Hulus "How I Met Your Father" is the sad cover version of a show thats best left forgotten

Hulus "How I Met Your Father" is the sad cover version of a show thats best left forgotten

The experience of "How I Met Your Father" – and I use the word experience intentionally since, as I will explain, this is not a show one simply watches – has a lot in common with a terrible cover version of a solid pop song hitting you for the first time.

We're talking Miley Cyrus' rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" awful, or wrongdoing on par with Alien Ant Farm afflicting Top 40 radio with its version of "Smooth Criminal."  You don't have to be a fan of the original versions of these songs to know that what these artists did to them qualifies as a misdemeanor assault.

The same holds true for Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger's modern contribution to the Book of "How I Met Your Mother," a sitcom that ended poorly enough to be forgotten, more or less, by those who watched faithfully when it was on.

Remember all the fuss that accompanied the various "Friends" anniversaries? That was denied "HIMYM" although, and likely because, the two series had much in common. Both featured entirely white casts of 20-something professionals trying to establish their careers and find romance in whitewashed versions of New York, filmed on Southern California backlots.

Source: Salon

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