Jeff Bridges assists AstraZeneca in raising awareness of the Covid-19 threat.

Jeff Bridges assists AstraZeneca in raising awareness of the Covid-19 threat.

According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, immunocompromised adults made up a disproportionately high number (12.2%) of hospitalizations among US patients with COVID-19, compared to an estimated 2.7% of the US adult population.

Regardless of vaccination status, these people also had higher chances of suffering serious consequences. Long-acting monoclonal antibodies have made it possible to create therapy and prevention strategies, including safeguarding those with impaired immune systems.

Despite the findings, AstraZeneca cautions that awareness is still low, which is why Up The Antibodies was developed.

Jeff Bridges, an Academy Award-winning actor, joined AstraZeneca for the launch; he has openly spoken about his battles with lymphoma and COVID-19, which he was exposed to while taking chemotherapy for the malignancy.

Many people are attempting to put COVID-19 behind them and move on, but Bridges said that many with weakened immune systems are still unable to do so. Our is why I take this collaboration with AstraZeneca and Up The Antibodies so seriously.

For this PSA, Jeff was able to return to doing what he loves with some of his favourite people, including director Scott Cooper and music legend T Bone Burnett for their first reunion since filming the Oscar-winning film Crazy Heart. Jeff's battle with COVID-19 almost cost him his life, so it was only fitting that he was able to do so.

"While the option to increase my antibodies to protect me from COVID-19 wasn't available when I was undergoing cancer treatment, it is now," Bridges said. I increased my antibodies as soon as I could, and now that I feel more assured, I can resume doing the activities I enjoy.

Along with his wife, the Academy Award-nominated writer and producer Emily V. Gordon, the campaign also included the Oscar-nominated writer Kumail Nanjiani.

The couple, who started a podcast in March 2020 about "staying in," is well known for discussing their experience in regard to the pandemic publicly due to Emily's immunocompromised state.

For Up The Antibodies particularly, Kumail and Emily extended this conversation, launching the campaign with advocacy, influencers, and other important stakeholders to express what it's like now - still unable to completely advance.

They gained notoriety after their award-winning movie, The Big Sick, which was partially based on their individual experience as a patient and caregiver couple, was released. They continue to tell how they manage life as a couple.

To guarantee that the campaign is designed with and for the changing urgent requirements of the community of immunocompromised patients, AstraZeneca has worked in partnership with the Immune Deficiency Foundation as well as other top providers and patient community allies from the commencement of this programme.

"At AstraZeneca we feel it is our particular obligation to support and empower the immunocompromised population, bringing hope while the rest of the world attempts to return to a sense of normalcy," said Liz Bodin, VP, Respiratory & Immunology at AstraZeneca.

We were able to find coronavirus-neutralizing antibodies that can aid in protecting the most vulnerable against COVID-19 thanks to our collaboration with academia, advocacy, researchers, and the government.

Visit to see more writing by Gordon, Nanjiani, and Bridges.

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