In the third season trailer for His Dark Materials, James McAvoy starts a war with God.

In the third season trailer for His Dark Materials, James McAvoy starts a war with God.

Finally available is the third season trailer for His Dark Materials. The fantasy drama from HBO and the BBC is based on the trilogy of books by Philip Pullman, which is essentially a retelling of Paradise Lost by John Milton. The series centres on an orphan named Lyra (Dafne Keen of Logan) who, while looking for a lost companion, stumbles into a kidnapping plot involving an imperceptible cosmic material called Dust. This discovery sends Lyra on an epic journey through a multi-world reality.
In addition to Ruth Wilson, Amir Wilson, Simone Kirby, Will Keen, Jade Anouka, Ruta Gedminstas, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jamie Ward, James McAvoy from the X-Men, Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton, and numerous others make up the His Dark Materials cast. The Golden Compass, the first book in Pullman's series, was adapted for the first season of His Dark Materials, which debuted in 2019, and The Subtle Knife, the second season. The third season of His Dark Materials, which received approval two years ago, adapts The Amber Spyglass, the trilogy's concluding volume. The release date for His Dark Materials season 3 was just announced, and now the first comprehensive look at the conclusion is available.
HBO unveiled the first His Dark Materials season 3 trailer at the discussion for the programme at New York Comic-Con. The intriguing teaser implies that McAvoy's Lord Asriel Belacqua is back and at battle with the Authority—who is practically God—again. View the trailer up top.
Why His Dark Materials Season 3 Will Be The Craziest Yet The season 3 trailer for His Dark Materials gives fans hope that it will be the wildest yet. McAvoy's Lord Asriel makes a comeback to raise an army of witches and rebel angels to fight the Authority after being missing for the most of season 2. In the parallel reality known as the Land of the Dead, where the dead roam, Miranda is also returned as Lee Scoresby following his sad death at the end of season 2.
Fans were already aware that this season would probably be the craziest one yet because The Amber Spyglass is generally regarded as being the strangest book in Pullman's trilogy. In a recent interview, the show's main actor, Keen, shared this idea, saying "3.0 is a wild season. It is without a doubt the strangest thing I have ever photographed in my whole life." According to the trailer, Lyra and Will's journey to the Land of the Dead to fulfil a prophesy in His Dark Materials season 3 will mostly mirror the plot of the third and final novel. The voyage starts on December 5 when His Dark Materials season 3 debuts on HBO.

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