Jang Nara Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Jang Nara Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Jang Na-ra (born March 18, 1981) is a South Korean singer and actress who has worked in the South Korean and Chinese entertainment industries since 2001. She rose to prominence in 2002 with her hit studio album Sweet Dream, and she has appeared in popular television series such as Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002), My Love Patzzi (2002), Wedding (2005), My Bratty Princess (2005), You Are My Destiny (2014), Confession Couple (2017), The Last Empress (2018-2019), and VIP (2019).

Childhood and education

Jang spent the majority of her childhood in Yeokchon-dong, Eunpyeong District, Seoul, South Korea. In her primary school days, she appeared in the play Les Misérables with her father, Ju Ho-seong, who is also an actor, sparking her interest in becoming an actress. Jang also worked as a model for television commercials during her high school years before enrolling in Chung-ang University's Department of Theater, Faculty of Fine Arts in March 2000, where she majored in Theater and Film. On February 19, 2010, she graduated ten years later. The delay was caused by her continuous work since her first day at university. During the graduation ceremony, she also received an alumni association award for her contributions to the university.

Career sMusic

Jang made her debut as a singer in the entertainment industry in May 2001. She began her singing career as a trainee and signed a contract with SM Entertainment.

Jang's debut album First Story included the title track Burying My Face In Tears. It was initially poorly received, peaking at number 12 on the Korean music charts. She became more well-known after starring in the popular sitcom New Nonstop, and other tracks on the album, such as her pop ballad style song, Confession, and the April Story, charted at the top of various music charts. The album was a success, selling 300,000 copies. Jang went on to host the MBC music show Music Camp and the KBS talk show Love Story. By the end of 2001, she had won several New Female Artist awards at year-end Music Awards ceremonies, as well as several New MC awards at Entertainment Awards ceremonies.

Jang released her second album, Jjang Nara Vol.2 Sweet Dream, in October 2002. Sweet Dream quickly became a hit, reaching number one on the Korean music charts and establishing Jang as a household name. The album was also one of the best-selling albums in South Korea that year. Jang received several awards as a result of the success of Sweet Dream, including two Daesang awards or the Grand Prize (equivalent to Korean Top Artist of the Year) from the MBC Music Festival and the KBS Music Awards. She was also named Korean Singer of the Year at China's CCTV-MTV Awards in 2003.

Jang released her third album, 3rd Story, in December 2003, which included top singles I Am a Woman Too and Is That True?

Jang released a Best Hits Album in 2004 that included songs from her previous three albums. In December 2004, she released her fourth album, My Story, which included hit songs like I Love School and Winter Diary.

With her popularity in China, she established a career in music outside of China by releasing Chinese-language albums. Her first Chinese album was a huge success, making her the first foreign artist to sell more than one million copies in China. Following this, two more Chinese albums, Kungfu (2005) and Flying High (2006), were released (2006).

She returned to the Korean music scene in 2007 with her fifth album, She, which included the medium-tempo Masquerade and the dance piece You & I. The following year, she released Dream of Asia, a multi-lingual album with 26 songs in five languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, and English. Jang promoted the album with a mini-concert in Beijing. Jang was the only singer from a non-Chinese-speaking country to appear in the 2008 Olympic song, Beijing Welcomes You, during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

She recorded a duet with Jimmy Lin for the soundtrack of their film Flying with You in 2009. JJ Lin, a well-known Singaporean musician, produced the track. Jang returned to the Korean music scene four years after Dream of Asia with the digital single I Only Think of You in 2012. Love Journey, her fourth Chinese album, was released the same year.

Jang Na-Ra performed Sweet Dream, I Am a Woman Too, April Story on Sugar Man season 2, which received the highest audience rating among all terrestrial and non-terrestrial programmes broadcast at the same time on May 20, 2018. Jang Nara's Sweet Dream became the most-watched performing video among all Sugar Man singers.

