Julia Fox cried nonstop on her 27th birthday because she did not want attention.

Julia Fox cried nonstop on her 27th birthday because she did not want attention.

Julia Fox admits that on her 27th birthday, she sobbed uncontrollably.

The Uncut Gems actor recently discussed her worry about ageing and remaining relevant in Hollywood in a TikTok video.
"This illustrates how s**ty it is for women.
The entertainment industry considers 30 to be f***ing old "Julia gave a video explanation.

Julia clarified: "My best friend Harmony, may she rest in peace, travelled in to see me because she anticipated that I would take it very hard.

"My friends attempted to enter my room carrying candles, cupcakes, and other things, and I literally yelled, "Get the f**k out!" I warned you we weren't having a party! There is nothing to rejoice about."

She claimed she was "such a tyrant" on her special day and wished "the day would pass."

"I told her, "Don't post." I don't want to make a big deal about my age, which is 27. Just let it go by like any other day, please "Added she.

"Tragically, Harmony, the girl I was with, passed away. You know, she won't even get to experience growing older. Therefore, why do we deny ourselves these milestones?"

According to Julia, "wearing anything you want" and "ageing is fully in," which includes having "bellies dangling over the low rise jeans."

She went on: "And we are aware of this, so let's stop fooling ourselves. Okay, so becoming old is f***ing hot.

"It's hot. Actually, it's probably the sexiest moment of your life because, let's be honest, being attractive and hot in your 20s is hella difficult. I won't return there either, "Finally, she said.

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