In a hilarious sketch starring Cecily Strong, SNL parodies Skechers rejecting Kanye West: Naturally, He Came To Us

In a hilarious sketch starring Cecily Strong, SNL parodies Skechers rejecting Kanye West: Naturally, He Came To Us

In a funny Saturday Night Life parody about Kanye "Ye" West stopping by Skechers' actual California headquarters, Cecily Strong portrayed the company's CEO. The drop-in visit happened only a few days after Ye's popular Yeezy clothing line was abandoned by German-based Adidas in response to his egregiously obscene anti-Semitic remarks that resulted in his suspension from Twitter and Instagram restrictions. In the SNL interpretation of the situation, Cecily emphasised Skechers' stance towards showing Kanye the door.
"At Skechers, we take pride in producing shoes at competitive prices and combating anti-Semitism. The spoof, which parodied a corporate presentation film, included her forcefully telling the camera, "We said no. That's why earlier this week when Kanye West showed up to our corporation requesting to collaborate with us. The idea of working with the rapper from Chicago was met with "no way," "no," and "no thank you," from other employees, one of whom was played by Bowen Yang. Following Ye's visit, "We promptly escorted him out of the building," Bowen said, referencing genuine events that did take place.
Then Cecily, standing in a Skechers store, stated, "Like the rest of the country, we were shocked by Kanye's awful words and we swear to never work with him in any manner." She continued as the piano started playing, "But, can we also point out that of all the firms he might have contacted and been rejected by, he chose Skechers. Then Chloe Fineman said, "Kanye approached Skechers, and Skechers declined. Realizing how satisfying that is, do you?

Then Bowen laughed, saying, "Two years ago, could you fathom that headline? Skechers is too nice for Kanye." He's always been a disruptor in the fashion world, of course. Once more, we would never collaborate with him. What exactly is a pair of Kanye West Skechers shoes called? He questioned, "The Skeezy?" and mentioned another show firm that has not yet responded to the commotion. "Crocs hasn't gotten in touch with me. We haven't heard from them, but it's not said that they're anti-Semitic.

Cecily then reiterated her decision to let Kanye see the assets of the Jewish-owned business. He entered, and we said, "Bye, buh-bye, door. It's not just about us, but Allbirds is still fighting the good fight, she insisted.

In person, Kanye didn't seem to care about anything. Strangely, Kanye responded to the news that his own company, Yeezy, had severed relations with the former millionaire by writing, "Had to cut ties, buddy." Kanye was also fired from Vogue, Balenciaga, and numerous other companies he routinely partnered or worked with.

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