Career as an actor

Jang has a successful acting career as well. She first gained attention for her cute appearance in the popular MBC TV sitcom New Nonstop.
Jang's first leading role in a drama was in SBS's romantic comedy Successful Story of a Bright Girl in 2002. The drama was well-received and received high ratings from the audience. At the 2003 Baeksang Arts Awards, she was named Best New TV Actress. That year, the success of the drama and her hit song "Sweet Dream" catapulted her to stardom in South Korea. The same year, she starred in My Love Patzzi, another romantic comedy series that received high ratings.

She made her feature film debut in Oh! Happy Day in 2003.

She returned to television in 2004, starring in MBC's weekend drama Love Is All Around, followed by KBS' romance drama Wedding. Wedding helped Jang establish herself as an actress, and viewers praised her portrayal of a woman's growth and identity in marriage.

With her growing popularity in China, she made a bold move in 2005 by relocating to China to pursue a singing and acting career. My Bratty Princess was her first mainstream Chinese drama. The success of My Bratty Princess catapulted her to fame in China as a hallyu or Korean Wave star. She produced several other Chinese drama series, including Good Morning Shanghai in 2007, Iron Masked Singer in 2010, and Unruly Qiao in 2011.

She returned to the big screen in 2009 with Sky and Ocean, playing a gifted violinist with the mental age of a 6-year-old due to Savant syndrome. The film was a commercial failure, and Jang's unfair nomination at the Grand Bell Awards was criticised even before it was released. Despite the backlash, Jang was named Best Actress in a Foreign Film at the 19th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards. The film was also the first Asian film to be invited to Albania's eighth Tirana International Film Festival, where it received the Media Award.

Jang appeared in the KBS romantic comedy Baby Faced Beauty in May 2011. This was her first appearance on Korean television in six years. Throughout its run, the series received positive reviews and averaged 10% ratings. At the 2011 KBS Drama Awards, she received the Excellence Award for an Actress in a Mini-Series.

The following year, she starred in her first Chinese film, Flying With You, with Taiwanese singer and actor Jimmy Lin. She also made a cameo appearance in Whoever, a Chinese film starring Jaycee Chan. The same year, she co-starred with her father in the Chinese drama Race Course.

Jang reunited with her Baby Faced Beauty co-star Choi Daniel in December 2012 for KBS's teen drama School 2013. At the 2012 KBS Drama Awards, she received her second consecutive Excellence Award for an Actress in a Mini-Series.

Jang immediately returned to China after finishing School 2013 to film a drama titled Red Palanquin.

Jang had a busy year in 2014, with three TV projects under the MBC network. Jang starred in You Are My Destiny, the Korean adaptation of the 2008 Taiwanese hit drama Fated to Love You, in July 2014. This TV series reunited her with Jang Hyuk, whom she had worked with 12 years before in the critically acclaimed drama Successful Story of a Bright Girl. You Are My Destiny was a smash hit in China, with over 200 million views. Soon after, Jang appeared in a one-episode drama special titled Old Farewell for MBC's Drama Festival, reuniting with Jang Hyuk. She then played the lead opposite Shin Ha-kyun in Mr. Back, a fantasy-romantic-comedy drama. She later received the Top Excellence Award at the 2014 MBC Drama Awards for both television series in which she starred that year.

Jang starred as a police detective in the 2015 mystery thriller Hello Monster. In 2016, she portrayed a former pop idol in the romantic comedy One More Happy Ending.

Jang was cast in the romantic fantasy drama Confession Couple in 2017. The series was a success and received positive feedback from viewers. At the 2017 KBS Drama Awards, she also received the Excellence Award for an Actress in a Mini-Series.

Jang was cast as a musical actress who becomes the Empress of a modern-day monarch in the mystery thriller drama The Last Empress in 2018. The series was well-received, and Jang was praised for her versatile acting abilities.

Jang returned to television in 2019 with the office mystery drama VIP. At the 2019 SBS Drama Awards, she received the Producer Award for her performance as Na Jeong-seon.

