How Prince William corrected Prince George after he claimed to be a better soccer player than Princess Charlotte.

How Prince William corrected Prince George after he claimed to be a better soccer player than Princess Charlotte.

According to reports, Prince William does not differentiate between Prince George and Princess Charlotte when it comes to soccer. When his oldest son asserted that he was "better than" his only sister, the future king, according to a source who met William at Kensington Palace, gave his children a valuable lesson.

The Prince of Wales, in particular, is not merely a spectator. He leads the English Football Association and frequently supports the women's squad as well. What, then, did William apparently think when George told Charlotte that he is better at soccer than she is?
Princess Charlotte, according to Prince William, is a "budding" soccer talent.
William laughed when he spotted Charlotte's shirt after seeing the England Women's team at St. George's Park and receiving shirts for his three kids. He informed the group that his daughter, who is passionate about soccer, had begged him to get in touch with them.

"Charlotte asked me to let you know that she is quite skilled at goal," I replied. Please tell them that, she commanded. William informed them as asked (per Hello). She is a rising star for the future, he continued.

However, not everyone would share William's opinion that Charlotte is a "budding" soccer star. And when her older brother George undermined her abilities, he stood up for her.
Princess Charlotte could play soccer "as well" as him, Prince William remarked to Prince George.
In 2019, William hosted a tea at Kensington Palace for Diana Award recipients. He chatted with a young woman there by the name of Olivia Hancock who was being honoured for her efforts to advance gender equality in sports.

George reportedly makes fun of Charlotte, as do older brothers occasionally. Hancock also revealed that William and his children spoke, with William telling George what he says to Charlotte when she makes fun of him while they are playing soccer.

George tells Charlotte, "Charlotte, I'm better than you," while she is in goal. Hancock revealed (per Elle). She claimed William told her he told his kid, "Charlotte may be as good as you," in response.

It's wonderful to hear that Prince William is expressing that to George, Hancock continued.
William, who serves as the Football Association of England's president, has regularly backed the Lionesses, the country's women's soccer squad. Charlotte is now old enough to participate in the excitement.

The young princess was seated next to her father in a video from 2022 as he wished the Lionesses success in a match in the finals. Best of luck. Charlotte grinned and added, "I hope you win. Bye."

Although Charlotte is a future soccer star, that is not her preferred sport. When asked what exercise she most enjoys, she reportedly said that she liked gymnastics in a video posted by the Royal Family Channel.

William said, "A lot of cartwheels going around the house," and Kate concurred, "Yeah. The majority of Charlotte's time is spent upside down. either cartwheels or handstands.

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