Kaley Cuoco commends Jennifer Aniston for admitting to having children

Kaley Cuoco commends Jennifer Aniston for admitting to having children

In a new cover interview with Allure magazine, the "Flight Attendant" actress — who is expecting her first child with Tom Pelphrey — thanked the "Morning Show" star for her open disclosure about failed IVF treatments and pleaded with readers to stop passing judgement on women when they don't understand the motivations behind their choices.

"You never know what people are going through behind the scenes..stop presuming and condemning every little thing," Kaley posted on Instagram. Thank you for sharing this tale, @jenniferaniston!

In the interview, Jennifer, 53, criticised all the "speculation" about why she doesn't have kids and said that it was "very hard" for her to deal with when she was "throwing everything" at trying to conceive.

It was extremely difficult, she remarked, referring to the years and years and years of speculation.

Chinese teas, IVF, you name it, I was doing it all. I was giving it everything I had. If someone had told me to "freeze your eggs," I would have donated anything. Make a favour to yourself. You simply don't consider it. I am now where I am. The ship has left port.

The former "Friends" star emphasised that she doesn't think back on her IVF experience and that she is now focused on the future.

I have no regrets, she declared. Now that there is no longer a "Can I?" question, I really feel a little relief. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.’ That is no longer something I have to consider.

Jennifer also refuted claims that the reason her previous marriage to Brad Pitt ended was because she was unable to conceive.

I only cared about my career, she claimed. And God forbid a woman achieves success without bearing children. And I refused to have children, which is why my spouse left me, our relationship ended, and we divorced. They were flat-out lies. At this point, I have nothing to conceal.

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