Heena Jain Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Heena Jain Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


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Body is a beautiful gift from God and to take care of this bounty is the responsibility of each of us. Bus, the rapid ultra-modern life, and stress and anxiety common in this age of fierce competition and advancement is something which tends to drive health and fitness to the backseat. Here comes the role of a fitness coach and teacher for restoring the wholeness and quality of our deteriorating or neglected health. There are many ways and methods of staying healthy, but what stands out the most is the spiritual art and science called Yoga. So, this time, INFOSAURS is bringing a very different and unique personality for you. Heena Jain is a lovely Yoga instructor and fitness coach who has touched and transformed the lives of thousands.

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The holistic Yoga-expert Heena was born to a happy and wise couple on 28.03.1996 in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore. Heena was also brought up in Bengaluru itself where she grew up amid joys and an atmosphere of knowledge and learning. Her empowering and uplifting education was earned from Mount Carmel School. After schooling, Heena pursued B.Com. from Saint Joseph College Of Commerce. And within this short but lively span of 25 years, the bud called Heena had fully blossomed into a magnificent and fragrant flower. She was all set to do something great and useful for the society.

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Without a modicum of doubt, Yoga bestows an unparalleled serenity and inner joy. The same happiness also reflects in the face and the very body as a radiance of joy. This is what is seen in Heena as well. 25 yeared Heena has a picture-perfect body and a magnetically pleasant face. Her face is squarish and is adorned with big, black, and penetrating eyes, and thick, pump, and lovely cherry lips. A prominent diamond-shaped and sharp nose further refines her attractive and distinctive appearance. Healthy, long, and prolific hair makes this Yoga-teacher even more attractive. And her fitness is unparalleled. The ability to twitch and twist into impossible-seeming configurations show her extreme flexibility. Also, an impressive figure of 32-28-38 marks her super-toned body. Heena is 5'5" tall and weighs 57 kg. She has 3 tattoos on her healthy and chiseled body. On her back is the tattoo called 'dream catcher' which helps to block bad ones and catch the good ones. On her hand, is a fairy with a skull which shows a combination of softness and fierceness. Floral Yoga poses decorate her right thigh. These present her love for Yoga and nature.


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25-year-old Heena has always been an achiever. In school, she was the state-level top ranker in board exams. Also, in her B. Com, she finished among the toppers. After graduating, she started working in corporate. But, soon enough, she realized that this is not something which she loved. She then obtained a diploma in fashion. She was also awarded the best pret-wear designer. As she continued pursuing fashion, hard-working Heena took to weight-lifting, Yoga, and nutrition. Here, she realized her true love for Yoga. After her diploma in fashion, she conducted personal Yoga-sessions for 1-2 clients. With time, her clients grew. This path was not a bed of roses. Times were tough. Sometimes, she would get bogged down by the unsteady income and would think of giving up. But, this strong woman never quit. She started creating content on Instagram. It was largely admired and thus, she had kick-started her blogging journey. Currently, she enjoys a mind-blowing following of over 212k+ on Instagram. Her future plans are simple and clear. She wishes to continue inspiring and aiding people to stay fit and healthy. So, she is going to pursue higher studies in Yoga, nutrition, and fitness. 

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Holistic Heena is an Arian and is still the most eligible bachelor (and single). As a regular consumer of great movies, Heena finds '3 Idiots' as her favorite. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is her favorite T.V. series. The gorgeous couple of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are her favorite and most inspirational actors. This colorful and blissful woman feels 'Black' is the color for her. Her favorite food item is the yummy momo. Traveling is dear to Heena and Maldives is her magical destination. For living, she would prefer Mumbai. Yoga, singing, reading, traveling, and sketching are her dearest pastimes. It is a fact that her career is something which she built brick by brick, right from the scratch without any external support. She has always been a persevering and independent being. Her positive is that she is polite and humble. Her negative is that sometimes, she can be short-tempered.

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Being a Yoga instructor, it is obvious that she neither smokes nor consumes alcohol. Making any person, habit, or object as your center of happiness is what brings sorrow. So, being happy within yourself (which is possible with Yoga) is the key to leading a joyful life. A sweet childhood memory is from her school-time. Just, for the thrill and pleasure of wearing new clothes, she used to celebrate her birthday twice or thrice. Her dream is a simple one. Owning her dream house. What inspired her to be a Yoga-instructor was simply the joy arising within. She has a great useless talent if you ask her opinion. That is being both a binge and fast eater as well as a binge-watcher of web and T.V. series.

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With the grace of a cat and beauty of a butterfly
Into impossible asanas. her body complies
A beautiful Yoga-trainer, to you INFOSAURS brings
Yoga being one of the most joyful and tranquil things
Also a nutritionist and fashion expert, her videos charm
200 of thousands of followers, to her Instagram they swarm
Unending stream of fitness content, she regularly creates
Health to people she gifts, many lives she elevates
May this deepak of Yoga, forever stay lit
Spreading unending health and joy from it.

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