I dont want a celebration for my 40th, said Imogen Thomas.

I dont want a celebration for my 40th, said Imogen Thomas.

The former "Large Brother" star will turn 40 in November of this year, but since the occasion has been causing her to have a "meltdown," she would prefer to travel and have a "girly supper" than have a big party.

She uttered: "Oh God! I've been having a meltdown, I simply said. I can't believe I'm getting close to 40. Although I had planned to have a party, I don't think I will now. I made sure to make that clear to all of my friends. I believe it would be better for me to travel and enjoy it that way while having a female meal."

In the meantime, the former Miss Wales winner, who shares two children, Ariana, age 2, and Siera, age 5, with her ex-boyfriend Adam Horsley, has found love once more. However, she acknowledged that their meeting was "so random" because she had not been looking for anyone and that he is not well-known.
She stated to new! Magazine: "It was just so unexpected that I met this one through friends! I believe that finding someone happens when you're not looking. He's not a well-known figure, but we've been dating for a while."

When asked if having more kids was planned, Imogen responded, "No, I'm done!

The glamour model earlier stated that a relationship was "not a priority" but that it would be good since she was "sick" of being single at the moment.

She uttered: "Although it is not a priority, having a relationship would be good. I'm over being a bachelor. I want it to happen as soon as possible because I don't want to become desensitised to being alone."

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