Helpful tips to get out of the Friendzone.

Helpful tips to get out of the Friendzone.

Friendzone is a situation in which one out of two close friends wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship while others are don't.

Friendzone is more common in men than in women. So In this complete guide, I will consider a boy to be in the friend zone with a girl.

Let me explain it more clearly with your own example. Suppose you are in the friend zone with a girl. You thought she loves you in a similar way as you do. After a few months of your friendship, you want to be in a romantic relationship with her & when you asked her to be out; she says...

Before handing over a working manual (tried, tested and proven) let me set some fundamentals of this game:

1. Symptoms of friend-zone. Apply the solution only if.

  1. She calls you up in the late night to talk
  2. She chats with you when she is not feeling sleepy in the night
  3. She invites you for shopping
  4. She sympathizes you often
  5. She touches you regularly
  6. BUT she neither lip-locks with you nor sleeps with you.
  7. Every time you try to touch her or peck towards her, she moves back.

These are the worst feelings on Earth.

2. Fundamentals of human interaction. Very Important. You miss this and you miss the game.

  1. Humans do not run on logic. We run on emotions. Never try to love or gain love with logical discussion. We have to arouse the other person to comply to what we want ;)
  2. Do not talk about what you can express with emotions. Things like sex and kiss should never be talked about. It should be escalated with emotions even without talking about it
  3. Be badass to steal girls from other guys. I learned it a hard way. You have to do it. If you feel shy or a religious person, then you will stay friend-zoned forever. Girls fall for powerful men who dare to steal.
  4. Do not beg. Never ever. Ever.
  5. Humans are like cats. If you give them something, they’ll play with it for a while and get bored. But if you dangle something around them, they will chase you with curiosity. Never make yourself fully available

3. Solution (Things to do)

  1. Ego: Keep your self-respect. Within a conversation, try to move away from her. Try body-rocking - taking a step back and turning a little; and back to the position if she is showing something interesting or if she wants to hold back the conversation.
    Try to turn your back to her in public places like classrooms, parties, etc. 100% she will come to you and try to converse with you
  2. Jealousy injection: In public places, talk to other girls. Make more lady friends. Introduce them to her. Touch them in front of her. Flirt with them or compliment them in front of her. She will feel left out and these are the phrases she will use:
    1. You have changed a lot
    2. You don’t treat me as a good friend anymore
    3. Let’s catch up someday
    4. Now you have so many girlfriends, you don’t even look at me
  3. Reject her: When she calls you on the phone, reject her call. Even if you are absolutely free, just reject her call. Drop a text - I’ll call you back but don’t. Don’t call her back. 100% she is going to call you later the day and will complain and will fight and will argue and when she does, just smile and say “No dear, it is not like that. I wanted to call you but I got seriously tied up”
  4. Touch: The most important part but the most difficult thing to do.
    1. Your touch should be very impulsive and short-lived. Like tapping her hand or tapping her back.
    2. Tap only once or twice at a time. More than two and you are super-annoying and creepy
    3. The touch has to be very soft. Very soft. Don’t tap like you tap the keyboard. Tap like you would tap a bird. Very soft touch
    4. Don’t tap on the covered area. Tap at exposed skin areas near the arm or shoulder
    5. Don’t let her touch you. Yes. you heard it right. Don’t. Reserve yourself for that. If she rests her arm or stands too close and rubbing you; move it off, push her away. Say No. If she does that again, grab her with your arm near her lower back and push her in. If she resists let her go and tell her this - “I told you NO”. If she doesn’t resist, it means you are out of friendzone now. But wait! Still push her away and say “I told you NO”. 120% she will try to do that again. And that is when my friend go for a KISS ;)

