Harshdeep Singh Ratan Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More

Harshdeep Singh Ratan Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More


Music is a universal language which crosses all boundaries and dissolves away all the differences. Few are the speakers of this all-embracing tongue, and today we are looking at one such rare musician. Harshdeep Singh Ratan is a budding music sensation. He is a professional singer, composer, and songwriter who comes off as a rare delight. He enjoys a huge fan following on Instagram which runs into several thousands. Recently, this promising talent has also started a YouTube page and his videos have been creating ripples ever since.

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'Happening' Harshdeep was born on 30.1.2000 with his vibrant dreams in a small town Sehore near Bhopal in M.P. Formal education of this musical magician was held in Saint Anne's Senior Secondary School. After schooling, Harshdeep graduated from BSS college in Bhopal. Very limited information is available about his family. All we know is that he leads a happy life with a content, lovely family which consists of his adorable elder sister, loving mother and a responsible, caring father. 



The 20-year old singer, fondly called Harsh, is blessed with a distinct appearance. He has a wheatish to fair shade and stands at an impressive 5'10". He carries 75 kgs of heft, which furthers his masculinity and deep singing voice. Being a turbinator, the Sardar ji sports trendy and colorful turbans which always go well with his clothes and footwear. A few of the images available on Instagram speak volumes of his comfort while getting photoshoot. His swag never falls any short of that of models.

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The 20 yeared singer has had a rollercoaster of a career. As Harsh tells, his move to enter music industry was not an act of impulsive passion. Ever since he remembers, he has always worshipped music. Right from childhood, Harsh has held great love and passion for this melodious craft. Right from a tender age of 4, Harsh had started with his formal training in music. Harsh's material dream is founded on spirituality. He is a fervent devotee of Waheguru. Whenever there was any religious occasion, Harsh used to go and perform in Gurudwara Saheb. It was through these devotional associations that Harsh came to discover his own desire to be a part of Indian music industry. Harsh has performed extensively in a variety of shows in his school and college. Harsh is an Instagram star with a popular fan following. 15.5+ thousand followers stand a testimony to the other-wordly musical prowess which Harsh carries. Like a real charmer, Harsh's musical tracks leave the listeners spellbound. Apart from being a melodious singer, Harsh is also a prodigal instrumentalist who has mastery over a variety of instruments, especially guitar and tabla. Despite all that acumen he holds, Harsh firmly believes that art is a lifelong learning and he never skips his riyaaz/ practice. En route his journey to making it huge, Harsh produced some memorable YouTube videos and one such performance which won hundreds of hearts is his charismatic cover of the soulful song 'Bheegi Bheegi raato me'. It was well received by the audience and earned 13000+ views and about 500 likes. "Dil Tera", a romantic track featuring Tik Tok stars Chinki Minki & Bhavin Bhanushali shot right through the ceiling earning more than 6 million views and about 2 lakh likes. He has recently started his own YouTube channel which now has 73 subscribers.

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This 20 year old 'Dil tera' fame is as mysterious as his eloquent elegance in the song. Apart from singing where he is a natural acer, he is also an excellent lyricist and composer. Playing tabla and guitar are one of his dearest hobbies. Harsh has a special interest in watching good movies and web series. Actors which have impacted him the most are Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. Black is his most liked color. He also likes to travel and it is heard that his dream destinations are Canada and Dubai. For a singer, his voice is his life and for the voice and breath, lungs are life. Harshdeep looks after his voice more than his life and no wonder he never smokes. He does not drink either. Also, he holds no tattoos on his body. Harsh holds the greatest of reverence and love for his parents whom he calls his support system.

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With a mind-sweeping note, he sets a tune

Capturing our hearts, quick and too soon

Slow and steady, the track spreads throughout

Spreading through our attention, enrapturing without a doubt

Accompany his voice, his prose and instruments divine

Leaving our hearts bound to to be stolen, hearts your and mine

With the blessing of Waheguru, his soul sings 

In a deep attitude of gratitude his spiritual art rings

Let us be more blessed and joyed, by this melodious act

Let Harshdeep take our essence; to the mummaa music's lap

Let us keep being enchanted by his honesty and musical knack

Let Harshdeep take our essence; to the mummaa music's lap

        So, please keep a watch for this promising music-mage and rest assured, we shall continue to avail continuously, heart-warming performances from the very heartful Harshdeep Singh Ratan.

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