Jang appeared as the manager of a magazine, The Baby, in the romantic comedy drama Oh My Baby in 2020.

In 2021, she appeared as Hong Ji-ah, an exorcist and CEO of Daebak Realty, a real estate company that only sells haunted properties, in the occult TV series Sell Your Haunted House.


Several news outlets named Jang the 'CF Queen' in 2002. This is due to her increasing number of product endorsements, which include telecommunications (KTF), automobiles (KIA Spectra), fashion (SMART uniform), fast food (Popeyes), and alcoholic beverages ().

Jang signed an exclusive model contract with air purifier brand 'Clair' in December 2019, it was revealed in March 2020. Jang was revealed to be promoting Clair's products not only in Korea, but throughout Asia.

Jang signed an official model contract with Korean cosmetic brand 'CharmZone' in April 2020. This was done to promote the company's expansion into the inner beauty market.

Private life

Jang's year in 2002 was marked by best-selling albums, multiple endorsements, and high-rated television shows. Jang Na-ra Syndrome is a term used to describe her massive popularity in South Korea. Her popularity eventually spread to China and other Asian countries. Her workload, however, took a toll on her health. She revealed in an interview with Healing Camp that she suffered from gastric ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, panic disorder, bulimia, and acrophobia as a celebrity due to intense stress and pressure. She also stopped singing in 2014 due to stage fright and concentrated on acting.

Jang comes from an acting family. Ju Ho-seong (born Jang Yeon-kyo) is a theatre actor, producer, and director. He has also been Jang's manager since her debut. Rawon Culture, which her father founded, is her own agency.

Jang is also known for her youthful appearance and has frequently expressed her Christian faith at the SBS Drama Awards.

Marriage On June 3, 2022, Jang announced her engagement to her non-celebrity boyfriend, who is six years her junior. Their private wedding took place on June 26, 2022.

Charity and other endeavours

Jang does a lot of charitable work, such as sending 500 million won in commodities and 200 million won in powdered milk to hungry North Korean children. She also established the Jang Na-ra Scholarship Foundation in the Philippines, which is worth $10,000 USD. She also volunteers for the FHI Charity organisation.

She served as the public relations envoy for fair elections in the 2002 South Korean presidential election. She reaffirmed her commitment when she was named one of the honorary public relations ambassadors for South Korea's presidential election in 2017.

Jang was appointed public relations envoy for China by the People's Republic of China Embassy in Korea in 2004.

In 2007, Jang held a fund-raising concert for child patients of leukaemia in China. The Jang Foundation was established from the money raised during Jang's fan club meeting at her June 9 concert in Beijing, which was held to mark the 15th year of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea. Twelve hundred seats at the concert venue sold out early. After the concert on stage, a Chinese charity organisation appointed Jang as a goodwill ambassador, making her the first foreigner to receive such an honour. The same year, she was named one of the China-ROK Exchange Year's goodwill ambassadors.

Jang donated 150,000 dollars to a Chinese charity organisation and 8 billion won in clothing to victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Jang was appointed as an associate professor at Beijing Huajia University in June 2010.

Jang was appointed as Seoul's Gangnam-ambassador gu's in 2011 to promote tourism in the neighbourhood.

Jang is also known for donating her singing talent to charitable causes. In 2013, she recorded "Nanoom Song," a TV campaign song for the Community Chest of Korea. On June 24, 2006, she performed with Jackie Chan at his charity concert "Jackie Chan and his friends" in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

Jang was honoured by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2015 for her charitable efforts.

Jang was revealed in 2017 to have secretly donated more than 13 billion won, or nearly 12 million US dollars, to various charities, disaster relief, and academic organisations since her debut in 2001. She is also known to be very fond of animals. She not only donates money to animal shelters, but she also attends charity events for animal care and actively volunteers for things like cleaning sick dogs' shelters.


