Jason Statham, according to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is heavily involved in creating her underwear collection.

Jason Statham, according to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is heavily involved in creating her underwear collection.

The model/actress has a popular lingerie line she designs for UK high street company Marks and Spencer. She has claimed that when she is working on a new collection of bras and pants for the business, she frequently turns to Hollywood tough man Jason to tap into his "creativity."

During a segment on "The Jonathan Ross Show," Rosie said the following: "[Jason] adores originality. He's like a person I always consult about interior design, art, and architecture.

"I spoke to him a lot and kept in touch with him as we were developing the packaging [for the underwear line] about it. We both work closely together on one other's initiatives in the background."

Because Rosie's underwear line is so well-liked, ladies frequently approach her to show her how they are wearing her creations.
She clarified: "Yeah, I get flashed a lot. Like constantly by attractive women in the elevators and on the stairs.

"very excited to show me they've got it on. My favourite. It always serves as both an icebreaker and a hilarious moment."

Since becoming a mother of two, Rosie, who has been designing her Rosie for M and S Lingerie range for the past ten years, has acknowledged that her tastes have changed.

She remarked to ELLE magazine: "Since you put on your lingerie first thing in the morning, which truly sets the tone for your entire day, it is almost more crucial than clothing. Due to the drastic changes in my body over the past four years, including two pregnancies that resulted in significant weight gain and loss, a lot of lingerie has come and gone from my drawers."

Rosie continued: "I used to love wearing low-cut pants, but I can't even begin to envision doing so in the future. Though I've been promoting high-leg styles for years since they are so body-flattering, lengthen the legs, cinch your waist, and appear incredibly feminine."

The Jonathan Ross Show will be broadcast on ITV and ITV Hub on Saturday, 22.10.22 at 10 p.m.

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