Ivan Reitman Slapped My A and Yelled on Set, According to Anna Faris: I Felt Angry, Hurt and Humiliated by His Reign of Terror

Ivan Reitman Slapped My A and Yelled on Set, According to Anna Faris: I Felt Angry, Hurt and Humiliated by His Reign of Terror

On the most recent edition of her "Unqualified" podcast, Anna Faris admitted that Ivan Reitman slapped her butt while they were filming the action comedy "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" in 2006. Faris claims that the late director shouted at her in front of the cast and crew after she arrived late to set due to an accident on the first day of filming. The actor claimed that Reitman, who directed with a "reign of terror," left her feeling "angry, hurt, and humiliated."
Faris said to her "Unqualified" guest Lena Dunham that working with Ivan Reitman was "one of my hardest film experiences." He was a yeller, so the thought of trying to create a comedy during this period of horror was absurd. Every day, he would bring someone to justice. and I was there on my first day.
The producer of "My Super-Ex Girlfriend" and Faris's reps have been contacted by Variety for additional comment.

Before she was supposed to arrive on set for the first time, according to Faris, an accident happened in the makeup trailer. Faris was "20 to 25 minutes" late to the shoot because her hair stylist accidentally spilled a jar of wig glue, which went on her costume.

Ivan's perception of me as a diva who never leaves her trailer made Faris apprehensive on her first day. "I'm in the centre of the well-lit street. Ivan is simply destroying me. "Annie, you can't play like that around here," he said. I warned you not to do it. Stop crying. Do not cry. I felt hurt, ashamed, indignant, and on the defensive. Did no one tell you what occurred, I finally asked? He then stopped talking and walked away from the camera. Later, he also gave me an asslap. That was a strange time.

Faris initially disclosed in 2017 that a well-known filmmaker had slapped her butt while they were filming, but she did not name the director at the time.

He severely slapped my ass in front of the crew when I was filming a scene in which I was on a ladder and was meant to be removing books from a shelf. I couldn't help but laugh, Faris recalled at the moment. "I can still picture the crew members asking one another, "Wait, what are you going to do about that? That seemed strange. And I did disregard it in that manner. Well, this isn't a thing, I thought. It's not really a huge thing, you know. Be strong, Faris. I mean, just chuckle. However, it made me feel inferior. To the lead man, he wouldn't have behaved that way.

I don't think you're the first person who's reported it, Dunham told Faris on the most recent "Unqualified" episode. And I'm truly sorry you went through it. And did no one intervene to object?

“No. 2006, maybe?" Faris responded.

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