Joseph Quinn is chosen to represent the Gris Dior fragrance.

Joseph Quinn is chosen to represent the Gris Dior fragrance.

The actor, 28, who is most known for his role as Eddie Munson in "Stranger Things," acknowledges that it is a "honour" to be connected with the Dior brand.

In an interview with WWD, Joseph detailed: "It's absurd; I never imagined that I would be involved in the fashion industry in any way. It's a true honour."

Over the past few weeks, Joseph has made a deliberate effort to study as much as he can about Dior.

"I am pretty new to this whole business," he continued.

It's "unlike anything I've smelled before," Joseph said, adding that it's "quite fun to be a part of it." Joseph also praised the perfume.

The actor will appear in social media advertisements for the fragrance. But he acknowledges that it presents a very different difficulty from what he is accustomed to.
He stated: "When you perform as an actor, you are representing a character. Here, it seems to be more like me, which is both bizarre and amusing.

It's quite flattering that they considered me in that role.

Joseph earlier acknowledged that the television show "Stranger Things" had altered his life.

The actor is now making an effort to accept his newfound popularity and is grateful for the support of his followers.

He revealed: "I guess I'm still trying to wrap my head around the acknowledgement or idea that I even have supporters.

"It's critical to keep in mind that they are both fans of the character and the show. And via that, a projection of myself is made, for which I am incredibly grateful.

"In order to stand a chance of being a part of those projects that will strike a chord with people, I believe you need to have a certain level of celebrity in this industry. So, I'm very thankful that a show like "Stranger Things," which I believe is a really amazing show, allowed me to have that.

"I'm still getting used to the idea that there are people who are aware of my identity. Generally speaking, they are always extremely wonderful and kind."

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