In the midst of the Sliker drama, Mizkif criticises Trainwreck for supporting Twitch gambling.

In the midst of the Sliker drama, Mizkif criticises Trainwreck for supporting Twitch gambling.

Popular creator Mizkif responded to Tyler "TrainwrecksTV" Niknam's defence of gambling streams on Twitch in response to mounting calls for the platform to outlaw such content.
On September 18, Twitch streamer Sliker broke down in tears as he confessed to defrauding his fellow creators of thousands of dollars to support his gambling addiction.

Twitch users and streamers from all over the community are calling for the platform to outlaw gambling streams as a result of the backlash, which has once again sparked a raging debate online. However, not everyone agrees; some, like Trainwreck and xQc, contend that the issue is not as serious as some have suggested.
Mizkif, on the other hand, criticised Trainwreck for continuing to defend slots on Twitch despite Sliker's admission and for thereby inciting more viewers to start gambling.

Reiterating his call to outlaw gambling on Twitch
In response to Sliker's apology and admission that he had a gambling addiction that led him to solicit donations from his fellow streamers, Pokimane joined Mizkif on his livestream on September 19 as the two urged Twitch to outlaw gambling-related content.

However, Mizkif was especially displeased with Trainwreck's remarks in the wake of the drama. "The people scapegoating Slots, Blackjack, and Roulette and not blaming the individual [who] are the real problem," the 31-year-old claimed.
Mizkif, however, disagreed vehemently with Train's viewpoint: "Why do people give you millions of dollars every month to market gambling? Definitely not because they are your pals, Train. They became gamblers because you gave them hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from your fans who came to see you perform.
He clarified that Sliker was "100% wrong" for his acts and that he wasn't "only the individual" to blame. However, he contends that eliminating gambling from Twitch will reduce its usability and appeal to viewers.

In the past, Mizkif has been open about his opposition to gambling streams, criticising xQc for his Slots programming. He also turned down an opportunity for a $10 million sponsorship agreement in the gaming industry.
The aftermath of the terrible Sliker disclosures is still in its infancy. However, there will probably be a lot more drama yet to come.

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