Korean studio albums

TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsSales
First Story
  • Released: June 18, 2001
  • Label: S.M. Entertainment
  • Formats: CDcassette


Track listing

  • KOR: 323,168+[107][108]
Sweet Dream
  • Released: October 2, 2002
  • Label: S.M. Entertainment
  • Formats: CDcassette


Track listing

  • KOR: 442,422+[109]
3rd Story
  • Released: December 2, 2003
  • Label: S.M. Entertainment
  • Formats: CDcassette


Track listing

  • KOR: 161,103+[110][111]
My Story (나의 이야기)
  • Released: December 20, 2004
  • Label: Warner Music Korea
  • Formats: CDcassette


Track listing

  • KOR: 39,791+[112]
  • Released: February 21, 2007
  • Label: Warner Music Korea
  • Formats: CDcassette


Track listing

Dream of Asia
  • Released: March 25, 2008
  • Label: LOEN Entertainment
  • Formats: CD


Track listing

  • KOR: 5,492+[113]*
"—" denotes album did not chart.
* Sales data only available through June 2008.

Chinese studio albums

TitleAlbum details
One (一张)
  • Released: January 20, 2005


Track listing

Gong Fu (功夫)
  • Released: December 7, 2005


Track listing

Journey of Love (爱的旅途)
  • Released: August 2, 2012


Track listing

Collaborative and compilation albums

TitleAlbum details
History My Love
  • Released: May 4, 2002
Jang Nara and Friends
  • Released: April 17, 2003
  • Label: Warner Music Korea
  • Formats: CDcassette


Track listing

Vol. 3: Cheer Up

  • Coffee Boy Feat. Jang Na-ra
  • Released: March 30, 2015

Track 3: Fight For Your Love For Your Life

Calling of the Heart -

The Second Story Part 2 'Rest'

  • Released: May 21, 2015
  • Label: FNC Entertainment

Track 1: Jesus Loves Me


TitleYearPeak chart
Sales (DL)Album
As lead artist
"Ladylike"2007No dataNo dataNon-album singles
"Cotton Clouds" (뭉게구름)
"If You Ask Me To"2008
"Tinker Bell" (팅커벨)2009
"I Only Think of You" (너만 생각나)201236
"Love" (사랑)2013
Soundtrack appearances
"It's Alright"2008No dataNo dataOpposites Attract OST
"Distant Horizon" (천애지아)2010Dong Yi OST Part 1
"Snowman in May" (오월의 눈사람타이틀)
"Orange Tree" (오렌지 나무)
2011Baby Faced Beauty OST Part 1 & 2
"All Day" (하루 종일)2014Mr. Back OST Part 4
"Someday"2018Your House Helper OST Part 4
"DayDream" (백일몽)2021
Sell Your Haunted House OST Part 4
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.
Data not available prior to 2010.


Main article: Jang Na-ra filmography

Awards and nominations

Name of the award ceremony, year presented, category, nominee of the award, and the result of the nomination

