AEW may have had a lot of contentious situations over the past few months. The company's wrestlers are unanimous in saying that AEW is a terrific place to work. However, a legendary wrestler has a different viewpoint on the subject.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle discussed AEW in a podcast interview for The Wrassingh Show. With the in-ring action and promos, among other things, he believes the company is too lax with the talent they seek.

"I just feel like the firm is a little too lax... It's less organised than it should be and more like the Wild West. The wrestlers are creating their own promos, speaking and doing their own thing, and I believe that the company needs to be organised so that the writers can direct the wrestlers' dialogue and develop their personas.
"Putting the wrestlers in charge of their own pre-tapes, promos, and even their matches—I'm not sure if they have producers or agents for them, either. Therefore, I believe that the talent should be disregarded. The reason WWE is so competent, well-organized, and why the presentation is always tight is because of this.
Angle has many compelling opinions given his experience in professional wrestling. Although AEW is a young corporation, its management needs to understand how to organise for the fights and matches that lead up to them.

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