In the trailer for "Enola Holmes 2," Sherlock and Enola continue their investigation.

In the trailer for "Enola Holmes 2," Sherlock and Enola continue their investigation.

The second segment of the Enola Holmes 2 trailer is now available on Netflix. The first Enola Holmes movie, which was based on Nancy Springer's detective novel series and was published in 2020, switched the spotlight from Sherlock Holmes, who is already well-known, to his titular teenage sister, who is also smart and humorous. Enola Holmes premiered to amazing ratings on Netflix after the streaming site acquired the film's distribution rights from Warner Bros. owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the company quickly realised they had a potential franchise on their hands.
Enola Holmes 2 stars Henry Cavill from The Witcher and Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown as the twin investigators. In addition to Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Eudoria Holmes, Louis Partridge, Adeel Akhtar, and Susie Wokoma, there are fascinating newcomers Sharon Duncan-Brewster from Dune and David Thewlis from Harry Potter, both of whom have unspecified roles. For the follow-up, both the original author Jack Thorne and the director Harry Bradbeer are back.
Enola Holmes and Sherlock will collaborate on a fresh mystery in the sequel, according to the first Enola Holmes 2 trailer, officially titled "Part 1," which was released late last month. The Enola Holmes 2 trailer's second instalment has now been made available on Netflix. The clip, appropriately named "Part 2," takes up where the previous one left off as Enola and Sherlock decide to collaborate after realising their cases are connected.

In the second, the mystery is revealed Trailer for "Enola Holmes 2"
The second segment of the Enola Holmes 2 teaser, like the first, keeps its cards close to its breast even if the overall mystery of the follow-up is starting to come into focus. A missing girl who worked at a matchstick factory and "found something that powerful people want to hide" is the object of Enola's search. Enola must enlist the aid of former pals including her older brother Sherlock and Viscount Tewkesbury, the runaway nobleman who acted as Enola's sidekick and love interest in the first movie, when she is caught up in a deadly conspiracy involving "extortion, blackmail, and corruption."
Thewlis, who seems to be the main enemy driving the ominous conspiracy in Enola Holmes 2, is also prominently seen in the clip. He is shown engaging in a number of evil deeds, such as shooting a shotgun at a horse-drawn carriage carrying Enola and her mother and swiping a weapon at her from a height before getting kicked in the groyne by the film's title character just before the trailer ends. Due to his roles in The Sandman, Fargo, and the DCEU, Thewlis is no stranger to playing villains, so he ought surely feel at home in Enola Holmes 2. There won't be much of a wait since Enola Holmes 2 premieres on Netflix on November 4.

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