How do I become mentally strong?

How do I become mentally strong?

How do I become mentally strong?

Laugh at yourself

Never take yourself too seriously and realize your own silliness. Make fun of it in front of your close friends.

Take yourself seriously

Your highest priority is yourself; no one will take care of you if you don’t take care of yourself. Know what you need to achieve in the short-, medium- and long-term.

Review your friendships and relationships

Sometimes life takes sharp turns, and when that happens, review your relationships, including family relationships. If they don’t work well in both directions, dump the old friends and relatives, and get new ones.

When it comes to friends and relatives

Don’t settle for second-best. If you can’t do that, you are better off not having any relationships. Find other ways to fill in the blank spaces if that bothers you.

Be financially smart by budgeting everything

You can only achieve your goals if you know how to manage your own finances, so if you don’t know how to do it, learn. Otherwise, your goals will not come to fruition, and will only be unrealized dreams.

Admit to yourself that you are only good at a few things

The sooner (and younger) you learn what these few things are, the better. Hire other people who are better and smarter than you at the things you are not good at. My rule is that if I cannot make it into the top one percent in a field, I avoid it; this is a variant of Pareto’s Principle. (As an example, the reason I spend so much time on Quora is because I am in the top one percent and I have a lot of followers. For me, that is money in the bank.)

Not everything has to be shared for you to find happiness

Do not be afraid to admit to yourself and others that you prefer being alone if that is the way you are. Not only is each of us unique, but we can change over time in unexpected ways. Sometimes we change drastically.

Forget the past, and welcome the future as a wholly new experience

Including death.

The past is useful for what you learn from it, but that’s it.

Be keenly aware of what others think of you

And endlessly adjust your personality to suit the needs of the situation. It’s called situational awareness. (Most people never master this.) Just remember that you are responsible for the impression you make on others, and you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Most people are boring and unexceptional

But it is up to you to find what they are good at, and then figure out how they fit. Remember, they can also change.

Only a few people are really exceptional

But they usually will not wear a flashing neon sign saying “I am really exceptional and may change your life”. You need to figure that out yourself.

Always listen carefully

Remember that smart people can say and do really dumb things, and wisdom can come from idiots.

Don’t waste your time on mass superstitions like organized religion

Because you are outsourcing your own critical thinking if you do. Don’t let the beliefs of dead people with different experiences define your own life.

Keep most of your core beliefs to yourself

And I never mention them to anyone, especially my thoughts about organized religion. These beliefs work for me, but I also believe that other good people can believe in organized religion as long as it works for them. I never claim that my beliefs work for others; they just work for me. Nothing would be achieved by my sharing my beliefs with them, and they could take my own thoughts badly, which would hurt the relationship. In real life, I am a very quiet person who says almost nothing and never argues.

Fuck guilt and shame if they get in the way of realizing your own happiness, but also do not harm or hurt others needlessly.

Do everything for a purpose

Not for an emotion. Emotions are the enemy; control them, don’t let them control you.

Never stop learning and defining and redefining yourself.

These are my core beliefs, which are unshakable and undebatable, and are what makes me emotionally strong. They work for me, and I never claim that they should be embraced by others.

Source: Quora

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