In the new Netflix Christmas movie trailer, Lindsay Lohan exhibits amnesia.

In the new Netflix Christmas movie trailer, Lindsay Lohan exhibits amnesia.

Today saw the debut of the newest trailer for Lindsay Lohan's Netflix film Falling for Christmas. The movie, which was first revealed in May 2021, will be Lohan's first motion picture since 2019's Among the Shadows. Despite having roles in films like Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan essentially disappeared from the public eye in the late 2010s. The Lohdown podcast and narrating a season of the dating programme Lovestruck High are two of Lohan's more private endeavours from recent years.
The most interesting project Lohan has worked on in a while is Falling for Christmas, which recasts her as an actor. The movie centres on Lindsay Lohan as Sierra, an heiress who suffers from amnesia after a skiing accident and ends up in the care of an unnamed lodge owner played by Chord Overstreet of Glee. In observance of October 3's "Mean Girls Day," Lohan unveiled a first look at the movie's poster earlier this week.
Finally, Netflix released a whole trailer, which featured a quick introduction by Lohan. The soundtrack of the video, which features Lohan singing a rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock," pays more homage to her background and may be another nod to a memorable Mean Girls moment. The plot of the teaser appears to be a standard one for holiday rom-coms: female (Lohan) from a privileged upbringing and with a fiancé ends up in a little town for Christmas and starts to fall for a hardworking lodge owner. The trick, of course, is that Lohan is given an amnesia diagnosis after suffering a skiing accident, and when she eventually regains her memories, she will have to decide if she wants to go back to her life or not. View the complete trailer up above.
Can Lohan's upcoming film Falling for Christmas serve as her official comeback?
Fans are debating whether Falling for Christmas will be a Lohan comeback because this movie seems to be her going back to her origins with a romantic comedy. Big childhood stars have already appeared in Netflix Christmas movies, such as Vanessa Hudgens' The Princess Switch. With Netflix's accessibility and Lohan's star power, she might finally reach the heights of her early fame.
Although Lohan has attempted acting comebacks before, this is her most successful one. She will star in the upcoming Netflix romantic comedy Irish Wish in addition to the hoopla surrounding her impending role in Falling for Christmas. Irish Wish is presently in development and is scheduled for release on Netflix in 2023. Lohan may be reintroducing herself to Hollywood with Falling For Christmas, and it's been a long time coming.

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