How I felt when my son Indiana left for college in New York City, says Casey Affleck

How I felt when my son Indiana left for college in New York City, says Casey Affleck

We're off! In a recent drive from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, Casey Affleck had time to consider his eldest son Indiana's departure for college.
"My son is starting college the following week. His upbringing was in Los Angeles. He's relocating to New York. NYC has never felt as far away as it does today, despite all the travelling I've done between the coasts," Affleck, 47, said in an interview with Haute Living that was published on Friday, November 4. "Despite feeling disconnected from what I'm doing, this is related. I'm only thinking about my son going as I set off on this vacation.
The Manchester By the Sea actor utilised the time alone to consider his relationship with his family and the experiences they've built on their own cross-country journeys over the years. The actor and the outlet partnered for the road trip in August.

Every summer, Affleck and his children—sons Indiana, 18, and Atticus, 14,—take a lengthy camping road trip, the actor remembered. We argue while driving, cooking, and cooking. We travel coast to coast the most. Sometimes we travel to foreign nations. Our favourite recollections from those vacations are numerous.

The native of Massachusetts claimed that when his kids were younger, he and Phoenix, 43, drove them "through seven European nations in three weeks," noting that they frequently "slept in a van on the side of a road" to instil a love of the great outdoors in their young children.

"So many things took a wrong turn. We were frequently either too hot or too cold," he said. "There were times of boredom, illness, and frustration, but they managed. They overcame it because, deep down, they realised that overall, something positive was taking place.

The experiences he and his family had while travelling "made us closer, showed us new parts of the globe and new parts of each other and ourselves," Affleck, who wed the Growing Pains star in June 2006, said to Haute Living. The fact that we are "trapped in a car together" "does something good for us," he even said.

The Interstellar actor expressed his hope that his eldest son will be satisfied now that Indiana is embarking on his own trip "3,000 miles away."
"I'm confident he'll be alright. I'm not concerned about his success or safety. What I want is for him to be happy. But perhaps this is also silly. He'll occasionally be cheerful and other times sad. No life should be anything else, he continued, and he is convinced that his son will face his fear of the far future with bravery and curiosity.

After more than ten years of marriage, Affleck and Phoenix called it quits in 2015, finalising their divorce the following year. It hasn't always been simple for the two to maintain a positive coparenting relationship since their divorce.

The 43-year-old actor told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview in June 2019: "If there are two parents in the world who have found out how to parent in perfect harmony, they should ring me up and tell me their secret and they should publish a book and save the world." It's nearly difficult to disagree, in my opinion. More than everything in the world, you two adore your children. It will be difficult to resolve because you both had diverse childhoods from which to draw your beliefs. As a result, you'll eventually have opposing viewpoints.

The Oscar winner did, however, add that their two children's mother, Phoenix, "has always been a fantastic mother." Even with our differences, he told Us at the time, "She and I have established a wonderful balance since she's lovely and fun and the boys worship her."
Following their breakup, Affleck went on with Floriana Lima before starting a relationship with Caylee Cowan in 2016. In November 2021, the couple announced their relationship while supporting a neighbourhood blood donation.

At the time, Affleck gushed on Instagram about Cowan, 24, writing, "@cayleecowan showed up." Although she is not a member of the Love's active roster, she is MY Love and ALWAYS turns up when it matters.

The Willy Wonderland actress shared her affection for her new partner in a comment on the post. She answered, "I love you so much."

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