Kelly Ripa chuckles at her husband Mark Consuelos attempts to teach her and her 81-year-old mother to meditate.

Kelly Ripa chuckles at her husband Mark Consuelos attempts to teach her and her 81-year-old mother to meditate.

Mark Consuelos' meditation teachings didn't go quite as intended, according to Kelly Ripa.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host, 52, claimed it was "fascinating to observe" her husband's recent attempt to persuade her 81-year-old mother Esther to try meditation during an appearance on Dear Media's Dear Gabby podcast.

She explained to host Gabby Bernstein that "he was trying to teach my mum to meditate." Additionally, he has a phone app that is useful for him when he travels or is on the road and simply wants to "ground himself."

My mum started arguing with the app's voice as he was trying to teach her to meditate using it, she continued, and it was amusing to see.
The television celebrity, however, was aware that teaching her mother the self-help technique may be difficult, stating, "There are some areas you won't be able to penetrate. not over the age of eighty."

When her husband first taught her the mindfulness technique, Ripa acknowledged that she, too, had difficulty picking it up.

"My brain is too noisy, I just can't do it, I told Mark when he initially tried to teach me how to meditate. And I struggled greatly with it; I became quite restless and jittery "She remembered. "It's not working, I remarked. It simply isn't working. He said, "Every time your thoughts wander, you are meditating. You are meditating each time you pull yourself back in or keep telling yourself it isn't working."
"And he continues, "You are meditating every time you go for a run." You meditate every time you attend a dance lesson, "She went on. "He reminds you to give yourself some space, to go on and do what you want to do, and to stop being so self-absorbed. You're doing a meditation."

Although it "may not be conventional, but it is a type of meditation," Ripa claimed that her spouse had helped her to recognise that she does meditate "a lot."
Ripa recently disclosed to PEOPLE how therapy has aided her in addition to meditation, particularly when it comes to processing years of worry.

"I discovered that a moderate amount of healthy narcissism is required for survival. And I thought, "What the heck does that even mean?" That's a contradiction, "She spoke. "And [my therapist] said, "Actually, it's not." You can live, make wise decisions, breathe, and do other things thanks to a healthy case of narcissism. She responds by saying, "That's a fantastic thing to have." You're not that important, but if you believe that you can solve any problem by yourself."

"I was told by my therapist—who is still very smart—that I don't matter all that much in the larger scheme of things. that when it comes to making decisions, the word "no" is actually the healthiest option available, "Ripa went on. "She also showed me how to think differently and how to be a better advocate for myself. How to genuinely get that when I come into contact with a toxic person, it is entirely their fault and not mine. And once you begin to consider that, it completely changes the way you see things."

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