John Mayers List of Famous Women He Has Dated

John Mayers List of Famous Women He Has Dated

John Mayer has a reputation for being a playboy in addition to being one of the most accomplished musicians in the music business. After all, some of Hollywood's most prominent female stars have been on the singer of "Gravity's" extensive list of hookups, relationships, and flings.

Although Mayer dated a lot of women in the early 2000s, he hasn't been seen with anyone since his romance with Katy Perry ended in the middle of the 2010s. Since then, he has attempted to refute some of the more unfavourable assumptions that have been made about him. In an interview with The New York Times from 2017, he stated, "I think a lot of people's last opinion of me is outdated. "I've inherited the reputation of a younger man. You may even divide the term "bad boy" into good bad boys and bad bad boys; I somehow came to represent the latter."

According to E! News, he was seen flirtatiously messaging vocalist Halsey in 2018 on social media, but Halsey soon put an end to rumours about their romance. They tweeted at the time, "I just got a ground breaking thought. "What if we allowed female artists to have pals without assuming they were having affairs? I'm aware of this. It's quite ambitious, but what if we gave it a shot?"

Recent sightings of Mayer with actor Kiernan Shipka, 22, have sparked dating speculations; however, nothing has been officially confirmed, and representatives for both celebrities did not immediately respond to POPSUGAR's request for comment. Here, you can revisit Mayer's relationship history.

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