Hellena Taylor, a voice actress for Bayonetta, wont be appearing in Bayonetta 3

Hellena Taylor, a voice actress for Bayonetta, wont be appearing in Bayonetta 3

Hellena Taylor, the voice actress for Bayonetta, will not return for Bayonetta 3 according to PlatinumGames.

The third entry in the popular franchise, Bayonetta, is soon to be launched, thus information has been trickling out piece by bit. Unfortunately, Bayonetta 3 won't feature the original voice actress that performed the title character's initial lines.
The Bayonetta franchise debuted in 2009, and Bayonetta 3, the third game in the series, was unveiled at The Game Awards in 2017. Hellena Taylor has performed the title role of Bayonetta from the first game.
a different voice actor played the part in the trailer. PlatinumGames has now officially confirmed this, confirming that Jennifer Hale of the Mass Effect fame will be the replacement in an interview with Game Informer. Jennifer's performance went well above our expectations, said director Yusuke Miyata, adding that it was because of "overlapping circumstances." Fans can relax knowing that Atsuko Tanaka will still play Bayonetta in the game's Japanese translation.

When the original voice actor has been a part of a franchise from the start and has grown to be adored by fans, switching to a new voice actor might be risky. As the most recent entry in a well-known franchise, Bayonetta 3 has some extra demands to live up to in addition to the hoopla surrounding it.
It's unfortunate that Hellena Taylor was unable to return to her character and join the cast of Bayonetta 3, but Jennifer Hale ought to make a good stand-in. Hale's track record is self-evident. Since Hale's voice picks up where Taylor left off in terms of the character's voice and how she should sound, the change between the voices doesn't feel abrupt.

Numerous new games, especially new entries in well-known franchises, include some slight modifications to gameplay, characters, or even the stakes over time, as is the case with the Bayonetta series. Although accepting change can be difficult, this shouldn't have a significant negative impact on how much a player enjoys the game.

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