Kanye West plans to create a network of cities called Yecoverse.

Kanye West plans to create a network of cities called Yecoverse.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the controversial rapper, whose stage names include Yeezy, is attempting to trademark the terms "Yeezyverse," "Yzyverse," and "Yxyverse" for his upcoming project.

Kanye wants each city to be self-sufficient, with branded residences, businesses, schools, media organisations, and production companies.

A beauty parlour and a healthcare system are required in every one of the star's cities.

The 45-year-old rapper, who has recently under criticism for posting antisemitic comments on social media, is claimed to have been working on the concept for some time.
a source reported "He is from a good family. He clearly wants everything he touches to be positive and have a positive effect on the world."
The trademark application states that beginning in January of next year, a network of communities will be developed across the country.

Following his recent scandals, Kanye has experienced a lot of professional setbacks. He also stirred outrage by wearing a "White Lives Matter" t-shirt during Paris Fashion Week, and Vogue severed their relationship with the rapper.

The actor, who last year officially changed his name to Ye, had made fun of Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, one of the magazine's fashion editors, when she spoke out against the clothing.

"Neither the magazine nor its editor-in-chief Anna Wintour intend to deal with Kanye West again," a Vogue spokesperson told Page Six of the New York Post.

And a source told the newspaper: "Anna is over. She has been very vocal about Kanye's exclusion from the inner group in Vogue."

After Kanye, who had just recently inaugurated Balenciaga's summer 2023 show during Paris Design Week, the French fashion label Balenciaga also severed their connection.

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