Jeene ki umeed tumse hi - The saga of undying hope and love

Jeene ki umeed tumse hi - The saga of undying hope and love

Covid is something which has turned our lives upside down and totally revamped global outlook on the way humanity should operate. Politics is an inseparable ingredient of our existence. Think of common rural and urban issues of unemployment, poverty and corruption and then the aggravation of all those by the malicious Covid19! The common link and a very spicy one is politics. 

Jeene kii ummeed tumse hi

Socio-political movies are not new to Bollywood and a few have been well-received and loved. Another one-of its kind and first Covid19 based movie is the upcoming social  drama garnished with innocent romance. 
Produced and directed by Brajesh Rai and further refined by creative director Pappu Khanna, starring actor Brajesh Rai and lead actress Sanchi Rai, 'Jeene kii umeed tumse hi' is a fresh wave of entertainment cutting across the covid wave! 
Vijay (Brajesh Rai) is a village simpleton who travels to a town to establish himself and to serve the society. He falls in love with a daughter of a powerful politician thanks to which his life is made hell by goons and adversaries. His dream life takes a hit when his love passes away in an accident. His  is reinvigorated when Rubi (Sanchi Rai) comes to him like a fresh lease of love life! She helps him in his mission of social reform, efforts to uplift the poor and in his fight against corruption in politics.
Aside from Brajesh who is debuting in this movie, great acting performances are also offered by Dev Dutt Budholiya, Sonia Bansal, Asha Singh, Pankaj Choudhary, Rajnish Tiwari,Irfan Qureshi, Maqsood Ahmad, Panwati Sharma, Parwati Devi etc.
Apart from wonderful acting, the magical music wrirten by Brajesh Rai, Bandana Rai and Soni bros and lovingly sung by Dev Negi stirs up your soul! The five songs and especially 'Itihas ke panno! in this movie are melodious and otherworldly! 

sanchi rai

From the engaging trailer which has already made ripples in YouTube and millions of hearts, this movie shows endless promise. Let us hope that this inspirational story of love drench millions of hearts in love and awe. Undoubtedly, this movie shall rule.

brajesh rai

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I had get this link from my friend and I read the full movie article and just loved the story of the movie. Best of Luck my dear? Keep growing well??

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