John Cena establishes a brand-new world record.

John Cena establishes a brand-new world record.

Some people might be a bit surprised to learn what record John Cena, a former professional wrestler turned actor, just set.

According to Guinness World Records, the 45-year-old has now fulfilled 650 Make-A-Wish Foundation dreams, making them all unique.

According to the records, Cena is the only person to have granted more than 200 wishes during the course of the Make-A-Wish Foundation's forty-year history.

When Cena reached the milestone of 500 wishes granted with Make-A-Wish in 2015, he revealed: "I simply let everything go. I'll be the first in line to contribute if I can provide a wonderful experience "according to ESPN.

Rocco Lanzer, an eight-year-old with leukaemia, was the recipient of the 500th wish.

Everyone would urge him to be strong and never give up when he was first diagnosed, his mother, Maria Lanzer, explained why he wanted to meet Cena.
Lanzer went on to remark "Wow, mommy, that's what John Cena says, [Rocco] said. I respond, "See, you can't give up if a wrestler urges you to never give up." You must struggle and show strength."

Many families have kept in touch with Cena following the meet-and-greet, according to ESPN. The source said that Cena had received touching notes from parents who had lost their children in the past, informing him of the impact he had made on them.
"Those are invariably challenging to read. However, it's also quite unique that the parents had the fortitude to write to me and express how much they valued the time I spent with their child "Cena confessed.

In terms of mission, the organisation strives to enhance the quality of life for children and young people dealing with serious or uncommon medical illnesses. On the website of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, it states: "Together, we make life-changing wishes for kids with serious diseases," and "Research shows a wish can give kids the power to fight against and even overcome a serious illness."
Cena recently visited Amsterdam to meet a fan whose mother had used the wrestler as inspiration for the family's escape from Ukraine.

Despite the conflict going on all around him, Misha, a nonverbal adolescent with Down syndrome, didn't want to leave his house. His mother informed him that they were going to meet John Cena.

The actor from Peacemaker heard about it even though it wasn't true at the time and hurried over to fulfil Misha's wish, as reported by WWE.

Despite not being a Make-A-Wish Foundation experience, it is just another illustration of how sincere and kind Cena is, particularly with regard to his fans.

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