How John Boyegas portrayal of Finn by Andor Corrects the Biggest Error in Star Wars

How John Boyegas portrayal of Finn by Andor Corrects the Biggest Error in Star Wars

The information that follows contains spoilers for Andor Season 1 Episode 6, "The Eye," which is currently available on Disney+.

Fans are learning a great deal about the Rebels' perspectives as Andor continues to move forward, including those who are committed to the cause, like Luthen and Mon Mothma, and some who look more divided, like Cassian. Even though they all have the same goal of undermining the Empire, some are more self-centered than others.

Interestingly, Andor's massive theft demonstrates that these insurrectionists can cooperate despite their various disagreements. After all, it serves as the premise of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which serves to educate viewers that, regardless of their previous allegiances, cooperation is the best way to defeat oppression and tyranny. This results in a devastating storyline about one of Andor's most important allies on Andhani, which fixes the error Star Wars made with Finn before quickly undoing it.
Cassian has been informed by Arvel Skeen about the Vel Sartha team that has been tasked with stealing more than 80 million credits from the adjacent fortress. He acknowledges that Taramyn is so harsh on everyone during the workouts because he was a Stormtrooper in the past. After becoming aware of the lives lost and the suffering his work caused, he defected.
Compared to what happened with Finn, watching Taramyn go through the steps of making amends and atonement in a slow-burning plot works far better. Rey, Poe, Leia, and the Resistance swiftly took him in and used him as an asset, hastening Finn's redemption. But what jumps out in Taramyn's case is how much actual remorse and self-hatred he harbours. It's much preferable to presenting the idealistic Finn as the protagonist without discussing consequences or actions.

This flips things around and depicts Taramyn as being hurt, resentful, and angry while also making a hint at the simmering rivalry with Cinta, whose family was killed by Stormtroopers. In that regard, the group has a lot more unprocessed emotion to tap into. This demonstrates how people must put aside their loyalties in order to work toward a higher objective, putting aside their personal differences and living with the ghosts of the past.
Taramyn from Andor is killed Quickly
Sadly, Taramyn doesn't receive the reward that was promised. When the heist goes wrong, he is shot dead while attempting to assist a teammate. All the buildup of suspense, drama, and hope is undermined by its abruptness and lack of impact. He would have been ideal for the complex storyline that was originally planned, which saw Cassian killing a treacherous Skeen.

Cassian would have learned that sacrifices must be made and that Taramyn cannot outrun his abilities if Taramyn had survived and eventually slain the dubious Skeen. Taramyn would have been the same type of soldier with those skills, but on the opposing side, making them a deadlier weapon than Finn's knowledge. It would have resulted in an obsessed Taramyn training his crew to be more nimble for the coming battle, making him Cassian's ideal antithesis and demonstrating how the Imperials will always poison individuals to be their worst selves.

This may have caused Taramyn far more harm and unimaginable suffering while still allowing for a happy ending once they managed to flee. But finally, Taramyn gets killed but the unselfish, perceptive Finn got to live and enjoy life as a traitor. And to make matters worse, he is killed in a valiant deed, just as he is poised to excel as a tough commander in a cruel conflict that may quickly corrode one's sense of self.

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