Award ceremonyYearCategoryNominee / WorkResult
APAN Star Awards2014Top Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesYou Are My DestinyNominated
2018Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesConfession CoupleNominated
2021Top Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesVIPNominated
Asia Model Awards2008Asia Star AwardJang Na-raWon
Asia-Pacific Music Chart Awards2005Asia's Best Female SingerWon
Award for Outstanding Contribution
to Korean-Chinese Cultural Exchange
Top 10 Golden SongWon
Baeksang Arts Awards2003Best New Actress – TelevisionSuccessful Story of a Bright GirlWon
CCTV-MTV Music AwardsKorean Singer of the YearJang Na-raWon
China Golden Disk Awards2005Most Popular SingerWon
Culture Day2008Today's Young Artist AwardsJang Na-raWon
China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards2010Best Actress in a Foreign FilmSky and OceanWon
Chunsa Film Art Awards2007Hallyu Cultural AwardJang Na-raWon
2018Special Achievement AwardWon
Golden Disk Awards2001Best New ArtistFirst StoryWon
2002Main Prize (Bonsang)Sweet DreamWon
Grand Bell Awards2009Best ActressSky and OceanNominated
KBS Drama Awards2011Top Excellence Award, ActressBaby Faced BeautyNominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesWon
Netizen Award, ActressNominated
Best Couple AwardJang Na-ra with Choi Daniel
Baby Faced Beauty
2012Top Excellence Award, ActressSchool 2013Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesWon
Netizen Award, ActressNominated
2015Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesHello MonsterNominated
Netizen Award, ActressNominated
Best Couple AwardJang Na-ra with Seo In-guk
Hello Monster
2017Top Excellence Award, ActressConfession CoupleNominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesWon
Netizen Award, ActressNominated
Best Couple AwardJang Na-ra with Son Ho-jun
Confession Couple
2021Top Excellence Award, ActressSell Your Haunted HouseNominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesNominated
KBS Entertainment Awards2002Best Newcomer in a Variety Show
KBS Music AwardsGrand Prize (Daesang)Sweet DreamWon
KMTV Korean Music AwardsKMTV AwardWon
Korea Advertisers Association2003Good Model AwardJang Na-raWon
Korea Drama Awards2015Top Excellence Award, ActressHello MonsterNominated
MBC Drama Awards2004Excellence Award, ActressLove is All AroundNominated
2014Top Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesYou Are My DestinyMr. BackWon
Popularity Award, ActressWon
Best Couple AwardJang Na-ra with Jang Hyuk
You Are My Destiny
2016Top Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesOne More Happy EndingNominated
MBC Music Awards2001Best New ArtistFirst StoryWon
2002Grand Prize (Daesang)Sweet DreamWon
Most Popular ArtistWon
Mnet Asian Music Awards2002Best Female ArtistSweet DreamWon
Special Jury PrizeNominated
Mobile Popularity AwardWon
2004Best Female ArtistIs That True?Nominated
SBS Drama Awards2002Top 10 StarsSuccessful Story of a Bright GirlWon
2018Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday DramaThe Last EmpressWon
2019Top Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesVIPNominated
Producer AwardWon
SBS Music Awards2001Best New ArtistFirst StoryWon
Seoul International Drama Awards2019Outstanding Korean ActressThe Last EmpressWon
Seoul Music Awards2002Main Prize (Bonsang)Sweet DreamWon
Seoul Tour Awards2008Best Korean Star Promoting Seoul TourismJang Na-raWon

State honors

Name of country, year given, and name of honor

Country Or OrganizationYearHonor Or Award
Secretary of Defense2004Commendation
Beijing Film AcademyHonorary Master's Degree
Inter-Parliamentary Union Award2005Social Service
CSR Korea Awards2009Special Award (Individual)
60th Anniversary Ceremony of Fisheries Cooperatives2022Award plaque promoting seafood consumption

Jang Na-ra Biography

NameJang Na-ra
Date of Birth18-Mar-1981
Age in 202342
Birth PlaceSeoul, South Korea
CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Height1.63 (m)
WeightUnknown (KGs)
ProfessionSouth Korean Singer
Famous asSinger, And Actress
HeightIn Centimeters: 163 cm.
In Meters: 1.63 m.
In Feet Inches: 5'4"
WeightIn KG: Not known
In Pound: Not known
Eye Color-
Hair Color-
Marital StatusYet to update

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Jang Na-ra.

  1. What is the Net Worth of Jang Na-ra?

The Net Worth of Jang Na-ra is $126 Million.

  1. What is the Height of Jang Na-ra?

The height of Jang Na-ra is 1.63.

  1. Where is the birthplace of Jang Na-ra?

The birthplace of Jang Na-ra is Seoul, South Korea

  1. What is the Date of Birth of Jang Na-ra?

The birthday of Jang Na-ra is on 18-Mar-1981.

  1. Is Jang Na-ra Married?

The marital status of Jang Na-ra is: Yet to update.

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