soon create more unique content on youtube and we are sure he will delight us. He is on the way to achieving his desirable goal. His Instagram handles are -@sarcaster_( 229k+ followers), 

@_sarcaster (90.2k+ followers).

Twitter Handle-

@sarcaster_ (23.3k+ followers)


Sarcaster_ (4.1k+ subscribers)

Keshav's biggest dream is to make his parents proud and to be admired by everyone, and he is already doing that. He is now working hard to gain 1 million followers and blue tick.

keshav maloo insta id

Offscreen Character-Informalities

Keshav Maloo is 22 years old and is very prominent among youth at such a tender age. He got inspired by Zakir Khan and Bhuvan Bam for his journey and now he is becoming the motivation for many. Keshav has excellent observation skills and he is very creative and can create a meme very quickly out of anything and we have been seeing that. Keshav Maloo neither drinks nor smokes, sleeping late and laziness are some of his bad habits. 

keshav maloo bio

Favorite of Keshav's;

Actor- Akshay Kumar

Actress-Shraddha Kapoor

Movie-Phir Hera Pheri

Web series-Sherlock Holmes

Color-Black and Blue


A place for living- Netherlands

Travel Destination -Switzerland and Austria

Keshav adores cricket, singing, and creating memes and videos. He believes that he has a useless talent for creating funny dance steps. Keshav has created a journey all his life, he has lived in every situation from village to city, from lower middle class to upper-middle class, from topper to backbencher but Keshav never gave up.

keshav sarcaster

Summing up-conclusion

Performing something unusual is satisfying when people admire you. Keshav is one of them who is getting recognition from all over the world through his creativity and it's just a start. In a world where people are depressed and stressed making someone smile and laugh is a bigger task and Keshav is performing it really strongly. Keshav is a real talent.

keshav maloo age

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keshav maloo udaipur

sarcaster age

keshav maloo wiki

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