In the premiere of the new Netflix series The Recruit, Noah Centineo enters the world of espionage

In the premiere of the new Netflix series The Recruit, Noah Centineo enters the world of espionage

The first look photos for Noah Centineo's new spy drama "The Recruit," which will air on Netflix, have been released. The eight-episode series, which centres on a young CIA lawyer named Owen Hendricks (Centineo) who wants to stand out in his industry, debuts on December 16.

When Owen finds a threatening letter from former asset Max Meladze (Laura Haddock), who intends to expose the agency unless they clear her of a serious crime, the plot unravels, and Owen's "first week on the job goes upside down." When the rookie hopeful travels abroad in an effort to finish his task and impress his bosses at the agency, he finds himself caught up in a "dangerous and often ludicrous world of power politics and malicious characters."
Today, it's uncommon to enter a tale in a novel way, according to show creator, EP, and showrunner Alexi Hawley. "The espionage genre is no exception. The spy world is always portrayed through the eyes of a seasoned operator who is invariably the smartest (and toughest) guy in the room, from Jason Bourne to James Bond. However, Owen Hendricks, a twenty-four-year-old recent law school graduate who doesn't even have time to find the restrooms before he's dragged into a high-stakes case, brings fresh eyes to the world of espionage in "The Recruit." All of us have had our first jobs, often with coworkers we can't trust and goals we don't comprehend, despite the fact that none of us can realistically hope to be James Bond. Those covert objectives can only get you killed at the CIA.

Aarti Mann ("Never Have I Ever"), Colton Dunn ("Superstore"), Fivel Stewart ("Atypical"), Vondie Curtis Hall ("Daredevil"), Kristian Bruun ("Orphan Black"), and newcomer Daniel Quincy Annoh round out the cast of the series in addition to Centineo and Haddock. The eOne production is executive produced by Centineo, Doug Liman, Gene Klein, David Bartis, and Adam Ciralsky as well.

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