Kajal Chauhan Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Kajal Chauhan Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


Kajal Chauhan

"Words offer means to meaning and to those willing to listen, the enunciation of truth". The famous line from the incredible movie "V for Vendetta" is the most suitable introduction to the talent possessed by the artist INFOSAURS is discussing today. Kajal Singh Chauhan is an impactful writer who has an admirable way with words and writes as beautifully as convincingly. Additionally, Kajal is a terrific content creator who is liked by innumerable netizens. Kajal has great work experience working with the coveted aviation industry.  Someone with so many impressive abilities is worth reading about. And this rare pleasure is what INFOSAURS is about to offer right now. 



Cute Kajal was born on 10.12.1997 to the gentleman Mr. Brajesh Singh Chauhan and the great lady Mrs.Vineeta Singh Chauhan in the popular town of Kanpur in U.P. Kajal grew up with her sweet sister Shalini and boisterous brother Prithvi and Akash, with whom she enjoyed a beautiful and charming childhood. Kajal had her early schooling in her village in P.M.G. Inter College. She acquired empowering education in Kanpur Vidya Mandir in Kanpur from where she passed out her 12th grade. Finally, she earned her BBA degree from Allen house Group Of Colleges. And with that, capable Kajal has reached a point where she was empowered, confident and self-reliant and all set to plunge into the real world. 

kajal chauhan childhood pic

Kajal Chauhan childhood pic

kajal chauhan writer


24-year-old Kajal is a very Deshi woman with a rustic charm of her own. She is blessed with a wonderful persona. A typical Indian beauty is written all over her pretty face. Thick and beautiful brown hair adorns her pretty face. Her excellent acting is conveyed best by her expressive black eyes. She is 5'2" tall and weighs just 50 kg. She has a perfect and attractive figure which boldly announces her health and fitness. Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius

kajal chauhan wiki


Capable Kajal is full of caliber. Her career began with the vast skies. She worked in the prestigious and much sought-after aviation industry. For some unfortunate and unknown reasons, she had to leave the industry which according to her was her greatest breakdown. And the journey of her wonderful writing is 6 years old, which is pretty long. Now, she has totally detached herself from the corporate world and wishes to focus only on her art. To write songs, to write for shows, to act - she is loaded with plenty of dreams. Before her BBA, she had joined an engineering college, however, in 1 year, she was clear that this was not something she is made for. She left engineering and went to the dreamland of Delhi. She stayed here for 3 years and considers these as the golden part of her life. 

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She had to pass through ups and downs and she learned quite a lot in the process. There came a point where she felt that everything is lost. She gradually rebuilt herself and is evolving ever since. Her Instagram is an interesting story. Comedy runs as if through her veins. Her hilarious videos speak volumes of her talented acting. Since, she herself makes her scripts, her great command over language and creativity and writing skills. And her comic timing is flawless. Her Instagram profile is a huge hit with over 145k+ followers. She also runs a successful YouTube channel which has over 6.7k+ subscribers. Her talent is not limited to writing scripts. She is also a poet and writes ghazals. This poem was written by Kajal and another person whom she wishes to keep a secret. 

अब मेरे अंदर क्या बचा है, क्या बचाने आए थे 
लकड़ी पर एक देह पड़ा है, क्या जलाने आए थे 
कान लगाकर बैठा था बस सुनने एक आवाज़ को  
मर गया है सुनकर तुमको, क्या बताने आए थे 
सौंप दिया था अपना सबकुछ तेरी एक मुस्कान पर  
क्या मिला है उससे तुमको, क्या दिखाने आए थे 
नोच के खाया था तुमने कल, गर्दन, छाती, हाथ सब  
मेरा जिस्म तो सज चुका है, क्या सजाने आए थे  
हल्की भूरी आँखे दोनों और उसके थोड़ा नीचे तिल 
मुझको कुछ भी याद नहीं है, क्या भुलाने आए थे 

kajal chauhan age


Kajal is fondly known as Kajju by her near and dear ones. She really enjoys good movies and takes a lot of inspiration from them. DDLJ, Padamaavat, Bhootnath, Saudagar, and Kagaz are some of her favorite movies. Mirzapur and Asur are her favorite web series. Pankaj Tripathi, Manoj Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Deepika, and Rekha are some of the actors who have inspired her a lot. What are her favorite colors? Black and Red. Her most loved food is Kadhai Chawal.  For traveling, Kajal would love Mussoorie and even wishes to have her own cafe there. For residence, she would choose Mumbai. Singing songs, cracking silly jokes on family members and reading books are her dear pastimes. Kajal is an over-thinker and when she gets disturbed she calls and shouts at her close family and good friends to ease it out. It is her strength that she loves and pampers her near and dear ones a lot. She does not believe in lukewarm friends. For her, it is either very involved friendship or nothing. Also, she is a quick decision-maker. Her negative point is occasionally being short-tempered. She is an aware and healthy person who does not smoke or drink. For a happy and successful life, she prescribes this. Fight with bad situations and deal with challenges head-on. There is no need to prove yourself to those who judge you. What you think about yourself is all that matters. Finally, you should never hold grudges against anyone. 

kajal chauhan biography
Her childhood was full of mischief. Once, she had crafted love letters from each of her two best friends to the other.  Love letters for and by Ayush and Arti were written on pamphlets of undergarments and then Kajal had put them in the friends' schoolbags. Both of the friends had complained, parents of both were summoned and both of them got beaten. Later, Kajal's handwriting got her caught. Her mother had kept her tied to a neem tree under blazing sun for six hours. Kajal dreams of writing her great autobiography. What inspired the artist in Kajal? Life situations. The point where friends, family, relationships all fade away and all that is left are your dreams and your art. This inspired her to grow. actor Pankaj Tripath and stand-up Zakir Khan have a great influence on her art life. She also claims to have a useless talent. She composes many many 4-liner songs, but never concludes them. An year ago, she was quite humble and polite. Now, however, she has become much blunt, bold, and straight forward and she does not care much about what people think of her. 

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A great writer and a content creator amazing 
Kajal- is the greatness, this biography is facing 
A fearless writer, impactful and bold 
Her words carry inspiration, they are pure gold 
A tonic of laughter, is her Instagram page 
Her creative content and comic punches 
Never cease to amaze 
Also, a woman pretty, sometimes she models 
Pleasing thousands of eyes, making them oggle 
Dreaming always big, she is an inspiration flowing 
INFOSAURS too hopes that she always keeps growing

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kajal chauhan instagram

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I watch her videos on YouTube and enjoy.... Shes witty and creative.....her comedy makes sense.....I wish good luck for her with a hope, she will never turn out to be abusive and indecent in trying to put more humour in the competitive race.


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