4. Things not to do:

  1. Don’t chat: Girls tend to chat when they are bored. DON’T. Just say “Hey my wickets down. Going to sleep. Will talk later”. But stay online. Chat with your guy friends. If not, keep visiting Fb chat or Whatsapp chats in case she is checking if you are online. Most girls do. They will tell you - Liar your last seen was blah blah blah. Just say, “yeah my friend needed some help” ;)
  2. Don’t stick to her when she doesn’t want to. I have been there done that and seen people doing that. When the girl doesn’t want to talk, the guy runs after her pestering her. Don’t. Turn your back and go another way. She will call you then and there or later drop an angry text or call you up. Bingo!
  3. Don’t comply: She might ask you to hold her bag for a while or pass something on the table or ask you to get something for her. DON’T. Just say no. Don’t even make an excuse. Say no on the face. Tell her “I cannot do that, find someone else”. You are a man who has many women to sleep with (or at least pretend to be one) You do not need to do what a random girl orders you to do (Don’t treat her special. It kills the thrill)
  4. Don’t put her on a pedestal: She is just another girl. Treat her that way. Don’t fall for her beauty. Be immune to beautiful girls. Don’t treat her special. She will fall for a guy who doesn’t treat her special
  5. Don’t be courteous. Don’t pay for everything. When the restaurant bill arrives. Tell her “your turn”. If she says “I don’t have money right now and I will pay you later”. Reply with aggression “This is the last time I am coming out with you”. And start avoiding her. She’ll start chasing you
  6. Do not talk about other guys. Just don’t. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, then banter “Let’s find a boyfriend for you” Then point to a fat ugly man. lol. But if she has a boyfriend, pretend she doesn’t ;) You don’t have to know if she has a boyfriend
  7. Don’t talk about sex. Talking kills and sets you in the friend-zone again. When you meet face to face, stare and ogle at her eyes and lips. You can say “Show me your teeth” and then hold her chin softly and try to pull her in. If she comes near, immediately go for a kiss. If she resists, tell her “I thought you were dead. I was giving you a mouth to mouth” :p

5. Attitude 
You have an attitude of a confident guy. You reject her with confidence. You grab her with confidence. You go for a kiss with confidence. You say no firmly with confidence. You simply look a sexy and confident man when you do all of these with firm attitude and confidence. Because you know what you are doing. Girls fall for guys who know what they are doing

  1. Keep trying mate. I am sure this will help. It has helped many. It will help you too.

    Or In short Follow 7 golden rules :

    Step 1 :

    You texted her almost 15 messages.

    She replied with a single hmmm…

    You again texted her almost 10 messages.

    She replied haha XD.

    Stop being that guy. Learn to love your self-respect.

    Step 2 :

    You: I wanna tell you something.

    She: Yes.

    You: I love you so much. I can't live without you. You're the best girl that I've ever met.

    She: Aww.. So sweet, I love you too as a friend.

    Stop being that guy. Learn to be stern.

    Step 3 :

    She: Hey, my data pack is over. Can you recharge my phone? I'll pay you later.

    Me: Yes. Give me 5 minutes.

    Stop being that guy. Learn to say no.

    Step 4 :

    She: I think, you're too busy nowadays.

    Take at least 15 minutes to reply to her,

    You: Yes.

    She: Why?

    You: Can't tell you the reason. But I had an amazing day today.

    She: Why so?

    You: Can't tell you.

    Be that guy. Be mysterious.

    Step 5 :

    She: Are you free tonight?

    You: No.

    She: Why?

    You: I'm going on a date with XYZ.

    Be that guy. Make her jealous.

    Step 6 :

    She: Nowadays, I feel like you're avoiding me too much.

    You: Yes. I've to.

    She: Why so?

    You: I can't stay in a friendzone. I want something more than this. I want a beautiful romantic relationship with you.

    Tell her what you want. [Tell only if you really want]

    Step 7:

    If you got out of the friend zone, that's great.

    If not, get another girl. There are plenty of girls in the world.

    No point in wasting time on a girl, who can't value your feelings.

    Same applies for girls too

​​​​​​​Source: Google and Quora

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